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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Ill Be Responsible To You

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Shi Beiyu coughed awkwardly in response. “Something came up this morning and I had to leave in a hurry. My bad.”

In reality, he was afraid that she could not accept the fact that she had slept with him. Moreover, he wanted to observe her real reaction after she woke up.

Her reaction evidently matched his expectation, albeit in a surprising manner.

Mu Siyin did not think any further about that. Instead, she nodded lightly, and just as she was about to say something, amorous moans resounded by her ears. Both she and Shi Beiyu were astonished…

Mu Siyins flushed cheeks grew even redder now as scenes that were absolutely not for children were playing on the screen. They were as lewd as they could get!

She really wished that she was dead. She then got off the wine cabinet, hurried over to the screen, and turned it off.

Shi Beiyu threw a seductive glance at Mu Siyins back and steadily approached her. Since Mu Siyin did not notice him, she bumped into his big, sturdy body when she turned around.

She whimpered and rubbed her nose as she looked at Shi Beiyu anxiously.

Shi Beiyu placed his arms around her and looked at her with his deep, unfathomable, amber eyes.

“Ive already answered your questions. Now, its my turn to ask you questions…”

Shi Beiyus expression was so inscrutable that it made Mu Siyin feel strangely guilty.

Did she do anything to raise his suspicions

“Cough, whatever you… want to ask, ask away,” she said hesitantly.

Shi Beiyu nodded and uttered in his soothing voice, “Did you know who I was last night”

Mu Siyins heart skipped a beat. She wondered if she had said something wrong while she was intoxicated last night.

She pretended to think about it and replied, “My mind was muddled last night, but I can vaguely remember that it was you. How else would I know your identity”

In fact, in her last time, she genuinely had no idea who she slept with. It was only later when he paid her a visit that she got to know it was him.

Shi Beiyu paused, nodded, and continued, “So, have you seen me before last night”

Mu Siyin shook her head without a second thought. “No.”

Before the incident, she had never crossed paths with him, so her answer was firm.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Shi Beiyus eyes. After that, he stared at her and added, “Last question, why do you keep apologizing to me…”

His question immediately stumped her!

Why did she keep apologizing to him

How… How was she supposed to answer that

A grimace started to form on Mu Siyins face and Shi Beiyu tightened his grip around her. “Eh No lies.”

Mu Siyin was nervous. She pondered hard before she lifted her gaze and looked at him in a troubled manner. “I-Im very sorry, I raped you and Ill be responsible to you.”

Shi Beiyu said nothing. It was clear that Mu Siyin was not being truthful.

He was helpless, but since she refused to tell him, he would find out for himself. He was sure he would come across the answer one day.

“Alright, how will you be responsible”

Shi Beiyu teased her and inched closer to her. Feeling his warm breath on her face, her heart leaped frantically.

“Didnt… Didnt I say that I would be your girlfriend”

“In that case, lets do something that couples love to do together.” As soon as Shi Beiyu finished speaking, he pressed his scarlet lips on her ear.

Mu Siyin shuddered and pushed him away. “Not now!”

As if Shi Beiyu felt discouraged, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Why not”

“I-I think that we should get to know each other first. Besides, we mustnt let anybody else know that we… were together last night.”


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