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‘That cheeky jerk, Seo Chan-young.

Under Ji Seon-woo, he thinks he can do anything.

He is a man who believes entirely in Ji Seon-woo.

He did everything he could do, but he restrained himself by not sending any swear words.

I’ve known that for a long time.’


Now, the tides have turned.


So far, Ga-jun’s words had worked against the number one guild to this extent.

No matter how much he had done on his part in the Korean civil war, even the commanding-general won’t last long when besieged by enemies.

Ji Seon-woo knew that too.

So, to some extent, he accepted the opinions of other guilds.

But this time he didn’t try to give in – not a single bit.


“Do you think there’s really something important about that person”


Do Ga-Jun raised the corner of his lips and smiled.

It was a cruel laugh.

Even though the Seon-Hyeon Guild was in a precarious situation like this, he still wanted to stab him more.

If he didn’t accept his proposals through the formal route, there were always other ways to get through.


“I guess I have to stay still just for a little bit longer…”


The truth was progressing slowly while there were some who were pretending that it wasn’t.

Even the Hunter Administration, a government agency, was pretending to not know of this.

Then, why did they give the First-Generation missing person to only one guild’s hands

‘If you can’t do it yourself, then don’t.

We’ll take care of it at a safer place.

You should just move on about what you happened to do at that time.’



Meanwhile, Do Ga-jun made a new plan.


‘Go round here, go round that way.’ Hyeon-woo, who was rolling on the living room carpet, poked Kero, who was sleeping calmly.




When poked at its belly, it made a strange noise but did not wake up.

Originally, he was a vigilant beast, but it looked like he was already sleeping in peace.

While Hyeon-woo was teasing the innocent Kero, Seon-woo, who was sitting on the sofa looking at his older brother with a happy face, asked.




“Eh No.

I’m not really bored or anything!”


The words did say that he wasn’t bored, but on his face was written that he was bored to death.

He was just locked up in the house the whole time, but it wasn’t too much.


“Is there something you want to do”


“What do you want to do”


Hyeon-woo was speechless for a moment.

‘What did I want to do’

In the early days of going to the Demon Realm, there were times when he was holding on to the things he wanted to do, but it was way back then.

His memory of what he even wanted to do gradually faded.

All that remained was about his one and only family, Seon-woo.

Others were long gone since they had given up.


“Shall we go shopping then”


Seon-woo asked calmly.


“Can I really go out”


Hyeon-woo wasn’t stupid either.

He had roughly guessed what situation Seon-woo was in.

He was the one and only First-Generation missing person, and the Seon-Hyeon Guild had embraced him.

It was roughly expected to be treated this way.


“Is that something that can’t be done”


‘It wouldn’t be easy to talk about going out so why was he...’ Hyeon-woo looked at Seon-woo with a worried expression.

Seeing Hyeon-woo like that, Seon-woo laughed.


“Hyung, do you know why I made a guild”


“Why did you make it”


“Because I realized it was easier to find Hyung with a group of people rather than with only myself.

The Seon-Hyeon guild exists for Hyung.

So, with the Seon-Hyeon guild, Hyung can do whatever he wants.

Hyung can do anything you want, even if you need something more than I can give.”


Hyeon-woo slowly blinked his eyes.

Why was Seon-woo giving this much for his Hyung He was an ugly older brother who had gone missing for 10 years.

Tears felt like they were about to come out any second as he thought to himself.


“Don’t cry, Hyung.”


“I’m not crying”




Shall we go then, Hyung”


Hyeon-woo got up, rubbing the tip of his nose.


“Okay, let’s go! Where are we going to go”


‘This is my first outing with my amazing younger brother.

If a disturbance appears, I will crush it!’ Hyeon-woo smiled as he faced his younger brother, thinking bloody thoughts.




When Hyeon-woo stood up, Kero stood up from his seat with a whimper.

‘I have to follow.’


Preparations for going out were over soon.

There wasn’t much to prepare in the first place.

It would be over if he just changed clothes that he had been wearing and was rolling around with.

Hyeon-woo and Seon-woo walked side by side and got on the elevator.

The number of floors gradually went down, and when they reached the first floor, the door opened.

And at the scene that followed, Hyeon-woo opened his eyes, and without realizing it, he blinked.


The large first-floor hall was full of people.

Each of them wore suits and were Awakeners, carrying weapons.

A familiar person approached them.

It was the young man in the racing suit he saw last time, the Deputy Guild Leader, Chan-young.


But today, he was wearing a suit like everyone else.

Although it was dark under his eyes as though he was tired, he was still pretty handsome when dressed neatly.

He wasn’t as good as Hyeon-woo’s younger brother Seon-woo, but Hyeon-woo had yet to see a better-looking person than Seon-woo.

There was a non-human being, but Albert was a being he would never meet again, so it was a pass.


“Are you here”


“Are the preparations to go out made”


“It’s ready.

The department stores have also been checked properly, and we have sent people to check them out in advance.

It will be over by the time we arrive.”


“Do it thoroughly.”


“Don’t worry.”


After their conversation, Seon-woo turned to Hyeon-woo.

Hyeon-woo then shrugged his shoulders and asked.


“But what are these people around us”


“They’re just bodyguards.”




“It is dangerous for just the two of us to move, so a few people will be around us.”


Seon-woo said that, but the number of people was quite large if that was supposed to be just a few.

Moreover, although Seon-woo was not short of his own strength or anything, they were quite useful by their numbers.


“Are you fine with it”


‘I thought it was just the two of us going out, but there are a lot more people than I thought.

‘His eyes twinkled as he looked at Seon-woo.

He wondered if it would be better to go back to their house and roll around.

He couldn’t go back there now that the preparations were already done.


“It’s fine.”


In the end, Hyeon-woo decided to do what Seon-woo wanted.

As they passed the people lined up on both sides and boarded the car, the car was surrounded by some cars in front and behind.

It was a little embarrassing for some reason, but he endured it while looking at Seon-woo.


Who the hell was it The team members from Team 1 to Team 3 in charge of security could not hide their curious expressions.

When asked who the escort was, the Deputy Guild leader, Chan-young, gave a brief explanation.


“He is a valuable person to the Guild Leader.”


Chan-young said only the least there was to know.

Because he couldn’t reveal this information to them just yet.

But that alone made the team members overflow with enthusiasm and motivated them.


They were now able to do something for their Guild Leader, who was not normally someone they could see.

His protection was now in their hands.

There were many problems with his personality, but they couldn’t help but admire the person who had led them to this point.


“Leave it to us!”


They shouted.


After all, Seon-woo did not prevent them from joining.

It was because he knew that there could be a chance of an emergency no matter how careful he was.

The moment they saw Hyeon-woo for the first time, they looked surprised.

Secondly, it was because of the attitude the Guild Leader showed.


The Guild Leader, who had always seemed heartless, was whispering sweetly to that person.

Some who saw him even doubted their own eyes.

But the sight did not change.


“Isn’t what I’m seeing now an illusion or something”


“I don’t think so.”


“Oh my god.

Guild Leader!”


Although his abilities were excellent, he always portrayed a manipulative behavior that he showed on the outside.

However, he actually had a very open personality, and it was a miracle that he showed such an attitude to this person he was with.


“I’ve never seen anything like this before!”


“That’s what I also wanted to say.”


The team members’ eyes twinkled like stars.


“For today’s mission, we need to do it right.”


With the strength gathered onto their shoulders, they cheered and started moving.


Seon-woo whispered in a sweet voice.


“Hyung, where do you want to go”


‘I’m excited.’


It seemed that it was Seon-woo who wanted to go out more than himself.

From the moment Seon-woo came out, he seemed excited the whole time.

On the other hand, Hyeon-woo was suppressing his disturbing thoughts.


They weren’t strong by his standards, and when dozens of such people started sticking around, they started to get annoying.

Even though they were escorting them at a certain distance, Hyeon-woo, who had sensitive senses, would feel their presence.

‘Let’s put up with it if that’s what my little brother wants.’ Hyeon-woo clasped his hand tightly.


“We’re going to the department store now, so what do you want to buy Is there something you don’t have”


Seon-woo smiled and asked to know Hyeon-woo’s opinions.

Yes, he went out with his brother after a long time.

‘Let’s try to forget the presence of others.’


“Oh, then.



When it came to clothes, Seon-woo had been buying a lot, as he couldn’t think of anything else.


“Clothes Okay.

Let’s pick one that suits you.

Then, do you want to wear new clothes and go to a café for tea”




The car stopped in front of a large department store.

‘It was an unknown place that I had only seen passing by when I was a child but had never been inside.

Is it because of that’ Hyeon-woo got a little nervous.


“Let’s go in.”



Seon-woo grabbed Hyeon-woo’s hand.

‘Then what is this’ The shutters at the entrance to the department store were shut down.


“Isn’t the door closed”


“On the surface it is.”


Seon-woo moved backwards.

Then the door opened as if welcoming, and the department store employees bowed their heads.




Under the dazzling lights, a large space was revealed.

After a moment’s hesitation, Seon-woo grabbed Hyeon-woo’s hand.


“It’s okay.

I borrowed it all day here today.

You can do whatever you want to do.”


Did he hear that correctly Hyeon-woo’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘You borrowed this big department store all day Is that possible’ Hyeon-woo, who was taken to the Demon Realm when he was young and lacked some modern common sense, did not even know if that was possible.

‘No, I would have done it if that was possible.’


His heart started to pound.

A woman approached him and introduced himself with greetings.


“Hello everyone.

This is Yoo Jin, a personal shop assistant from H Department Store.

Thank you for coming back.

From start to finish, we will do our best to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience for our customers.”


“What is a personal shop assistant” When he glanced at Seon-woo’s eyes, Seon-woo explained it as a whisper in his ear.


“They’re the ones who help with shopping.”


‘Was there such a person like that in the original department store’ While Hyeon-woo was in doubt of his own, Seon-woo asked the personal shop assistant.






Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Davine


Hyeon-woo didn't know that renting an entire department store was possible.

I only know it after a youtube artist rented a shopping mall for a music video.



Before you go hating Do Ga-jun, his past story is a sad one.

Don't wanna spoil it any farther.


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