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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: An Inhumane Cradle Snatcher!

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Perhaps due to Mu Siyins eager gaze, Shi Beiyu could not help but look at her and grin slyly. “Enjoying the view”

Caught red-handed, Mu Siyin blushed and coughed sheepishly. She made up an excuse. “About that, I can walk.”

Shi Beiyu carried her into the elevator and gradually lowered his head. Maybe it was because of the light, but his amber-colored eyes then turned into a light shade of brown and he looked even more enchanting. “Dont you like it when I carry you”

Mu Siyin never thought that Shi Beiyu, who was often so serious and misogynistic, could be so flirtatious.

The beating of her heart intensified. She grabbed his collar and muttered somewhat desperately, “Where on earth are you taking me”

Shi Beiyu looked at the shy young woman in his arms and smiled cunningly. His voice was husky and sensual. “To let you relive last nights dream.”

Mu Siyin could not believe her ears as blood rushed to her face, making her look like a cooked lobster!

“You, you…” Mu Siyin was speechless. From what she could recall, this was the first time Shi Beiyu seduced her.

She remembered that, in her past life, they were never as close as they were today. It felt like every time they met, they would fight and tension rose between them. As for “that”, it was always forced as a result of his rage.

Their relationship last time was awful…

Hence, she could not understand why he tolerated her despite her stubbornness and horrible temperament. When her life was at stake, he even sacrificed himself to save her.


Mu Siyins gaze was too complex for Shi Beiyu to grasp.

He narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. “What You said you wanted to be responsible to me and become my girlfriend. Are you going to break your promise”

Mu Siyin gave a brief acknowledgement and blinked. “I did say that, but I didnt say that Im going to… Uh… Do that with you.”

Shi Beiyu was curious. “Do what”

Mu Siyins face was red. “That thing you mentioned.”

“Which thing I mentioned”

“Shi Beiyu, are you doing this on purpose” Mu Siyin grabbed his collar and crumpled it.

Just like that, Mu Siyin loosened and wrinkled Shi Beiyus always neatly-ironed collar and tie, which made him look sexy in a casual, nonchalant manner.

“What do you think”


Mu Siyin had just muttered a word when the elevator rang out with a “ding” — they had reached the top floor.

Shi Beiyu tightened his arms around her and stepped out of the elevator.

The grand corridor was illuminated by elegant ceiling lamps. It was lavish and opulent.

They had just exited the elevator when someone came up to them. “Young Master… Your…”

With a folder in his hands, Yan Ze was about to head downstairs and look for Shi Beiyu. He did not expect that he would bump into the young master and… a beauty in his arms!

Yan Ze was so dumbfounded that he froze…

The woman in his arms seemed familiar…

Upon closer inspection, Yan Ze was surprised!

Hey, why is this young lady here

Shi Beiyu regarded him coolly. “Deal with them downstairs and make sure their lips are sealed.”

Yan Ze blinked. For a split second, he did not understand what the young master was saying, but before he could clarify, Shi Beiyu had walked towards the end of the corridor with Mu Siyin in his arms.

To Yan Ze, the young master looked as if he was in a hurry.

Yan Ze shook his head. “Ill be damned… Unbelievable…”

In one night, their misogynistic young master had transformed into a big, bad wolf and took advantage of this innocent young maiden. What an inhumane cradle snatcher!


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