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Erp frowned.

Although Eman was right, he couldnt possibly admit it.

More importantly, he had to persuade Eman to go after the Baih and Tzi families!


Sket, thats not what I meant.

Were just—”


I know Im just your pawn.” Eman cut Erp off.

He didnt want to hear all the pretty words.

“I knew from the very beginning that I and Stelladom Academy were only your pawns.

Just like you, I wanted to go after the Baih family.

“That was why I let you use me.

“I dont blame you for what happened to Stelladom Academy.

No one knew the Tzi family would intervene.

“Ive become a public enemy now, but you still came to see me.

You want me to fight to the death against the Baih family, dont you

“I can do that, but you must remember one thing: were partners.

Im not your pawn!” Eman made himself clear.

He knew he was being used as a pawn from the beginning.

To bring down the Baih family and Elixir School, he let them use him.

Their plan was to turn the Baih family against Elixir School, but the Baih family never took action and made him take the fall.

Eman hated the Baih family, which was why he killed the students to incriminate the Baihs.

It should have done the trick, but the Tzi family got involved, and Stelladom Academy met its downfall.

Hence, the Oogh family couldnt be blamed.

Eman needed them to show some sincerity if they wanted to use him again.

“I see, Mr.


I need to discuss it with Emperor Oogh first.” Erp cupped his hands.

Suddenly, Eman laughed.

“Why cant you be Emperor Oogh and make the decision on your own

“Since Im only a pawn, I dont care who the chess player is.

Do you really need to discuss such a petty thing”

Erp frowned and glared at Eman.

Eman only grinned, unaffected by Erps rage.

Erps fury was genuine, but he was also tempted.

So he didnt attack Eman.

“Emperor Oogh is my brother! What are you suggesting!” Erp asked grimly.

“Are you really his brother Does he treat you as one

“Everybody knows whats going on between the Oogh brothers.

“If my guess is right, youre about to fall out, arent you

“Let me remind you of something: all emperors are ruthless!” Eman smiled a little because he was amused.

He was already dead inside and couldnt care about anything.

He was more interested in seeing the Oogh brothers turning against each other than going after the Baih family.

Erp bit his lip and seemed concerned.

“That can wait until this is over!”

“Until this is over” Eman laughed.

“Do you think you can live to see that day

“If you want to kill somebody, youd better be the first to take action.

I think you know what that is.

No one will keep a pet with claws!”

Erp paled.

To take the initiative was to gain the upper hand.

Of course, he knew that, but he and Elpin were still brothers.

He didnt think Elpin would attack him before this incident was over.

Erp smiled mockingly.

“Let me think about it!”

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.

Eman stood there in silence.

He was curious about what Erp would choose in the end.

Five minutes later, Erp opened his eyes.

He exhaled and cupped his hands at Eman.

“Sir, please help me!”

Eman laughed wholeheartedly.

In the end, that was his choice.

“Since youve already prepared for this, go back and kill Elpin tonight!” said Eman.

“Tonight Isnt that a bit too soon”

Erp hesitated at the thought of killing Elpin, but he soon made up his mind.


Ill do it tonight.

What should I do What am I supposed to tell other people”

Erp and Eman started to form a plan.

Assassinating an emperor was a big deal.

Both Erp and Eman were emperor cultivators.

They decided to take Elpin by surprise and ambush him tonight.

Elpin wouldnt stand a chance!

However, Erp didnt know how to tell other people why his brother was dead.

After all, he couldnt let them know he was the culprit.

He had to come up with an excuse so that the others wouldnt suspect him.

“What to tell the others Ill be the killer.

You dont need to make up any excuses.

“Ill be killing my employer, who has hired me to do everything I did earlier.

That should sound convincing enough!” Eman was willing to take all the blame.

He didnt care about what other people thought anymore.

So many people were cursing him.

A few more haters wouldnt make any difference.

Erp was excited.

This way, he didnt need to worry about anything.

Elpin would be dead, and he would be the new Emperor Oogh!

“Thats great! Thank you for your help.

If I can successfully take the throne, I wont forget your help!”

Erp then headed back home with Eman.

They chatted happily as they walked.

The following day, in Stelladom, everybody learned the news that Elpin had died, and Erp became the new Emperor Oogh.

Eman was the killer and had lost an arm in the process of killing Elpin.

All the major forces received the news.

In the Shwa family.

“How could Elpin die so suddenly Its too suspicious!” Emperor Shwa was surprised.

“I didnt know Eman would still play a part,” said Emperor Zea.

“Thats right.

I thought he had killed himself already.

But he was here to make trouble for us again!” Emperor Shwa sighed.

He didnt know what else to say.

Emperor Zea teased him.

“I thought you hated the Oogh family.

Arent you happy that Emperor Oogh is dead”

“Emperor Oogh couldnt have died so easily,” Emperor Shwa said solemnly.

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