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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Why Are You Sorry

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Mu Siyin could not care less about the crowd that was bewildered by her and Shi Beiyu.

She quietly observed his mysterious, amber eyes, and carefully reached out to caress them.

They were a very beautiful pair of eyes. It would be a real shame if she could not see them…

Luckily, everything had been reset.

Luckily, he was safe and sound.

Shi Beiyu was known for his captivating amber-colored eyes that gave him a classic and enigmatic presence. However, in her previous life, Mu Siyin had never paid attention to them. So today, she studied him carefully for the first time, and yet she could not help but feel a sense of remorse.

“Im sorry…” she mumbled instinctively.

Shi Beiyu was in a good mood, but when he heard what she said, his pupils constricted immediately!

Last night, she kept apologizing to him…

He had tried to test her reaction by sending hints and tempting her, but she did not recall “that incident”. Furthermore, like what he discovered, she had forgotten about most things from her childhood.

Thus, to her, last night was their first time seeing each other.

So, where did “Im sorry” come from

“Why are you sorry” He lowered his gaze and looked into her eyes.

Only then did Mu Siyin regain her senses and realized how intimate she was with Shi Beiyu.

She immediately blushed and pushed him slightly away. She rolled her eyes and played dumb. “D-did I say that”

Shi Beiyus lips curled into a sinister smile. Was this girl trying to trick him

“Lets go somewhere else.”

After that, Shi Beiyu carried her and got up.

Mu Siyin subconsciously placed her arm around his neck. “Where are you taking me”

Shi Beiyu smiled tenderly as he looked at her. “To a place with only the two of us, of course.”

Mu Siyin began to blush uncontrollably.

Despite her two-year entanglement with Shi Beiyu in her past life, she hardly knew and understood him.

The reason was she hated him and refused to see him. Unless it was something important, he would not show up, and when he did, she never had a proper conversation with him. Instead, she would just mock and insult him.

In this lifetime, she was so intimate with him that she felt a bit uncomfortable.

Even so, she would try to get used to it and get to know him better…

Ignoring whether the crowd could accept his “sudden transformation”, Shi Beiyu carried Mu Siyin and headed swiftly out of the door.

The crowd was appalled once more!

Oh my god!

Were they hallucinating

Was there something wrong with their eyes

Had they been possessed!

Young Master Shi, a renowned misogynist, accepted Second Young Lady Mus proposal!

What was the world coming to

Why did everything feel so unreal

“Jingchen Does your cousin have an affair with Young Master Shi”

A young man with red hair nudged Lu Jingchen knowingly while the latter was still stunned.

At last, Lu Jingchen regained his composure and replied with a frown, “How the f*ck do I know This girl… She almost gave me a heart attack!”

He had initially agreed to meet Mu Siyin here to let her test her luck and see which rich fellow was willing to invest in Mu Corporation. Little did he know… That she was now involved with Shi Beiyu!

When… When did this happen She did not tell him!

Shi Beiyu carried Mu Siyin out of the room and went to the private elevator.

Just like that, Mu Siyin laid in his arms calmly and fixed her gaze on him.

No doubt, he was the most beautiful man in the capital city. He was drop-dead gorgeous!


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