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Shen Yuanbiao closed his eyes.

The image of a Blood Alliance member who was hiding in Universe Corporation appeared before his eyes.

He turned into a flesh puppet, transmitting Yun Feidians will to him.

At first, he was shocked by the sudden change in the facial features, temperament, bones, and muscle fibers of the Blood Alliance member.

He did not know what kind of mysterious and terrifying power it was that could change a person from a cautious civilian to a hungry mad tiger in just a few seconds.

Soon, however, the words of the Blood Alliance member, or rather, Yun Feidian, who was controlling the Blood Alliance member remotely, made him fall into deep thought.

“CEO Shen, what kind of organization do you think the New Blood Alliance is exactly Is it a rat that is hiding in a dark corner and living in fear

“You are completely mistaken!

“I can tell you without hiding or exaggerating that many people in the nine mega corporations know about the New Blood Alliances existence.

They have tacitly allowed, indulged, and even helped us grow the entire way!


“The reason is simple.

Whether its a person, an interest group, or a civilization of a country, they are forced to do a lot things.

They have to get rid of certain allies, who are on the surface, as close as brothers.

They have to swear that they will sacrifice their lives to protect them, but when they have no other choice, they can only break their promise.

“Those big shots who stand tall on their splendid temples and look magnificent under the spotlight are not suitable to do such things.

They have to get rid of the people that they have to get rid of and forget that they have sworn to protect.

They can only foster a new Blood Alliance and become their shadow.

They will become their substitutes whose hands are stained with blood in the darkness!

“With the development of Dragon Citys civilization, it has already defeated the strong enemy close at hand and is about to embark on the magnificent road of conquest.

“However, before conquering the Other World, I must first figure out one thing.

“Is Dragon City the Dragon City of superhumans or the Dragon City of ordinary people Does the future Dragon City civilization want to completely break away from the old order, the old law, the old morality, and even the old humanity of the Earth era, and establish a new order and a new world that belongs to the superhumans, or is it going to be bound by the old order, which is bloated, putrid, and far behind the times The most outstanding elites of human civilization have evolved for tens of thousands of years, the superhumans, are bound tightly and reduced to being tools of ordinary people who have nothing to do.

They forcibly drag the superhumans down to their level and put in a lot of effort for their own small benefits.

In the end, they exhaust themselves in a meaningless way, making the Dragon City civilization repeat the tragedy of the Earth civilization.

“I think the answer is very clear.

“Times have changed.

In the past, Dragon City mainly faced the contradiction between humans and monsters.

“Today, Dragon City is facing the contradiction between superhumans and ordinary people.

“However, many superhumans do not realize this.

They regard themselves as the filial children and grandchildren of ordinary people.

They are satisfied with the illusory sense of achievement brought by the cheers, applause, hugs, and praises from ordinary people.

However, they dont realize that as a transmigrator and a new human, they are shouldering a mission that is a hundred times more important than protecting ordinary people—they need to constantly break through the limits of life and create an incomparably brilliant new world!

“And although many within the nine mega corporations have already realized that the conflict between superhumans and ordinary people is irreconcilable and will inevitably lead to an all-out war if it continues to escalate…

“Most of these people are already old but many of them were still born on Earth.

Even if their brains are nourished by spirit energy and are a hundred times stronger than the Earthlings of the old era, they are still bound or even sealed by that brand of Earth.

They are either concerned about so-calledbrotherhood, or theyre afraid of the power that ordinary people and the middle- and low-level superhumans who support ordinary people have.

They do not dare to make up their minds and completely shed all pretense of cordiality with the other party.

As a result, they have repeatedly missed the opportunity to nip the other party in the bud!

“Its the same for your big brother, Shen Yuanbao, and Lu Zhongqi of Sky Pillar Corporation.

There are also a few old leaders in the nine mega corporations.

Forgive me for being blunt, but even though these people have the power to destroy the world, they dont have asuperhuman heart that is completely different from that of ordinary people.

Hmph, even though theyre in the Deity Realm, they are not true superhumans.

Its even more impossible for them to establish a real, extremely powerful, and glorious superhuman civilization!

“They obviously want to attack the Azure Alliance, but theyre afraid of offending the ordinary people and the Red Dragon Army.

They can only cower and release the peerless beast, the New Blood Alliance, in the hopes that we will be able to fight against the Azure Alliance until both sides suffer heavy losses.

This is what those old guys want!

“Fine, they want a knife, so Ill be the knife.

They want a beast, so Ill be the beast.

Ill chop away whoever their targets, and Ill bite their targets.

However, when I grind the knife until my hair falls, and when I, a hungry beast, eat until Im fat and strong, I want to see whether these old coots, who have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, still have a way to control my New Blood Alliance!

“CEO Shen, Brother Yuanbiao, Im willing to speak to you so openly and honestly because I believe that youre different from the old people like Shen Yuanbao and Lu Zhongqi.

At the very least, you, who have been working hard every day to maintain Universe Corporations operations, should know better than anyone else how serious your brothers injuries are.

“Once that arrogant Deity Realm warrior, who made many enemies, dies, the Shen family and Universe Corporation will immediately fall into the abyss of eternal damnation!

“Now is the moment of life and death for the Shen family and Universe Corporation.

Only by relying on the New Blood Alliances power will you have the chance to turn the tide and rise from the dead.

You can even lead the Shen family and Universe Corporation on a brand-new golden path!

“The path of cultivation is like sailing against the current.

If you dont advance, you will fall back.

In fact, it is the same for the advancement of a family, an enterprise, and even a civilization! In this changing era, we can only make rapid progress and never recover.

There is no middle path that we can take!

“Are you going to curl up in your big brothers shadow forever and watch the Shen family as well as Universe Corporation fall apart and vanish into thin air

“Or are you going to fight with all your might and become the new master of the Shen family, Universe Corporation, and even the entire Dragon City Are you going to become a superhuman among the extraordinary human beings and lead all superhumans to conquer the Other World and create a brand-new civilization

“Now, make your choice!”


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