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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: I Want To Be Your Girlfriend

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Shi Beiyu sat at the head of the table with a gloomy expression. His deep, amber eyes were focused on Mu Siyin, who had stiffened up on the spot, quietly giving off an intimidating vibe.

This girl… He had wanted to meet her in a few days, but little did he expect that she would come to such a place on her own!

Did she not notice the way those old perverts looked at her!

Now everybody could tell that Shi Beiyu was extremely unhappy, but no one dared to say a word.

The crowd held their breath and shuddered as they observed the scene unfolding and pondered silently.Why is the young master angry all of a sudden

Although Mu Siyin could not see Shi Beiyus face clearly, she could tell that he seemed to be quite furious.

However, she could not care less about that. Instead, her mind was filled with what Mu Xingyu said to her right before she died in her past life.

He gave his heart and cornea to her. Why

She did not understand why he would treat her this way.

Was he a dummy

Giving his life to a woman who wanted him dead

Slowly, she approached him with a trembling heart and red-rimmed eyes…

She was closer and closer…

His face in the darkness seemed much clearer…

His dark hair, elegant eyebrows, amber eyes, high nose bridge, and sexy, scarlet lips made his sharp features look impeccable!

Moreover, he possessed an intrinsically dignified and stoic charisma that made him look as perfect as a Greek deity!

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes as Mu Siyin came closer to him. His gaze flickered…

He was not sure whether Mu Siyin knew that it was him last night, for she had been drunk and had mumbled a lot of nonsense while hugging him. He even assumed Mu Siyin had mistaken him for Gu Yifan. However, judging from what happened this morning, his assumption was wrong.

Therefore, he felt puzzled. Who was the man who made her cry

Finally, Mu Siyin stood in front of Shi Beiyu. She was very emotional when she said these shocking words, “I want to be your girlfriend.”


A bombshell landed on the crowd as they stared at Mu Siyin in disbelief. They wondered whether Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyus affair had traumatized her and caused her to lose her mind.

Everybody was aware that the powerful leader of the Shi family in the capital, Shi Beiyu — also known as “Young Master Shi” — was a perverse misogynist. All women, including the pretty ones, would keep their distance from him.

Once, it was said that a woman boldly threw herself into his arms, but he then kicked her and his bodyguard hauled her away. Just like that, she was forever blacklisted in his eyes.

From that day onwards, nobody dared to lay a finger on him. Even the ones who met him would merely fantasize about him from afar but kept their distance.

However, the second young lady of the Mu family had not only stood before Shi Beiyu, but had also brazenly declared her wish to be his girlfriend.

Was she mad or had she been emboldened

Aside from the crowd, Shi Beiyu was taken aback too.

After one second, he raised an eyebrow and questioned Mu Siyin with his unfathomable gaze. “Reason.”

Mu Siyin lifted her chin slightly, stared at him straight in the eyes, and whispered, “To be responsible to you.”

When Shi Beiyu heard that, a glimmer of delight flashed across his eyes. Then, he stretched out his big arms and pulled Mu Siyin into his embrace. He looked at her and replied in his low, attractive voice. “Alright.”


Shi Beiyus answer was like a torpedo that went off in the private room, suddenly blowing out the minds of the crowd!

“Tick tack.” A dice landed in a dice cup.

“Smash!” A wine glass slid out of someones grasp.

“Crash!” Somebody fell from a sofa.

Everyone in the room was flabbergasted!

Could someone tell them what on earth was happening!


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