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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: You Forced Yourself On Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Siyin blinked. What was she going to watch

Was it a video of their night of passion

God, what was she thinking!

With a click of the remote control, an image appeared on the black LCD screen.

Mu Siyin narrowed her eyes as she focused all her attention on staring at the screen. She was eager to know what Shin Beiyu wanted her to see…

A string of letters slid across the screen and the video started to play.

In the dim, luxurious room, a man in a black sleeping robe was seated on a sofa haughtily with his hand supporting his forehead and was trying to rest.

It was Shi Beiyu!

The screen was huge, so Mu Siyin could clearly make out his long, thick eyelashes. They were like the wings of a butterfly, so beautiful that she could hardly take her eyes off them.

The scene was grand yet peaceful. Not a sound could be heard.

At that moment, someone opened the door without warning, and a stumbling figure squeezed through the doorway…

Mu Siyin was shocked!

Was she the one who barged into his room last night!

While she was still left speechless from the sight, Shi Beiyu ordered sternly through the screen without taking a look, “Get out!”

The two words were harsh and unwelcoming, even Mu Siyin could sense his hostility and displeasure through the screen.

Nevertheless, when her on-screen counterpart heard his voice, she seemed to lose control of herself and stumbled towards him. Before he could speak again, she pounced on him and wrapped her arms around him like an octopus!


Mu Siyin was horrified!

She could not believe that she was the one who forced herself on him!

Did that mean she barged into his room and raped him in her previous life too

Then why…

Why did he not tell her about this

Back then, she always thought that he took advantage of her or he was working with Mu Xingyu to ruin her reputation. As a result, she lost everything and she hated him for it!

Yet never did she expect that she was the one who wronged him!

She was the one who burst into his room and raped him under the influence of drugs. Despite that, he never said a thing and allowed her to hit and scold him without bothering to defend himself.

Mu Siyin instantly sensed an urge to cry.

He was indeed a big dummy!

Shi Beiyu observed Mu Siyins dismayed expression and smiled graciously. “You forced yourself on me. I had no other choice but to accept my fate.”

Mu Siyin lowered her gaze to hide her grimace. After she had composed herself, she lifted her eyes to look at Shi Beiyu and said. “Are you silly Why didnt you run away”

She could not recall what happened the night she was drugged. In both the past life and the present life, she had no idea what had happened.

As soon as she finished speaking, a weak, helpless voice could be heard from the screen. “So hot… It hurts…”

“Is that really you”

A hot, burning sensation spread across Mu Siyins cheeks. She felt that she had completely embarrassed herself last night!

“You kept your arms around me and refused to let go. How was I supposed to run away” Shi Beiyu smiled, but there was a mysterious look in his eyes.

He suspected Mu Siyin mistook him for someone else last night. Else, why did she tell him all sorts of nonsensical things

Mu Siyin was so embarrassed and shameful.

“So you must be responsible to me.” Shi Beiyu had on a serious expression.

Mu Siyin snorted. “Then why did you leave this morning without saying a word”

Even though she raped him, he lost nothing. Did he have to leave without saying goodbye after gaining pleasure from her


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