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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: She Did Not Mind Playing Around With Various Methods…

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Mu Siyin cursed silently. She had just been reborn, so how the hell was she supposed to find proof of their adultery

They were unbelievably cunning and shameless for daring to take advantage of her like that!

She smirked with her chin up. “Stop it with your nonsense, Gu Yifan. I wont testify for you two and neither will I believe what you say. One more thing, since youre all here, we might as well get things done and break off the engagement.”

Mu Siyin had promised Shi Beiyu yesterday that she had to break it off by today.

Gu Yifan stared at her in shock. “You want to break off the engagement”

Mu Siyin sniggered. “You didnt think that Id still stick with you after this incident, did you Besides, wasnt your mother in favor of getting rid of me all along”

At that, she turned to address Madam Gu in the living room downstairs. “Right, Old Hag Gu Gu Yifan and I are going to break off the engagement now. Do support us.”

Madam Gu was really sick of Mu Siyin calling her an “old hag”, and she glowered at her. “Break it off! At once! Yifan will marry anyone but you!”

“Mom! I disagree!” Gu Yifan yelled.

Gu Yifans words astonished Madam Gu and broke Mu Xingyus heart.

Mu Siyin was bemused. “Gu Yifan Wheres your pride”

Gu Yifans gentle expression sank momentarily. “Yinyin, no matter what you say, I wont break off the engagement.”


“Didnt you want me to prove it to the media Alright, Ill prove it to you.”

Without waiting for a rebuttal from Mu Siyin, Gu Yifan turned around and left.

Mu Siyin sighed and a deep crease appeared between her brows. She really wanted to kick Gu Yifan down the stairs!

He screwed Mu Xingyu, yet he had the cheek to say that!

How did she not realize how shameless Gu Yifan was in her past life

In fact, she used to see him as a beacon of light in her life.

She must have had a screw loose!

Gu Yifan went downstairs and told a stunned Mu Xingyu, “Xingyu, well organize a press conference this afternoon. Bring your boyfriend along. Only by doing so can we prove our innocence.”

Mu Xingyu turned pale as she clenched her fists. She could not bring herself to speak.

If that was what he wanted, why should she stay with him

However, if she did not do so, her life would be destroyed by Mu Siyin!

At this exact moment, Mu Xingyu was torn between two choices.

Old Madam Mu, who was observing from aside, immediately spoke up, “Relax, Yifan. Xingyu will be sure to bring her boyfriend along this afternoon.”

Mu Siyin observed the scene with her arms crossed and a wry smile appeared on her face.

Good, that was not a bad idea too.

She knew that Mu Xingyu was obsessed with Gu Yifan. If she were to bring another man to the press conference, it would be even more difficult for her to date Gu Yifan publicly.

As long as she could torment Mu Xingyu, she did not mind playing around with various methods…

Her mood lifted when she thought of this. Then, she turned around and returned to her room.

After Mu Siyin had entered her room, Madam Gu regarded the sorrowful Mu Xingyu. “Xingyu, were doing this for your good and Yifans. Else, your lives will be ruined by that little b*tch Mu Siyin!”

With red, tear-filled eyes, Mu Xingyu clenched her fists until her fingernails dug into her palms.

She looked at Gu Yifan hesitantly, but he whispered to her with a frown, “Xingyu, right now, we must do this.”


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