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The man returned home late at midnight.


Jiang Hanfei took off his suit jacket, threw it on the sofa, and walked straight to the bedroom.

The bedroom was illuminated with dim light, and on the big cozy bed, one large and one small were sleeping soundly.


The older one was his beloved wife, Su Yunluo.

They had been married for five years, but age was extraordinarily kind to her.

It did not leave traces of age on her face, with the same beautiful face as before.

The difference was that there was more maternal quality in her, with an indescribable vibe.


The younger one was his and Su Yunluo’s daughter, Jiang Xixi, four years old this year.

The two welcomed her a year after their marriage.

The little one looked delicate.

She and Su Yunluo were printed from the same mold, and her personality was soft and cute.


This little one was his most precious baby.

No matter how many difficulties he encountered outside, he could see their smiling faces as soon as he came home.

For Jiang Hanfei, this was more than anything else.


Jiang Hanfei carried Jiang Xixi back to the children’s room next door and then entered the bathroom to shower.

Ten minutes later, he came out of the bathroom naked and climbed onto the bed.

He pressed Su Yunluo under his body and couldn’t wait to kiss the red lips he had missed for a long time.


After working in the field for half a month, Jiang Hanfei missed the person in his arms both physically and mentally.


The man’s calloused hands pulled down the woman’s nightgown and lingered on the woman’s soft skin, igniting a cluster of fine flames.

The large, thick palm climbed the snowy peaks on the woman’s chest, rubbing and caressing them slightly impatiently.


Su Yunluo was sleeping heavily, yet her sensitive body reacted in her sleep.

The delicate buds on her chest quietly blossomed under the man’s caress, and unconsciously a moan or two occasionally spilled out from her mouth.


The man’s tongue got into the woman’s mouth.

He wantonly licked the woman’s soft mouth, grabbed the sweet juices, and rolled the soft tongue to nourish and suck.


The man’s lips and tongue moved down, grabbed a pink nipple, and sucked it vigorously.

The other soft breast was not left out in the cold either, and it changed into various shapes under his palm.


“Mmmmm.” Half asleep, the woman sensed that her body was being played with by the man.

Her body was writhing impatiently, and a little love juice was secreted from the intimate area between her legs.


The man’s other hand went down along the slim waist, into the middle of the woman’s tightly closed legs.

He reached past the luxuriant grass, parted the two flower lips to find the bulging nub, and kneaded and teased it.


Not long after, Jiang Hanfei felt a handful of sticky wetness.

He did not stop, and his finger followed by inserting into the woman’s honey hole.


And at this time, Su Yunluo also woke up from her sleep.

The man was buried in her chest and doing his best.

Before she could say anything, the man’s finger was thrusting rapidly inside her.




Mmmmm.” A series of soft moans exhaled from her mouth.

Her flower tightly sucked his finger and squirmed spontaneously.


After confirming that the woman was already wet, the man withdrew his damp finger and held his rod against her entrance.

On the verge of pushing in, the woman spoke as if she remembered something, “Where is the.



“I carried her next door.


Concentrate.” As soon as the words left his mouth, the man advanced and sank his desire into the woman’s hole.


The woman contracted subconsciously, and the man drew a cold breath and began to push hard by grabbing the woman’s waist.


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