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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Yinyin, Believe Me, Youre The Only One I Love

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Li Tongzhi listened and pondered for a while. Only then did she understand what Madam Gu meant.

The public was currently commenting on the fact that Mu Xingyu had stolen her sisters man. If the man was not Gu Yifan but someone else, then the issue would resolve itself.

At this thought, she grabbed Mu Xingyus arm immediately. Then, she stared at Mu Siyin who was standing on the second floor and said, “Thats right! Our Xingyu has a boyfriend, but hes not Gu Yifan! Dont you dare accuse Xingyu!”

Mu Siyin laughed sardonically. “Whats the purpose of lying to yourselves”

“Mu Siyin! What do you want Why did you set your sister and fiancé up in front of the media!” Madam Gu seemed well prepared, hurling accusations at Mu Siyin.

“Are you saying that I set them up”


“Tell that to the media then! Why are you telling me this”

Mu Siyin kept her cool and her arms crossed as she watched them from above.

Madam Gu was at a loss for words. Finally, next to her, Gu Yifan spoke, “Siyin, my relationship with Xingyu is totally platonic. Youve misunderstood us.”

In her past life, Mu Siyin might have believed what he said. This time, however, she could not help but snicker. “There is no misunderstanding. You know best and you dont have to explain to me.”

Madam Gu scoffed. “We cant be bothered to explain to you. Were here today because we want you to clarify this matter to the reporters.”

Mu Siyin snorted. “Tell the public yourselves if you can. I have nothing to do with it.”

“Mu Siyin! It was you who fed the reporters lies! You have a responsibility for telling the truth!”

“Alright. If I go, Ill tell them that they broke the bed as well!”


“Mom, calm down, let me talk to Yinyin alone.” Gu Yifan tugged at Madam Gus sleeve to prevent her from speaking further.

Madam Gu snorted and shut her mouth reluctantly.

As Gu Yifan headed to the second floor, Mu Xingyu watched with her fists balled tightly.


The love between Yifan and her was real. Why could they not be together publicly!

When Gu Yifan ascended the stairs, he bumped into Old Madam Mu who happened to be coming down.


Old Madam Mu stared at Gu Yifan intently. In the end, she did not say anything apart from letting out an “mm” and descended the stairs.

Mu Siyin wanted to officially break off the engagement in front of Gu Yifan, so she remained standing with her arms crossed.

She laughed mockingly when Gu Yifan appeared before her, donning a light blue suit.

Whatever that had happened in her previous life was all because of this man!!!

Gu Yifan approached her elegantly and eyed Mu Siyin seriously. His voice was as soothing as water. “Yinyin, believe me, youre the only one I love. Nothing happened between me and Xingyu! Shes dating someone in secret and the marks you saw on her body yesterday had nothing to do with me!”

Mu Siyin raised a hand. “Stop it. No matter what you say, Ill never believe that nothing happened between you and her.”

Gu Yifan could not imagine that Mu Siyin, who used to be so easy to talk to, had become so difficult to approach or reason with.

Last time, as long as he sweet-talked her, she would believe whatever he said.

“Fine, Yinyin. You said that something happened between me and Xingyu, but do you have proof Or shall I say, are you now suspecting me just because you heard some lies from somebody else”


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