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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: You Swine! B*st*rd! B*tch! Wh*re!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mu Siyin, you b*tch! Dont you cross the line!” Li Tongzhi wagged a finger at her angrily. She desperately wanted to give Mu Siyin two tight slaps!

Mu Siyin eyed the two maids, Li Tongzhi, and Mu Xingyu coldly. Her tone was harsh and threatening. “Get lost! Dont ever come into my room again, or else!”

Her words made the two maids shudder and lower their heads, avoiding eye contact with Mu Siyin as they fled.

The only people left standing still were the gloomy Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu.

Since Mu Siyin told them to get lost, they must stay!

“Mu Siyin! Dont you forget! Youre not the only member of the Mu family!”

Mu Siyin simply crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows in a cocky manner. “But now, Mu Corporation cant survive without me.”

Mu Xingyu could not take it anymore. She sneered, “You think youre so indispensable, arent you Try bragging again once youve managed to save Mu Corporation!”

Mu Siyin chuckled coldly. “All of you can only depend on me to save Mu Corporation. Arent you less indispensable than me”

“Mu Siyin! You would have met a very sticky end if not for your relationship with the Lu family!” Mu Xingyu went ballistic!

Her scandal was all over the internet, and her topless photos were everywhere. If not for Mu Siyins usefulness, she would not have allowed her to behave so brazenly!

Come to think of it, it was strange too. The Mu Siyin back then was rather docile towards them. How could her personality change overnight

Mu Xingyu had no idea how insulting her words were to Mu Siyin!

“I repeat, get lost!!!”

Li Tongzhi could not help but get furious too. “Hmph, Mu Siyin. Ill show you whos the boss in the Mu family!”

As soon as she said that, she went over to Mu Siyins desk and swept her hands across its surface. With a smash, everything on the table was scattered on the floor.

Among the items that broke was a photo frame of a three-people family portrait. It was a photo that emanated warmth and love, and the only thing Mu Siyin had that reminded her of her mother and sister.

Mu Siyins eyes turned red when she saw that.

“Li Tongzhi!!!”

Her voice was as menacing as a demons, sending shivers down Li Tongzhis spine. The latter simply stared at the shattered photo frame.

Two of the three people in the photo were dead.

“Pick up the photo…” Mu Siyins voice was soft but harsh.

Deep down, Li Tongzhi was shuddering in fear, but she mustered up her courage and held her head up high. “Pick it up Whats the point of putting it here when theyre already dead For an altar!”

Suddenly, Mu Siyin smiled…

Just as Li Tongzhi found her smile to be rather creepy, Mu Siyin hardened her expression and strode forward. She then raised her hands swiftly, grabbed Li Tongzhis hair, and pinned her to the floor forcefully!

“Ah…” Li Tongzhi screamed.

“Stop it, Mu Siyin!!!” Mu Xingyu started to panic, so she quickly went up and tried to pull Mu Siyin away.

In a fit of rage, Mu Siyin shoved Mu Xingyu away as she grabbed Li Tongzhis hair tightly and kneed her onto the floor. After that, she raised a hand and slapped her!

“Ah… Mu Siyin, you c*nt!” Li Tongzhi was dazed. Her scalp hurt so bad that it felt like Mu Siyin was about to tear it off from her head!

“You swine! B*st*rd! B*tch! Wh*re! Youre a grown woman. Didnt your mother teach you manners Huh!”


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