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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: This Is Just The Beginning...

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Considering that Mu Siyin had failed to find an investor today, she did not want to go home and get questioned by Old Madam Mu and Li Tongzhi. So, she decided to crash at Lu Jingchens place and have a good nights sleep.

“Get some rest.” Lu Jingchen showed her to her room.

She nodded gently with a wan smile. “Mm, good night.”

As soon as she closed the door, silence befell the world.

She leaned her tired body against the door for a while and recalled the days events. It felt so surreal, it was like a dream.

Slowly, she closed her eyes and whispered to herself, “Mu Siyin, you must change your fate!”

She filled the bathtub with water and undressed. When she saw the hickeys and bite marks on her body, her mouth twitched!

Is Shi Beiyuszodiac sign a dog1

He loved to bite!

“And they say hes stoic, celibate, and disregards women. Lies! Hes obviously a lusty old guy…”

Mu Siyin soaked herself in the bathtub, gently massaging the hickeys on her body. She reminded herself to apply some ointment she had bought to treat bruises.

After a bath and applying the ointment, she laid on the large, soft bed and picked up her phone to surf the internet.

Then, she realized that, miraculously, the photos that were taken by the reporters this morning showed only Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu but not herself!

She browsed a few other websites, but neither did those pages contain photos of her. Moreover, some photos of Mu Xingyu were uncensored. Her nipples were particularly eye-catching, and it became a sensational topic among the netizens!

She smiled coldly.This is just the beginning, Mu Xingyu…

With that, Mu Siyin turned off her phone and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the Mu family was in a state of chaos as a result of the scandal between Mu Xingyu and Gu Yifan.

“Mom, what did the media say How much do they want before theyre willing to delete those things!” Mu Xingyu was on the verge of a breakdown as Li Tongzhi hung up the phone.

Li Tongzhi gritted her teeth. “They refused the offer and said they have a responsibility in publicizing the truth!”

Mu Xingyu shrieked. “No! I dont want to see those things!”

“Enough!” Seated at the head of the table, Mu Heyuan bellowed with a glum expression.

Not only was his company in trouble, but a huge scandal had blown up within his family too. He had no peace at all!

With bloodshot eyes, Mu Xingyu addressed Mu Heyuan helplessly, “Dad! Its all Yinyins fault! She brought this upon me!”

Mu Heyuan, who wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, snorted with a crease between his brows. “Would she have done this to you had you not messed around with Yifan”

Mu Xingyu froze for a moment, and Li Tongzhi quickly spoke up for her, “Heyuan, even if Xingyu is wrong, Yinyin shouldnt have done that. Now that this scandal has blown up on the internet, who has she embarrassed The Mu family, of course!”

Old Madam Mu observed the conversation and finally said, “Alright! Since what has happened has happened, theres nothing else we can do now and well think of another way tomorrow. As for Yinyin, were counting on her to save Mu Corporation. No matter how angry you feel towards her, youd better suppress your own emotions first.”

Mu Heyuan sighed. “Moms right. Well take care of this mess once Mu Corporations financial troubles are resolved.”

Mu Xingyu clenched her fists tightly when she heard this.

Li Tongzhi knew how upset Mu Xingyu was. She tugged at her sleeve and looked at Old Madam Mu and Mu Heyuan as she said, “If Yinyin does get help from the Lu family to save Mu Corporation, are we really going to give her ten percent of the shares”


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