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‘It looks like Do Ga-jun has something on Ji Seon-woo, this is going to be interesting it seems… The existence of the First-Generation missing person was also informed to him by Ja-yun, so I wonder what he’s gonna do.’ (A-yun)


"What, what" (A-yun)


As Do Ga-jun was thinking deeply, a woman of the same age as Ja-yun put her buttocks on her desk.

It was A-yun, Ja-yun's younger sister.

Although they were not awakened together, she was so smart that she played an important role in the Arthur Guild.


“A First-Generation missing person has appeared.” (Another person, who doesn’t reveal his face)


“A First-Generation missing person Aren’t they all dead though Really"


“Yes, but the source of the information is from Do Ga-Jun after all."


“Oh, that old man”


“It doesn’t make much difference between me and you.”


“Everyone in their late 20s is an old man anyway.”


“You are like a small stone on the road compared to him then.” (Idiom: that she is still growing)


“Who dares to call me a stone on the road I’m the younger sister of Ja-Yun of the Peace Guild.”


‘With that said, I can't be more careful with my words.’ (That other person)


A-yun had a good head, but her weakness was that she sometimes talked really easily.



"In any case, if this happens, are you going to target the Number 1 Guild with all the guilds together”


“I will.”


“Let’s see, the Seon-hyeon Guild is Ji Seon-woo's, so the second place is the Baekho (백호) Guild.

Third place is our guild.

Then, River Guild of Hye-sun in 4th place.

5th place, who had the 5th place in the Strongest Guilds list The recent guild rankings have been going up and down.

Oh right! Peace Guild.

That was very rude of me.

Who is the Guild Leader Let's see…It seems that there is not much information about him."


It was a guild that had recently risen in the list, but there was not much information about the Guild Leader of the Peace Guild.

He had never participated in a contest to compete for power among the awakened, and he had always sent a representative to the guilds' meeting.

So, she didn't know what Generation Awakener he was.


“Still, it could be the Second Generation or the Third Generation.”


As the generations went up, the power of Hunters grew stronger.

As for the guilds most people have heard of, the guild leaders were usually the Second or Third Generation hunters.


“I've only seen his face once, but it was hard to see.”


Her body was curled up and the hoodie was pressed in deeply.

The other person didn't want to approach her because the clothes also somehow felt dirty.


“I think it would be okay if I go with the clothes I am wearing right now, but I don’t know why I wear the same clothes every day.”


“You still wear the same dress code even when you don’t have to”


“Yea~ and if you have the right posture, you will be taller than me.”


"Than you"




At those words, Ja-yun was amazed again.

It was someone she had just glanced at, but how did she remember that There was no way her sister couldn't be so lovely.


“You looked through the documents correctly, right”


“I looked at it carefully.”


A-yun replied with a smile.


“Now then, shall we also aim for the First-Generation missing person”


“Although the opponent is Ji Seon-woo, Ga-jun said that we should gather the power from all the guilds together.”


“It’s not that there’s no chance of winning after all!”


“No matter how big and strong the Seon-hyeon Guild is, even if Ji Seon-woo is right, it would hard for him to keep that person to himself.”


“Several guilds are gathering strength to get the first-generation person, and you can’t pretend that you don’t know at all.”


"That's right!"


The two smiled and looked at each other.

She was excited about what she could learn about from the First-Generation missing person.





Sunlight poured in from the large window.

But it didn't feel hot, because the air conditioner was working hard inside.

As Hyeon-woo lay down on the sofa for a long time in that state, he felt there was no heaven that is like this.



“Kwanng Kwanng!”



Kero was also lying on the floor with all four legs stretched out, but occasionally barked a little.

He was in a good mood.

After all, the weather in the Demon Realm was **ty, and there were so many things that interfered with a peaceful nap.

As he was enjoying the peace of lying down, Seon-woo came over with a cup.


"Hyung, please drink this."


The pale scarlet juice looked delicious but had a rather strange presence.


'Is the juice shining'


He thought it was because of the sunlight, but it didn't seem to be that.


“I added a little bit of something that’s good for your body.”


Seon-woo said shyly and handed the cup to Hyeon-woo.


‘How can he be so kind’



It was enough for Ji Hyeon-woo that Seon-woo didn’t resent his older brother for leaving him for a long time.

But seeing him do something like this made his heart flutter.

‘I guess I should do something back for him too.’ As soon as Hyeon-woo thought that, Seon-woo opened his mouth as if he had read his mind.


“I am happy just to have you by my side.

So, you don't have to do anything in return.”




In the end, Hyeon-woo, who was struggling with waves of emotion, hugged Seon-woo tightly.

He had a habit of taking care of Seon-woo when he was young, and Seon-woo had really liked his older brother hugging him.




Seon-woo embraced his older brother.

The relationship between the two of them who had met after a long time burst out like a light explosion.

Kerberos looked at them with white eyes.



‘I don't want to see it, but as this comes into my eyes from time to time, I can't help but look at it.’ (Kero)


‘No, why does that person hug him so often’ It was a feeling that was not understood by Kerberos, who had no brothers.


"Didn’t he say that you were a Guild Leader Even if you don't work, are you really allowed to stay here and be lazy”


With him saying that, he already searched for information on the phone that Seon-woo gave him.

You see, Seon-woo's guild was one of the largest guilds in Korea, and it was like a big management company, which meant that it was an important place.


“I decided to take a few days off.

Because I have been running around all this time.”


"Well! When you take a break, you should rest."


Kerberos now began to gnaw the table legs with his teeth in disinterest.

Naturally, Hyeon-woo kept speaking to Seon-woo and commended him, ignoring Kerberos.


“Would you like to lie down here then”


The sofa was so big that it seemed like it could be enough for both to lie down.


“Is that really, okay”


"Of course."


Hyeon-woo laid down again, and Seon-woo laid right next to him.

Seon-woo was bigger and part of his large body protruded out of the sofa, but no one pointed it out.

Even so, Hyeon-woo was afraid that his brother would fall, so he wrapped his arms around Seon-woo's waist.


Bit Bit.


The sound of Kerberos gnawing at the legs of the table grew louder.

But the two didn't seem to hear that either.

‘I’m sorry, Mr.

table’s leg,’ Kerberos sighed, and leaned back against the leg of the table he had been gnawing at.


Hyeon-woo was quickly worn out with his tiredness.

Seon-woo looked at his older brother quietly.

He knew Hyeon-woo seemed to be sleeping well now, but in reality, he hadn't gotten any deep sleep all this time.

He understood that as he too was taken to another world, and was abused by a fairy, who kept giving him challenges.



Even so, Seon-woo couldn't sleep properly every day.

He would stay up all night with his eyes open because of the demons and the people who went crazy.

Was it because of that Even after returning to Earth, he couldn't sleep properly for a long time.

Because of that, he felt sorry for his older brother who closed his eyes, and had a pale complexion.


‘How hard was it to be alone all that time’ Seon-woo hugged his older brother with his eyes closed.

‘Now I will never leave my brother.

I will protect my brother.

Now that I have the strength and the ability to do so.’ With that, he laughed wildly.



‘Do Ga-jun, you **ing bastard.’



Rumors circulated that the First-Generation missing person had returned among the guilds.

From the result of digging, the source of the rumors was most likely the Baekho Guild.

He (Ga-jun) was also a Second-Generation Awakened like Seon-woo.

The two, who had been fighting each other when they were in the other world, had a bad relationship even when they returned to the real world.



'I was just wondering who it was as I was scratching my ears earlier.'



‘How dare you aim for my brother How did they know the information But it couldn't easily be passed on to others.

I didn't want to make it hard for my brother.

Now is the time to respond to them.’ While thinking, Seon-woo's expression turned cold.


But after a while, his expression relaxed again.

‘But for now, it is time to focus on my Hyung, who is here.’ Seon-woo closed his eyes like his older brother.






As time passed, the pressure applied to the Seon-hyeon Guild did not decrease at all.

Even if it was the No.

1 Guild, it was not easy to hold on due to the other guilds gathering and joining forces.

The person who felt it the most was Chan-young, the Deputy Guild Leader.


Chan-young, who was dealing with all the things that the Guild Leader, Seon-woo put off, grinned at the news coming from all over the place.


“This is crazy!”



‘I know that something will change when the guilds gather.

I don't know what the fuss is about though.

Is it about that First-Generation missing person’


Guild Leader, Seon-woo had been delaying his work for several days, and other guilds were arguing with the Seon-hyeon Guild to share the missing person with them.

Fortunately, the Hunter Administration took a step back and only looked at it, without saying a single word.



‘I wanted to throw the First-Generation missing person.

But I can’t.

No matter how weak and useless they appear; they are the family of the guild leader.

The family of the guild leader, who ranks first in the ranks of Korea.

Even if I didn't like it, I couldn't let it be taken by others.

It is also related to the authority of the Guild Leader.’



Chan-young closed his lips and spoke with a firm voice to the staff at the meeting.



“We can never turn over the First-Generation missing person.

Stay seated no matter what the other guilds say.

This is also related to the status of the Seon-hyeon Guild.

Anyone who recklessly leaks information or agrees to the other guilds will be severely punished.”


Although he seemed to have a commanding personality, it was because he spent several years under Ji Seon-woo.

As experience slowly changes a person, Chan-young became more suited to be the Deputy Guild Leader of the Seon-hyeon Guild than anyone else.



//Your offer is not accepted.




Do Ga-Jun turned over the envelope that had arrived from the Seon-Hyeon Guild.

But nothing was found except the paper, on which that one sentence was written.


“Was Seo Chan-young the one who sent it”



That was the Deputy Guild Leader of the Seon-hyeon Guild.

Ji Seon-woo was a bastard who wouldn't use his four legs.

(idiom meaning that he doesn’t do the work himself.)


“Hey, what letter is this one”


“This is the third one!”


A subordinate, who was standing next to Do Ga-jun answered, standing still with his strength.



Third one.

How many proposals did we put in"




“You mean that they didn’t even reply to those”




The subordinate, who was standing next to him, noticed his stare, looked at him and nodded.

Do Ga-jun took a deep breath.


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