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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: You Didnt Come Home Last Night, And Now Youre Dressed Like This

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Xingyu listened and the tears on the corners of her eyes began to stream down her cheeks. She lifted her hands to wipe them off as she ran back to her room in anguish.

Li Tongzhi frowned and gritted her teeth. “We tried defending ourselves to the media yesterday but it was in vain. That little c*nt Mu Siyin doesnt want to clarify the matter either. How despicable of her!”

Madam Gu was about to nod when she suddenly noticed the huge swelling on Li Tongzhis face. She was curious. “Tongzhi, y-your face…”

Li Tongzhi froze, then faked a chuckle and whispered, “Allergy.”

She had applied some powder on her face, so the marks were less visible. She did look like she had an allergy.

“Oh, I thought someone slapped you…”

Li Tongzhi was speechless.

Madam Gu added, “It looks scary.”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

Once Mu Siyin was back in her room, she started to tidy it. She had just stored the group photo with her sister and mother when the phone in her pocket rang.

She took it out and realized it was from Lu Jingchen.

She answered the phone gleefully, “Cuz, have you found someone suitable”

“Yeah, I spoke to President Zhang of Min Ying Technologies today. Hes interested in the shares youre offering.”

Mu Siyin was very excited. “Thats great! When can I meet him”

“Well be heading to Royale Hotel for lunch at noon. You can come along.”

“Mm, ok!”

Mu Siyin checked the time — it was almost 11:00 am. She had no time to tidy her room, so she changed her clothes, applied a light touch of make-up, and rushed downstairs.

Gu Yifan and Madam Gu had left. The only people in the living room were a sour-faced Old Madam Mu and Li Tongzhi.

Seeing that Mu Siyin was going out, Li Tongzhi sneered, “You didnt come home last night, and now youre dressed like this You must be seeing some manwh*re!”

Mu Siyin grinned. “Auntie Li, if my cousin learns that you called him that, he wont care about a dump like Mu Corporation again.”

Li Tongzhi felt embarrassed, but Old Madam Mus face lit up with eagerness. “Lu Jingchen asked you out”

Mu Siyin raised an eyebrow and acknowledged her before adding, “Nobody is allowed in my room when Im not around.”

Old Madam Mu and Li Tongzhi were both stunned.

However, Mu Siyin simply ignored them and turned to walk out.

Royale Hotel was not far away from the Mu family residence, but neither was it near. Mu Siyin hailed a cab and arrived at the hotels entrance at around 11:30 am.

She wanted to phone Lu Jingchen about his exact location. She had just dialed his number when someone suddenly grabbed her arm. The next second, she was forcefully dragged into a car…

She gasped and wanted to cry for help when an impeccably attractive face appeared before her.

She was bewildered…

Shi Beiyu

Staring at the startled Mu Siyin, Shi Beiyus lips curled into a subtle, seductive smile. His voice was deep and masculine. “What are you doing here”

Mu Siyin blinked twice and came to her senses. All of a sudden, she realized that she was sitting in between Shi Beiyus lap.Eh, this position seemed rather suggestive.

She cleared her throat awkwardly. Blushing, she grasped his shirt and sat on his lap.

Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrows. His amber eyes hinted at a smile. “Hm”

Mu Siyin gave it a thought and looked at him with her large, round eyes. “My cousin invited me for lunch, so here I am…”


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