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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Lets Settle This Score Today!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Siyin snorted sarcastically, “Relax, I cant stand the thought of my mother and sister being exhumed by you guys. They wont rest in peace.”

Old Madam Mu narrowed her eyes as she replied, “As long as you persuade the Lu family to help us, I wont bother them.”

Mu Siyin eyed Old Madam Mu, who was in her seventies, and tutted while shaking her head. “Old Madam Mu, youre such an old woman. Dont you want to gain some good karma for yourself”

“You insolent girl!” Upon hearing those words, Old Madam Mu banged her walking stick on the floor furiously.

Mu Siyin raised her eyebrows. “You made me do it…”

Old Madam Mu was mad. Wrath colored her vengeful gaze and her chest heaved as she breathed heavily. Had Mu Siyin not been useful, the old madam would have banished her from the family.

Mu Siyin refused to argue with Old Madam Mu anymore, so she turned to look at her messy bedroom. With a frown, she bent down and began to tidy it.

All Old Madam Mu did was look at her and said glumly, “Anyway, time is of the essence. Mu Corporation cant wait.”

As soon as Old Madam Mu finished her piece, a roar came from downstairs.

“Mu Siyin! Come out now!”

This took Mu Siyin and Old Madam Mu by surprise.

Mu Siyin stopped tidying her room and let out a cold laugh. She was just about to look for the Gu family, but since they had found their way here, it saved her a trip.

Madam Gus roar got the attention of Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu too while they were changing their clothes in a room on the first floor.

Seeing the arrival of Madam Gu and Gu Yifan brightened Mu Xingyus foul mood a lot.

“Auntie, Yifan… Youre here…” She beamed and welcomed them.

Madam Gu did not feel any happier despite seeing Mu Xingyu. The former merely gave a brief acknowledgment before she turned her attention to the second floor. “Mu Siyin, Im calling you. Come downstairs at once! Because of you, Yifans reputation is in ruins. Lets settle this score today!”

After that days incident, it was not just Mu Xingyu and the Mu family who were affected. Gu Yifan was bashed by the public as well. Every day, reporters swarmed the Gu family residence and this almost drove Madam Gu crazy!

It was all Mu Siyins fault!

Mu Siyin crossed her arms and stood by the banisters smugly. She looked down.

Madam Gu and Gu Yifan were standing right below her.

Gu Yifan was upset too. Nevertheless, this did not seem to affect his handsome appearance. His face still looked as tender as the moonglow.

Both of them made eye contact. Gu Yifan wanted to say something but held his tongue, while Mu Siyin shifted her gaze away from him coldly. Instead, she regarded the haughty Madam Gu.

“Old Hag Gu, Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu are sleeping together, so Im the real victim. Why are you shrieking about”

Mu Siyins utterance of “Old Hag Gu” nearly caused Madam Gu to pass out from exasperation.

She pointed a finger at Mu Siyin, who was leaning against the second floors banisters, and said crossly, “Mu Siyin! You have no proof at all! How can you say that Yifan and Mu Xingyu are sleeping together The man Mu Xingyu slept with wasnt our Yifan! Dont you go spouting nonsense!”

Mu Siyin raised an eyebrow and sneered, “Old Hag Gu, do you think Im an idiot”

Madam Gu wanted to explode!

Mu Siyin had never respected her before, but this time, she was even more obnoxious and savage!

“Mu Siyin, if you dont believe me, just ask Mu Xingyu. Is Yifan the man shes with!”

Madam Gus words earlier had already appalled Mu Xingyu. However, these words now put her in even more shock as she regarded Madam Gu and Gu Yifan skeptically. She had no idea what they were getting at!


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