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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Its Already Broken, Whats The Point Of Saying Sorry

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Xingyu turned around angrily. “Mu Siyin! What else do you want!”

Mu Siyin held her chin up and snorted. “Ill forget about the rest, but I want both of you to apologize to my mother and sister!”

Li Tongzhis shoulders quivered. Then, she regarded Mu Siyin exasperatedly. “Why should I apologize to them! Besides, they wont hear me even if I do so!”

Mu Siyin approached the shattered photo frame before she squatted down and picked up the photo carefully. She eyed Li Tongzhi sternly. “Apologize!”

Li Tongzhi stared at the graceful and elegant Lu Shilan in the photo. Instinctively, her pupils shrank as she shook her head. “I-I didnt do anything wrong. Why should I apologize”

Mu Siyin chuckled grimly. “No Fine, Im not going to bother about Mu Corporations affairs then.”


“Tongzhi, apologize to Shilan and Siyun.”

Old Madam Mu ordered solemnly.

Li Tongzhi was about to blow a gasket, but she could not defy Old Madam Mus order.

In the end, it was the old madam who had the final say in the family!

So, she clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Under the watchful eyes of Mu Siyin and the old madam, she walked towards the former whilst suppressing her rage. She dared not look at the photo in the latters hand. Keeping her head lowered, Li Tongzhi said softly, “Im sorry, I didnt mean to do it.”

“Youre neither loud nor sincere enough,” Mu Siyin said dryly.


“Again,” Old Madam Mu said.

Li Tongzhi clenched her fists tighter and forced herself to calm her spirits. Slowly, she regarded the two people in the photo and uttered with a slight quiver in her voice, “Shilan, Siyun, Im sorry. I didnt mean it.”

Only then was Mu Siyin satisfied, and she scoffed. “Its already broken, whats the point of saying sorry”

At that instance, Li Tongzhi was so pissed that she wanted to kill herself!

Old Madam Mu looked on and said, “Fine, thats settled then. Go wash up at once.”

Li Tongzhi kept her emotions to herself and nodded. After that, she was led out of the room by a scowling Mu Xingyu.

Once the two were gone, Old Madam Mu addressed Mu Siyin anxiously in a low voice, “Yinyin, how was it What did the Lu family say”

Mu Siyin lowered her gaze and caressed the two people on the surface of the photo before turning to Old Madam Mu, whom she replied coldly to. “My grandfather holds a grudge against the Mu family and refused to help.”

The moment she said that, Old Madam Mu shifted in her expression. “Im aware that he refuses to help, but what about you What did you say”

Mu Siyin gazed at Old Madam Mu playfully. “What do you think I said”

The grimace on Old Madam Mus face became even more obvious!

Knowing what she was worried about, Mu Siyin chuckled. “Dont worry. Had I told Grandpa the things you said, Im sure he would have come over and made a hoo-ha by now.”

Old Madam Mu was agitated. She stared at Mu Siyin with her intimidating gaze as if she wanted to burn two holes into her body.

Mu Siyin simply ignored her and added, “My cousin has agreed to help. However, itll take some time to persuade my grandfather and uncle.”

Old Madam Mu was a smart and cunning woman, hence Mu Siyin must prevent her from knowing the truth. Although there was still no conclusion to her task of getting help, she must stall the old madam, lest more complications arise and further arguments between both families take place.

Old Madam Mu her scowl softened at her words. Though still, that snake-like stare of hers was fixed on Mu Siyin as she warned, “Fine, best it remains this way!”


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