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The man pressed his lips against her soft lips and rubbed them together, “Baby, why do I think your breasts have gotten bigger”


The woman blushed and did not want to answer this question.

Yet the man did not relent, “Tell me, is this my work”


Su Yunluo glared at him and spoke fiercely, “You you you.

Are you still going to do it or not”


“Well, well, since the baby wants it, the husband naturally wants to satisfy you,” Jiang Hanfei said hoarsely.


The man’s large palm held up the woman’s side entirely.

His five fingers became claws and rubbed wantonly.

The woman’s breasts were firm and full of elasticity, changing into various shapes in the man’s palm.

The pink breast beads shyly peeked out from the man’s fingers.

The man held them with two fingers and kept pulling them outward until they became as hard as rocks.


At the same time, the man opened his mouth to take the other whole side into his mouth.

He swallowed the snow-white flesh, and his teeth bit into the pink tip to taste it.

His tongue licked and sucked and played with it several different ways.


“Uhhh.” The woman gasped, and her private parts began to secrete love juices.


His hand burrowed under the hem of the woman’s nightgown and covered the forbidden private area wrapped in fabric.

He rubbed it back and forth through the panties.


“Mmmm.” It was like having an itchy sensation through the boots that made the woman squirm a bit uncomfortably.


The thin lace panties were soon wet with her love juices.

The man’s fingers dug in from the edge of the panties and stabbed the canal with two fingers together to expand it.


As soon as he entered, the man’s fingers accelerated thrusting.

The woman was wet and soft.

The layers of soft flesh swarmed from all sides, wriggling and sucking, and a shallow watery sound rang out between thrusts.


The woman’s face flushed, feeling the waves of pleasure coming from the lower body.

The man’s fingers were a little rough.

Every time they were inserted and withdrawn, they would cut into the sensitive area, so she couldn’t help but contract again and again.


The man’s fingers pumped in and out for a while, ensuring she was wet enough before withdrawing from her body.


The man took off all their clothes, and the hardened s*x organ between his legs was directed at the woman’s dripping wet hole.

He slid it up and down a few times and pushed it in slowly, bit by bit.


A familiar feeling of fullness came from her lower body.

Although they had made love numerous times, his size was still too much for her to bear.

Su Yunluo tried to relax her body so that she could accommodate him.

The man’s thick organ was fully buried inside her, and he began to slowly thrust up until the woman got used to it.

The rhythm of thrusting gradually increased.


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