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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Its Alright, Theres Still Plenty Of Time...

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Shi Beiyus expression sank when he heard that.

“Is it so shameful for me to be seen with you”

“No, no,” Mu Siyin denied.

She was currently sharing the same house with the Mu family. Since Mu Xingyu and Li Tongzhi were hard-pressed about proving that she slept with another man, she could not do that again with him.

Besides, she also had to think of a way to get rid of the hickeys on her body, just in case. If not, all of her efforts this morning would be a waste.

At that thought, she regarded the angry Shi Beiyu and suggested softly, “Is it alright for you to wait until the engagement between me and Gu Yifan has been officially called off Or else itll be messy.”

Shi Beiyu scoffed. “Get it done as soon as possible.”

Mu Siyin nodded. “Tomorrow, Ill break it off tomorrow!”

This seemed to have lifted Shi Beiyus mood a little. He then fixed his gaze on Mu Siyin again. “Why did you come here What were you planning to do”

Mu Siyin blinked. “I thought youve asked your last question”

Shi Beiyu raised an eyebrow. “Last-minute addition.”

Mu Siyin rolled her eyes and contemplated.

Although it was Shi Beiyu who resolved Mu Corporations financial troubles in her past life, she was unwilling to trouble him this time around. She wanted to give it a try on her own.

That was because she did not want him or others to assume that she became his girlfriend for his power and money.

“I came here to look for my cousin. He told me about how fun this place is and wanted me to see for myself.”

All of a sudden, Mu Siyin panicked. She was supposed to find someone here who would collaborate with Mu Corporation, but she bumped into Shi Beiyu instead!

When Shi Beiyu heard her reply, he immediately made a mental note of Lu Jingchen!

How dare he allow her to visit a place like this Shi Beiyu had to teach him a lesson!

If Lu Jingchen knew that it was Mu Siyins answer that got him into trouble, he would throw a fit and whine about how unfortunate he was.

“Next time, youre not allowed to come here without my permission,” Shi Beiyu warned.

“Why” Mu Siyin retorted with a scowl.

How was she supposed to look for business partners if not here

Shi Beiyu inched closer once more. Their noses touched, their eyes met, and their breathing synched.

“No means no,” Shi Beiyu said possessively, and instead of waiting for Mu Siyins response, he kissed her enticing lips.

Mu Siyins eyes widened. Her heart nearly popped out of her chest when she saw a close-up of his handsome face.

Shi Beiyus kiss was rather dominant, yet tender and lingering. In a matter of seconds, Mu Siyins body was turned to mush.

One kiss alone was enough to ignite the flames of desire within Shi Beiyu. Soon, he began to move his hands as he attempted to feel her up. Mu Siyin, who was bewitched by his kiss, snapped back to her senses and shoved him away at once.

“Right, th-theres something I need to attend to. Ill see you again next time!”

Blushed red, Mu Siyin dared not glance at Shi Beiyus expression. She hastily excused herself and ran away.

Shi Beiyu watched as she ran towards the door. He stood still and made no move to stop her, but he seemed helpless. After Mu Siyin shut the door without turning around, he lowered his gaze and sighed. “Its alright, theres still plenty of time…”

Mu Siyin dashed out of the room with her heart palpitating nervously. She raised her hands and slapped her bright red cheeks.

It was too dangerous! Had she not been quick enough, he would have ravaged her again tonight!

She took the elevator and arrived downstairs, wanting to look for Lu Jingchen. However, when she remembered that Shi Beiyu had carried her away, she was too shy to head back inside. She pondered for a moment before she took out her phone and called Lu Jingchen...


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