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Chapter 19: What A Stroke Of Fortune…

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Jingchen and the rest of the people in the private room were gathered around Yan Ze, who had articulated his order clearly. They were instructed to keep tonights incident a secret and refrain from publicizing it, or else, they would be responsible for the consequences.

Although Yan Ze was unsure of the details, he knew that his instructions would be correct.

Just as Lu Jingchen was feeling nervous, the phone in his pocket rang. When he took it out and realized that it was Mu Siyin, he was even more shocked!

Yinyin should be with Shi Beiyu now, was she not

Why would…

Despite his doubts, he excused himself from Yan Ze and ran out of the room with his phone.

“Yinyin, where are you”

“Im downstairs. Can you leave now, cuz”

“Hold on, Ill come down at once.”

Lu Jingchen walked towards the elevator after he had hung up, and when he arrived on the first floor, he saw Mu Siyin leaning against the wall and waiting. He immediately called her, “Yinyin, you and…”

Mu Siyin knew what he was getting at, so she interrupted him with narrowed eyes. “Cuz, I know what your question is. But lets get out of here first and we can talk in the car…”

With no choice, Lu Jingchen could only suppress his urge to question her.

Once they were in the car, Lu Jingchen could not hold it in anymore. “Yinyin, tell me, honestly. Whats the deal with you and Shi Beiyu”

Mu Siyin rubbed her fingers together and hesitated. After a while, she muttered with her head low, “Last night, during Mu Xingyus birthday party, I had a drink that was spiked by her. Somehow… I went to Shi Beiyus room…”

Lu Jingchen was dumbfounded by Mu Siyins explanation!

“D-do you mean that last night, you and Shi Beiyu, both of you…”

Mu Siyin nodded awkwardly. “Mm.”

Lu Jingchen was taken aback at first as he found it hard to believe.

Shi Beiyu was known to avoid women, was he not

Why would he…

“So, whats your… relationship with him”

Mu Siyin cleared her throat. “Didnt you hear me Im his girlfriend.”

Lu Jingchen cast a skeptical look at Mu Siyin. “Did you know him before”

“No.” Mu Siyin shook her head.

Lu Jingchen murmured, “What a stroke of fortune…”

Then, he frowned and continued, “But you said that you entered Shi Beiyus room by mistake because Mu Xingyu spiked your drink”

Mu Siyin nodded. “Luckily it was Shi Beiyu whom I met. If it was someone else…”

Come to think of it, Mu Siyin now realized how lucky she was to barge into Shi Beiyus room while intoxicated.

At that, Lu Jingchen sneered, “Mu Xingyu! I told you that shes up to no good, but you refused to listen!”

Mu Siyins gaze darkened and there was a certain iciness to her tone. “I was blind! But whatever they did to me, Ill make sure they pay everything back tenfold!”

“Thats the spirit! But Li Tongzhi is more cunning than a fox, and also that old witch. You must be careful when you deal with them.”

“I know.”

Lu Jingchen was suddenly puzzled. “In that case, why are you still helping Mu Corporation You should let them have a taste of their own medicine and make them suffer!”

No one in the Lu family bothered to entertain the Mu family. Twelve years ago, when Mu Siyins elder sister, Mu Siyun and mother, Lu Shilan passed away, a rift formed between the two families. Had Mu Siyin not been Lu Shilans biological daughter, Lu Jingchen would not have been so close to her.

Today, the Mu family had gotten what they deserved at last, yet his foolish cousin was determined to save the Mu family


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