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“How many floors are the men’s clothing stores on” Seon-woo asked the shop assistant.


“It is on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The 3rd floor is for everyday wear, and the 4th floor is for suits.”


Seon-woo then turned towards Hyeon-woo, “Is that so Where are we going”





Then take the elevator if not…”


“Let’s take the escalator.”


Hyeon-woo responded coldly.

‘It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s the first time I’ve been to a place like this.

It’s only natural for me to be so excited.’ He decided to think so.


He didn’t really want to buy anything, but it was quite fun to look around.

His brother looked good no matter what he wore, so it was worthwhile to see Seon-woo wearing it.


“Try wearing this too!”


“Yeah, Hyung.”


Seon-woo quietly picked up his clothes and entered the changing room.

Then he stuck his face out through the door as if to say something.


“Are you not going to try out anything”


“I’m fine.”


Then, Seon-woo’s eyes drooped.


“I’ll try it on!”


Hyeon-woo took the clothes Seon-woo had chosen and went into the dressing room next to him.

When he came out wearing a light ivory knit, his younger brother, who was wearing the same clothes, laughed next to him.


“It looks great.”


“You too.”


“Do you want to wear it like this and go” Seon-woo put his head on Hyeon-woo’s shoulder and whispered.


Hyeon-woo must have been uncomfortable because of the height difference, but once Seon-woo leaned his head on him, Seon-woo’s height did not come into his mind at all.

Hyeon-woo gently stroked Seon-woo’s hair with his hand.


“Is that okay”


After Hyeon-woo spoke, Seon-woo replied with a small laugh.


“Why are you laughing”


“Because I’m happy.”


Seon-woo said so and lifted his head as if regretfully.

And he said to the personal shop assistant, “Give me everything we have worn so far.”


Hyeon-woo blankly blinked his eyes.




While changing clothes, he glanced at the price tag.

It was a frightening price that would have been unimaginable in the past.

But now that he had a younger brother who even had a freaking tall building, he might as well get one.

That was what he wanted to think, but he felt like a bum.

Hyeon-woo panicked.




Without realizing it, his voice rose.




“It’s expensive!”


When Hyeon-woo shouted that, the personal shop assistant’s expression became strange.

Seon-woo, one of the best hunters in Korea, was an Awakener who closed dungeons while traveling around the world.

Each time you closed a dungeon, the base income was 2 billion units.

Of course, it was not just a few billion.

For him, clothes like this wouldn’t even be the price of a snack, but it was expensive.

He really didn’t know anything.


‘What kind of person are you really’


The personal shop assistant pressed her fingernails to the back of her hand, keeping her mouth from being itchy in curiosity.


“Not expensive.”




Seon-woo corrected his words.


“It’s not expensive for me.”



“Still don’t buy it.”


Hyeon-woo said firmly.

It was the money he earned through hard work, so he shouldn’t spend it easily.

Hence, he refused, but Seon-woo didn’t seem to know that kind of feeling.

There were wrinkles on his forehead.


“I can’t buy it”


“That’s right.”


Hyeon-woo bit his lip.


“It’s your hard-earned money.”


Seon-woo’s wrinkles disappeared and the corners of his eyes drooped.





Although now the dragon can be easily tamed, the road to get there was not easy.

Hyeon-woo, who was young among the First-Generation missing persons, was one of the weakest.

All he experienced was poison.

But how hard must it have been for Seon-woo who was younger than him


“I’d rather earn money and buy it.”




This time, Seon-woo cut it firmly.

‘I want to keep his hands maintained finely without a drop of water, but it will be hard.

How could my weak older brother earn money’


“Then I won’t take it either.”


Hyeon-woo insisted.


“I don’t know, but I can live without them anyway.”


Seon-woo insisted on being Seon-woo then.


“Send them all to the Seon-Hyeon Guild.”


The moment Hyeon-woo, bewildered, was about to call Seon-woo’s name, he suddenly hardened his expression.

‘Did I go too hard on him’ Hyeon-woo regretted it, and wanted to withdraw his opinion, but he felt an unfamiliar presence from somewhere closeby.

The energy of the Awakeners who were lined up at a distance felt stronger.

He heard a knock from somewhere.


‘Be smart.’


There was only one entrance, and a long sheet shut it close.

Seon-woo opened it and said to Hyeon-woo.


“Hyung, stay here for a moment.”


“Huh Uh.”


Seon-woo got up and went forward, and then said to the personal shop assistant, “Just leave the bill in front of the Seon-Hyeon Guild.”


There was a sudden silence, and the ceiling crumbled down.

At the same time, a person fell and Seon-woo quickly moved away.

That was when a crouching beast jumped in front of Hyeon-woo’s body.




Kero, who had been sleeping in a corner the whole time, stood proudly on four legs and blocked Hyeon-woo in front.




A fierce battle began with a loud ring.

The opponent was attacking with evil intentions, but Hyeon-woo wasn’t too worried.

It was because Seon-woo was facing him without being pushed back at all.

Besides, the guild members of the Seon-Hyeon Guild, who had been guarding the surroundings, were gathering.

The moment they got closer, victory or defeat would become certain.


At best, nothing would be lost except for the ceiling that was struck on.


‘I don’t think this is all.’


As Hyeon-woo calmly looked around, he felt the presence of another stronger person.

As soon as he appeared, he immediately attacked Seon-woo.

Seon-woo threw the person he was dealing with and started to fight him.

This time, they could not easily gain an edge over each other.


‘Huh Who is that’


Hyeon-woo shrugged his shoulders and swallowed loudly.

No matter how much power he hid, in this situation, he did not intend to stand still.


Just as he was about to get up, he made eye contact with him.

Sharp, but the outstretched eyes were somehow familiar.




‘Where have I seen those eyes before’

He couldn’t remember.

Even so, his eyes understood the meaning, and he turned to that side.


‘Who are you’


Hyeon-woo slowly blinked his eyes.

A bittersweet expression appeared in his eyes.


It was then.

The black dots started to appear on the wall, but the dots grew larger and stopped expanding until they reached the size of a human.

Then a person walked out of it.


‘Oh, you’re taller than me again.’


His mood was bad.

He blamed the fairy for not being here again.

The man who came out of it smiled brightly.

He was not bad looking, but strangely, one eye didn’t look right.

He also seemed too cold-hearted.


‘After all, Seon-woo is the best.’


While he was smiling happily, the man approached Hyeon-woo.


“Wang wang!”


Kero grew in size and ran towards the man.

Then the man grabbed Kero, glanced at him, and threw him away.

Of course, that didn’t mean Kero would fall quietly.

Kero skillfully kicked the wall with his hind feet and landed properly on the floor.

In every way, it was not the ability of an ordinary dog.


Kero growled and tried to run towards him again.

If only that man hadn’t talked to Hyeon-woo.



“Now, would you like to go with me, princess”


‘Are you crazy’ Kero’s fur grew goosebumps, and his eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

He even started shaking his body.

‘I’m next to you for nothing.’


Kero hid behind the seemingly weakest person, the personal shop assistant.

Even so, Hyeon-woo didn’t want to pretend to lose as if he didn’t have any strength.

But he would continue to do so until he met him.

‘I know you won’t die if you get beaten to an extent, so I am going to beat you.’




Hyeon-woo was amazed.

What was this bastard talking about now Princess He realized today for the first time that a person’s body hardens when he or she goes through something absurd.


‘I thought it would be amazing to see if he was a First-Generation missing person.

But what I saw was small and thin.

I mean, I’ve been trying my best to protect something like this.’ Ga-jun smiled and put his leather gloved hand on the body of the First-Generation missing person.

‘There is no need to persuade or force him to leave with me, as he has hardened in fear.’


‘It’s going to be easy.’


Of course, it was not easy to capture Seon-woo’s attention, but Hye-sun, and Do-jin, the leader of the Peace Guild, worked well together, which was not expected.

Seon-woo did not arrive on time.

By the time he arrived, Ga-jun and the body of the First-Generation missing person had already passed through a large black dot, to be exact, the teleporting portal.


“Do Ga-jun!”


An urgent voice was heard.




Ji Seon-woo was always thought to be a nice person by Ji Hyeon-woo.

It was the first time he heard him raise his voice like that.

The corners of Ga-jun’s lips went up.




Ga-jun exclaimed in a joyful voice as the other Awakener stepped out from the portal.

Then the Awakened, who was struggling to maintain the portal, took a deep breath and sat down on the spot.

It was worthwhile to spend a lot of money to make the teleporter join the guild.

Since he had been recently signed up secretly, Ji Seon-woo must have been unaware of it.

‘Had I known it, I would have dealt with it.’ Seon-woo thought.


A burst of laughter erupted.

‘It’s been a long time since Ji Seon-woo was defeated and done with me.

Isn’t this going to be fun’


“Well then, the First-Generation missing person.”


Ga-jun let go of his small shoulder, he was holding and turned around.

And for the first time, he got a closer look at the face of a First-Generation missing person.


His pretty face looked as gentle as a deer, but the tear mole under his eyes seemed to give it a strange color.

But it wasn’t to Ga-jun’s taste.

He loved a sensual woman with a voluptuous body more than a man with a small body like this.


“From now on, I want to know whatever that information is.” Do Ga-jun said sarcastically.


Ga-Jun wanted to know all the information Seon-woo had dug up from the First-Generation missing person.

‘So, if the mild method doesn’t work, I’m thinking of going violent, to give him a little scare.’


“Do you like being sick Biting your nails or scraping your eyes with a needle” He said, squinting and tearing his mouth to form a smile.


‘It’s still a cool impression, but if you smile like this, you look even scarier.

Don’t you think so’

The shoulders of the First-Generation missing person standing in front of him, started to tremble.



TL note:

bum - A lazy or shiftless person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others.



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