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The environment repulsed Firey.

When she heard she could turn into her original form, she did it right away.

As it was on her own initiative, she could still communicate with Himmel Soan.

“I think I can use your power,” said Himmel Soan.

It was a good thing.

Firey was a peak Mahayana cultivator.

By using her spiritual essence, he could exert the power of an Emperor cultivator.

However, if he used too much, Firey would be drained of her energy and slip into a coma.

“Really If you can use my energy, feel free to use it!” Firey said happily.

Usually, she would prefer to fight on her own, but here, she had no interest at all.

Her master hadnt recovered yet and was still very weak.

If something happened, she would have to come out and do the fighting.

Luckily, Himmel Soan could borrow her power.

This way, she didnt need to fight and could comfortably stay in his pocket.

“Let me know if you need anything,” Himmel Soan said gently.

Firey disliked this place ever since she set foot in it.

Himmel Soan had been worried that something unexpected would happen to her.

So far, nothing had happened, but he was still very careful.

He couldnt let anything happen to Firey.

The heart of the volcano was put in Himmel Soans chest pocket.

He then entered the capital city.

The grim look on his face was very typical of demons as he blended in with the city.


How can I help you”

Himmel Soan walked into an inn.

The lifestyle here wasnt much different from that of humans.

The inns and shops were filled with customers, but the goods sold were slightly different.

“Id like a cup of tea.

Thank you.”

Himmel Soan went to a corner with a few demons around.

Inns and restaurants were the most convenient places to collect information.

People would chat while enjoying their food.

Back on Earth, Moonians were the same.

Himmel Soan knew what he should do.

“Sir, heres your tea.” A pretty demon woman winked at Himmel Soan, but he acted as if he didnt see her.

The woman pursed her lips, displeased with his attitude.

However, he was a customer, and she was there to serve him.

“Sir, youre here for information, arent you Information on the ancient demonic gods corpse is getting more expensive every day.

“But dont you worry! We always have a fair price here, and our information is always accurate.

“Are you interested” The demon woman started talking before Himmel Soan said anything.

Did he need to ask any questions

No, he didnt.

Nine out of ten customers were here to gather information, especially when a stranger like Himmel Soan came into town.

The woman immediately started introducing her reputable establishment.

Himmel Soan waived her off.

“That wont be necessary.

Ill collect the information on my own.

“Heres the money for the tea.

Now Id like to be left alone,” said Himmel Soan.

He found the money from the first demon they met.

It came in quite handy now.


The womans attitude turned rude.

Not only did Himmel Soan not buy any information, but he also only paid so little for the tea.

Of course, she wouldnt be happy.

Himmel Soan didnt touch the tea.

He wouldnt drink the demons tea and only ordered it so that he could sit in the inn.

He wasnt alone.

“Pan, you just came back fromthere. Tell us what you saw.”

“Nothing interesting.”

“Brother, please tell us! Ill buy you lunch!”

“Thats right.

Please tell us something!”

The mention of “there” made many people excited.

Obviously, they were talking about the place where the ancient demonic gods corpse was.

All the demons were talking about it.

Any news on the corpse would soon become the most popular subject.

Everybody was talking about it, but very few demons could go there.

Therefore, those who had visited that place would become the center of attention.

“Well, theres nothing special about that place!” Pan enjoyed being the focus of the group.

Of course, he wouldnt tell them right away because he enjoyed having something everybody wanted.

As long as he had the information, they had to follow him around.

Keeping other people guessing would only make them more desperate.

“Pan, just tell us!”

“Thats right.

Ill buy you a drink.

Tell us now!”

“We all want to go there.

I envy you so much!”


The crowd fawned over Pan, and the praise fed into his vanity.

He couldnt keep them guessing forever though.

There was a fine line in stalling.

If he crossed it, he would go too far.

Pan cleared his throat.

“The ancient demonic gods corpse is real, but no one can get close to it.

“The area nearby seems to have been devoured by the void.

No light can penetrate it.

“Anyone who visits that place can sense the potent demonic energy.

“The demonic god himself went into the darkness the other day and dismissed us after that.

He said the ancient demonic god was about to wake up and couldnt be disturbed.

“Therefore, we all came back.”

Pan made it sound very mysterious and had certainly exaggerated it a little.

However, the information was genuine.

After all, the demonic god was involved.

No demon would dare to make fun of it.

“I didnt know our dear lord went there in person.

It must be more complicated than we think.”

“You dont say! If the ancient demonic god wakes up, maybe there will be a war between him and the current demonic god!”

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