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Pampered By Mr President Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: This Reunion Was Too Unexpected And Abrupt

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The private room was dimly lit and filled with smoke. It was hard for Mu Siyin to make out her surroundings at first, but she could tell that there were a lot of people inside.

As soon as she pushed the door open, the men and women inside turned to look at her.

At that very moment, the men were stunned and the women felt jealous!

It was because the woman standing at the doorway was… Too beautiful!

Mu Siyin sighed and stepped into the room with a smile. Lu Jingchen, who was seated inside, got up from the sofa and waved towards her, grinning. “Over here, Yinyin.”

Only then did Mu Siyin manage to make out the interior of the room. Numerous people, mostly in pairs, were sitting by the long, glass table. There was also a sexy woman beside Lu Jingchen.

Mu Siyin was about to approach her cousin when an amused voice rang out in the room.

“Eh Young Master Lu Is this pretty little thing your woman”

The handsome Lu Jingchen smiled. “Youre mistaken, President Wang. This is my cousin.”

“Cousin Isnt your cousin the one from the Mu family…” The bald President Wang stopped mid-sentence and shifted his leering gaze onto Mu Siyin.

“Young Master Lu, could this be the Miss Mu who got dumped by the young fellow from the Gu family” Another person teased.

The second young lady of the Mu family, Mu Siyin was the fiancée of Gu Corporations young master, Gu Yifan who cheated on her with her elder sister. Such news had traveled to every corner of the capital city and everybody was aware of it.

However, Gu Yifan must be crazy!

Just look at Second Young Lady Mu…

With silky smooth hair, supple skin, neatly-trimmed eyebrows, a small nose, and alluring red lips, she was a charmer, like a fairy that had descended upon the mortal realm. She was so pure that everybody else wanted to have a piece of her.

Yet Gu Yifan was still ungrateful with a beauty like her and slept with the plain-looking Mu Xingyu.

Although Mu Siyin heard those remarks, she kept a smile on her face. She then walked forward calmly and smiled before the crowd. “Please dont get it wrong, but I was the one who dumped him.”

The minute she said that, all of the women in the room cast hostile glances at her.

On the other hand, the men, especially the old, lustful ones, regarded Mu Siyin lasciviously and chuckled. “Very bold of you, Miss Mu. I must say, Gu Yifan is good for nothing anyway. Its a good thing that you dumped him.”

“Yeah, as they say, out with the old and in with the new, am I right”

At once, the crowd roared with laughter and lewd gazes were fixed on Mu Siyin as if she were prey.

“Whats so funny”

Suddenly, a cool, masculine voice pierced through the din in the room.

In a split second…

Everyone froze as if someone had cast a spell to immobilize them. The private room fell into pin-drop silence.

However, Mu Siyin stared with her eyes wide open. That voice…

She held her breath and swept her gaze towards the end of the glass table in shock. In the darkness, a man was sitting at the head of the table…

He exuded an icy, unapproachable aura, like a sacred deity that had revealed himself to humans. He was dignified and arrogant.

Looking into his eyes made her heart skip a beat!

It was really him!

Mu Siyin had never expected that she would meet Shi Beiyu here!

She had suppressed her urge to see him and only decided to look for him once the storm had passed. After all, it was a sensitive time for her and she must not be too close to other men, or else trouble will befall her again.

Nonetheless… This reunion was too unexpected and abrupt…


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