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Chapter 30: Ling Chi Torture [II]

In addition, in order to maintain the detached status of warriors, the state stipulates that the use of modern weapons against warriors is not allowed by law. Once discovered, they will be severely punished.

There are countless warriors killed by modern weapons, but they were all small-scale assassinations. If the entire Jiushamen and Jingyunhui used firearms in conflict, it would be impossible not to be discovered.

The most important thing is that there are many underworld forces under the control of Jiushamen. If modern weapons are used, how many firearms will Jingyunhui have

“That would be like asking for a dead end.” Xiaodao said without raising his head.

“The last trick is to use the three of them as shields, how long can it last.” Qin Yangs face was full of powerlessness.

“Damn things!”

One of the Jiusha Sect masters cheered up, his pale face was flushed with excitement, and shouted loudly: “Its better to let us go now, this thing is all led by that little beast, and it has nothing to do with you. , I can still beg the Sect Master to spare you from dying.”

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“Shut your beak, you dont have the right to speak here.” Xiaodaos tone was still flat.

“Haha... You mundane ants, now is the last chance. When this sect realizes the problem, you will all have to die!”

“I told you to shut up.”

The knife, which had always been very calm, suddenly jumped up from the sofa, and the steel dagger slammed into the guys thigh. The master of Jiusha Sect, who was still clamoring just now, immediately screamed like killing a pig.

The dagger was inserted into the thigh more than an inch deep, and the knife turned the dagger a few times with a smile.

Gently patted the screaming guy a few times, and then he looked at Qin Yang and said, “Chen Han came here before retreating, and he gave me a special trick. It shouldnt be a problem for him to stay for three or five days.”

After he finished speaking, he took out a large net pocket out of nowhere and covered the screaming guy at once.


The dagger was pulled out from the thigh, accompanied by a bloody arrow, and the cry of the Nine Demon Sect master almost pierced his eardrums. Xiaodao ignored him at all and tightened the net pocket tightly until pieces of flesh were squeezed out of the gaps in the net pocket, and then he clapped his hands contentedly and got up.

In Qin Yangs puzzled eyes, the fine steel dagger that polished the gap was gently cut off against a piece of flesh squeezed out of the gap.

The screams echoed in the sealed basement, the knife smiled while cutting, and muttered to himself: “In ancient times, there was a punishment called Ling Chi, which is to use a fishing net to tighten it, and then cut off the meat squeezed out of the net hole bit by bit. Legend has a total of It takes 3,600 cuts to kill a prisoner. If one less cut is made and he hangs up early, the executioner will also be punished. I wonder how many cuts I can cut”

When introducing Xiaodao to Chen Han, Qin Yang said that he was the most terrifying guy he had ever seen, but when he witnessed the ancient Ling Chi punishment with his own eyes, Qin Yangs heart trembled.

Not only was he surprised by Xiaodaos unchanging face, but also shocked at how Chen Han, who seemed to be honest and loyal, but was actually a little treacherous, could come up with such a method of destroying humanity.


In his mind, Chen Han smiled and punctured the three peoples dantian, crushing their limbs and bones, Qin Yang swallowed hard.

Dont be fooled by that guys seemingly loyal appearance, he is simply a murderer without blinking an eye!


What kind of tragic experiences did the teenagers who grew up in the teachers school have ever experienced and formed the earth-shaking changes in their character

It is impossible for Qin Yang to know that he defeated the young master in the same sect competition, but was hated by the young master and almost died. The one who was originally the victim was in turn chased and killed by the elders of the division. After experiencing all this, Chen Han felt the pain and resentment in his heart to what extent.

Not only did the tortured master of the Nine Demons wailed mournfully, but the other two were also terrified. They had never seen this kind of horrific torture before, and they might soon befall them.

Fear devoured their souls!

“Kill me, please kill me...” The corners of the eyes of the tortured master of Jiushamen cracked, which was the result of severe pain, and drops of red blood rolled down his cheeks.

“What... what do you want” The tone of another Jiusha sect master changed.

“Jingyunhui will definitely not be able to fight the Nine Demons. Now that he is dead, he must vent before his death, so as to eliminate the hatred in his heart.” Xiaodao was not idle while talking, and the steel dagger cut slowly.

“Im willing to cooperate, as long as you dont... dont use the lingering punishment for me, even if you kill me, I will cooperate with you all...”

In the face of the extremely cruel Ling Chi punishment, the tenacious mental defense line of the first-class masters, like the dam under the flood peak collapsed.

According to Chen Hans instructions before retreating and practicing, he is to use this ruthless method to completely destroy their spirits, so that they dare not make any changes.

Otherwise, if the next play is not good, there will be changes, and it will be self-defeating.

A few minutes later, a mobile phone was placed in the hands of one of them, and Xiaodao smiled faintly: “Tell your teacher and say that you are ready to start, and call back again in a few hours to report that the task is completed, but it will be in the sky. Huashi will stay for a while. Hehe... You can also tip off the news, but before the master of the Nine Demons Sect arrives, I will make your life worse than death. Sometimes death is not the most terrifying thing, understand”



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