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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Girl, Youre Awesome!

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Mu Siyins eyebrows were locked into a frown. After pondering for a moment, she could not suppress the anger within herself anymore and said softly, “I dont care about them either, but ultimately, half of Mu Corporation is the result of my moms efforts…

“And the old witch said that if I dont help resolve their financial troubles, shell…”

When she came to this, Mu Siyin stopped speaking. She was reluctant to reveal to Lu Jingchen what her life had been like with the Mu family.

“What will she do!” Lu Jingchen was infuriated.

Without looking up, Mu Siyin whispered, “Shell move my mom and sister out of the Mu family graveyard…”

“How dare she!!”

As soon as Mu Siyin finished her sentence, Lu Jingchen shouted furiously.

Mu Siyin sighed helplessly. “Cuz, for a person like her, theres nothing that she wont dare to do.”

Lu Jingchen was pissed off by Old Madam Mus actions. He looked at Mu Siyin and said, “Yinyin, listen closely. The Lu and Mu families might have severed their ties, but grandpa wont turn a blind eye to issues involving my aunt and cousin. If she wants to do that, we wont mind making a hoo-ha again!”

What Lu Jingchen said touched Mu Siyin. In both her past and current lives, he had secretly helped her a lot without his parents knowledge.

“Cuz… I know youre angry, but if you want to make a hoo-ha, shell use the graveyard issue to threaten all of you. My mom and sister were laid to rest in the graveyard twelve years ago, and I dont want to disturb them because of this.

“Besides, grandpa hasnt been well for the past two years. It wont be worth it if hes enraged.”

When she recalled how her grandfather became unconscious and eventually passed away because of this matter, Mu Siyin reminded Lu Jingchen, “Cuz, you must promise me. Grandpa mustnt learn about this!”

Lu Jingchen listened with a huge scowl on his face. “Understood, so what do you want to do now Get Shi Beiyus help”

Mu Siyin shook her head. “I dont want to trouble him.”

“Why not Hes the most powerful man in the capital, and youre better off getting his help instead of other peoples!” Lu Jingchen looked at his cousin as if she were an idiot.

Lowering her head, Mu Siyin rubbed her fingers and whispered, “I dont want him to think that I became his girlfriend because of his money.”

Lu Jingchen was bewildered. “Yinyin, you arent in love with him, are you”

Mu Siyin was embarrassed. “Sigh, Cuz, dont ask me about this again. Simply put, Im not going to seek his help.”

As a matter of fact, she was very confused about her feelings for Shi Beiyu right now. She was not certain whether she stayed with him out of gratitude, or because… she genuinely loved him.

After all, they could take time to develop their feelings for each other. In this lifetime, she only had eyes for him alone!

Lu Jingchen looked at her helplessly. “Why though Hes extremely wealthy, and to him, investing some of his money in Mu Corporation is nothing…”

With raised eyebrows, Mu Siyin insisted, “I dont care if its nothing to him, Im not going to seek his help. Please help me to look around tomorrow, Im urgently in need of someone willing to collaborate with Mu Corporation.”

Lu Jingchen did not know what to say either. “May I ask what youre going to offer in return”

Mu Siyin instantly answered him, “The shares… I shall give whoevers willing to invest in Mu Corporation ten percent of the shares!”

Lu Jingchens lips twitched and he stared at Mu Siyin. “Yinyin, are you serious Its not like you can give something like that away so easily, and its ten percent were talking about!”

Mu Siyin replied, “Ill exchange thirty percent of my shares with that old witch and Li Tongzhi. Its all worth it, no matter what.”

Lu Jingchens mouth dropped…

Mu Siyin grinned. “Cuz, isnt my idea amazing”

Lu Jingchen blinked and patted her shoulder. “Girl, youre awesome!”


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