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Chapter 873: None of you can escape!

Late morning.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Dong Xuebing hung up the phone with Investigation Team Leader Li Taibo, and his office phone rang.

It was the Citys Commission for Discipline Inspection No.

2, Xiao Bin.

“Did the Inspection First Office take the complain letters against Wan Sizhao” Xiao Bin asked in an aggressive tone.

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing replied.

“Theres a big problem with Wan Sizhaos character.”

Xiao Bin asked.

“Whats the problem Tell me.”

Dong Xuebing continued.

“He was involved in several rape cases.”

“Those are criminal cases, and its not for the Inspection First Office to look into it.” Xiao Bin raised his voice.

Dong Xuebings eyes turned cold.

“The victims had written to us, and we should look into it.

Wan Sizhao is a government staff, and these complaints proved he has a serious problem with his personal life.

I think we should investigate.

Most of these cases would have financial and corruption elements involved.

We cannot see these complaints as criminal cases.

Chief Xiao, you should have heard that he almost raped our TV Stations Qu Yunxuan, and she jumped out of the window to save herself.

These complaints against him were over the last two to three years.

It had been delayed for so long, and there would be more victims if we dont apprehend him.”

Xiao Bin refused to listen.

“Submit a request first before you investigate.”

“Chief Xiao, this is an urgent case, and we….”

“Even if he should be investigated, it should be Xi Ping Districts Discipline Inspections job.

When did the Inspection First Office start investigating District cases!”

“From the complaint letters, Deputy Bureau Directors and above might be covering up for Wan Sizhao.

I said earlier that this case could not be viewed as a simple criminal case.

It might involve corruption and other crimes.”

“Might! Maybe! Where is the evidence!”

Dong Xuebing got mad.

How do I get evidence if I dont investigate! Are you asking the Discipline Inspection staff to wait in our office for the evidence to appear Whats the point of setting up the Commission for Discipline Inspection!

“What about Qu Yunxuans case! It proved theres something wrong with Wan Sizhao.”

“This case is still under investigation.

If Inspection First Office wants to investigate Wan Sizhao, submit a request first! Thats it!”

Du… du… du….

The line was cut.

Dong Xuebing threw the phone down in anger.

The pressure was building up.

Dong Xuebing did not know how Xiao Bin and Wan Sizhao were related.

Still, he knew what Xiao Bin and the other Discipline Inspection Leaders were worried about.

Even if Xiao Bin had nothing to do with Wan Sizhao, he would never allow Inspection First Office to investigate.

Once Inspection First Office started investigating, Secretary Wan would think the Commission for Discipline Inspection is started to revolt against him.

Xiao Bin would be implicated in it.

Of course, it is more likely for Xiao Bin to be on Wan Sizhaos side.

Maybe he was trying to suck up to the leaders, and thats why he did not want any investigation against the latter.

These people….

Wait for Qu Yunxuans case to be investigated first! Fine.

I will wait!

I shall see how all of you are going to cover up for Wan Sizhao.


Office hours had ended.

Dong Xuebing glanced at the main building as he drove out of the City Party Committee Building.

He wondered if the person trying to cover up for Wan Sizhao was Secretary Wan.

He thought for a while and felt it should be impossible.

As the City Party Secretary, he should be upright and will never allow his nephew to commit these crimes.

He should be unaware of what he did or unsure if he had committed those crimes.

The people below should be trying to cover up for Wan Sizhao to please him.

Thats why nothing had happened to him, and he became more arrogant.

However, Wan Sizhao will not escape this time.

He had picked the wrong location.

Liu Yang Restaurant was located on a busy street, and many people had seen him.

There were too many witnesses.

Dong Xuebing continued driving and got nearer to Liu Yang Restaurant.

He was on his way to the hospital and passed by this place.

Dong Xuebing glanced at the restaurant and frowned.

He stopped his car and looked at the four-story building.

It was operating again after what happened yesterday.

Its business was good, and many people were going in and out.

A few people were pointing and talking about the bloodstains on the ground.

What happened

How come the restaurant continues to open for business

Dong Xuebing got out of his car and walked toward the restaurant.

The restaurants boss, Xu Dabing, talked to a few customers.

“Oh, its been a while since you all came.”

A customer replied.

“Then you must give us a discount, Boss Xu.”


All your alcohol and drinks will be in the house.

Haha….” Xu Dabing laughed.

Another customer asked.

“Old Xu, I heard something happened at your restaurant yesterday.”

Xu Dabing sighed.

“We were unlucky.

A woman was drunk, and she jumped out of the windows.

Because of her, we had to close yesterday.

The losses are great.”

Dong Xuebing overheard their conversation.

“Are you the boss”

Xu Dabing was surprised.


Dong Xuebing stared at Xu Dabing.

“Who allowed you to open for business”

Before Xu Dabing replied, a few men walked down from stairs.

One of them was around 1.9 m, and he was surprised to see Dong Xuebing.

“Director Dong, you are here.”

Dong Xuebing looked at that man.

“Li Taibo”

Xu Dabing looked at Dong Xuebing.

Director Dong! This guy is Dong Xuebing

The Investigation Team Leader Li Taibo, nodded and looked around.

“Its not convenient to talk here.

Director Dong, lets talk upstairs.”

The upper floors of the restaurant were closed to the public.

Only the ground floor was opened.

Dong Xuebing looked at the restaurants boss, Xu Dabing, in the empty second-floor corridor.

“I remembered what you said.

Yunxuan was drunk and jumped out of the windows.

Well said.”

Xu Dabings eyes darted around and looked uncomfortable.

Li Taibo explained.

“Qu Yunxuan is Director Dongs cousin.”

Xu Dabing got a fright and kept quiet.

He wiped his sweat nervously.

Dong Xuebing looked around.

“How can the restaurant open for business when the investigation is not over”

Li Taibo pointed upstairs.

“We had cordoned off the fourth floor.

But theres no need for it now as we had finished the investigation this afternoon.”

“Whats the result” Dong Xuebing asked.

Li Taibo paused for a second.

“Theres insufficient evidence, and our initial conclusion is Qu Yunxuan was drunk and jumped out of the windows.

It had nothing to do with Wan Sizhao.”

Dong Xuebing was furious, and he smiled.

“Can you repeat what you said I did not hear you.”

Li Taibo looked at Dong Xuebing.

“We had investigated.

Qu Yunxuan and Wan Sizhao had dinner together in a private room on the fourth floor, and many people saw them.

But Wan Sizhao had left the private room when the incident happened.

He was not around when Qu Yunxuan jumped out of the windows.

So, we conclude this is not a criminal case.”

Dong Xuebing almost exploded.

“He left the scene! What about his car Did the CCTV at the junction record his car”

Li Taibo calmly replied.

“He did not drive.

He just went out to buy alcohol.

XXX brand, which is not available in this restaurant.

He went to a street opposite, and we checked the CCTV.

We dont have cameras installed along that street.”

“Who saw him leaving”

Li Taibo looked at the restaurants boss.

“Boss Xu and two of his staff saw him.”

Dong Xuebing immediately understood what had happened.

He looked at Xu Dabing.

“Giving false statements!”

Xu Dabing swallowed his saliva and replied with a straight face.

“I saw Chief Wan leaving.

He is a regular here, and I even greeted him as he walked out.”

Dong Xuebing nodded.


Li Taibo slowly continued.

“Director Dong, we understand you cannot accept this outcome, but this is true.

Of course, we are not saying Qu Yunxuan had made a false report.

She was drunk then, and she might be seeing things.”

Dong Xuebing coldly replied.

“Who told you she was drunk She did not even drink a drop of alcohol last night.

How did she get drunk Tell me!”

Li Taibo shook his head.

“Qu Yunxuan was critically injured and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance.

We could not conduct any alcohol tests on her.

It would be useless if we do the test now.”

“Then how can you conclude my cousin was drunk”

“We could smell alcohol on her when we arrived at the scene yesterday.”

“Wan Sizhao had been drinking, and he had torn Yunxuans clothes and hit her.

How can her clothes not smell of alcohol”

Li Taibo looked at Dong Xuebing.

“Assumptions cannot be used as evidence, and Wan Sizhao was not at the scene.

So, we concluded Qu Yunxuan had jumped out of the windows herself.

Also, we have witnesses proving Wan Sizhao had nothing to do with this case.”

“Are you telling me the investigation is over”


We can conclude the investigation now.”



Dong Xuebing looked at them and nodded.

“Team Leader Li, Boss Xu, I remembered what you all had said today.

I hope you all will take responsibility for what you said and dont regret it in the future.” He said and took out a notebook.

He wrote their names on it.

Wan Sizhao, Li Taibo, and Xu Dabing.

Li Taibo frowned.

What is the meaning of this

Xu Dabings face also changed.

Dong Xuebing will not let everyone involved in this case, including those who tried to cover up, off lightly.

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