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Even though he knew he shouldn’t be like this, he still wanted to listen to the story using Do-jin as an excuse.

He was overly greedy.

‘Yes, let it go and take your anger out on others.’ Seon-woo laughed bitterly.

And then, he apologized to Do-jin.


“I’m sorry too.”


He didn’t have a good personality, but that didn’t mean he didn't understand Do-jin’s situation.

There was a time when Seon-woo was like him, naive and kind, in the past.

That was when he was with his brother.




Do-jin, who answered Seon-woo’s words, bowed his head and looked at the floor.


‘I want to hear more about Ye-won.’


But what if it caused the other to suffer Originally, he would not have cared about such things and would have tried to listen about his beloved sister’s story more, but strangely, the thought about Hyeon-woo suffering weakened him.


‘It’s because he looks weak.’


Because he looked small and weak.

‘And now what’


Things got awkward.

Although Seon-woo had apologized, seeing his hardened expression again, it seemed that he would not allow Do-jin to approach Hyeon-woo anymore.

He didn’t even know if Seon-woo would break the contract.

It was difficult to break a contract that was entirely favorable to him.


A solution was needed.

Do-jin, who had organized his thoughts, opened his mouth first.


“I will protect him according to the contract.”


Seon-woo looked at Do-jin, his eyes with unknown emotions.


“I won’t ask any more questions about Ye-won.”


“Then you already know that you don’t have to defend my Hyung, right”


“I know.”


“But why are you doing that”


“I just have to, anyway.”


Do-jin touched the corner of his mouth with his hand.


“It may be difficult right now, but maybe one day he will be able to say it easily, right”


“If he doesn’t speak about it”


“It’s fine either way.”


Do-jin had no will to live any longer anyway.

He wanted to die, but Hyeon-woo was the one who stopped him.

So, giving his life to him wouldn’t be so bad.


He created a guild, but it was created out of necessity in the first place, so he had no regrets.


‘At this point, the guild should be organized.’


They were the people who he had gathered out of his hypocrisy with the sole thought of finding his younger sister.

Now was the time to let go.

The power of the guild would decrease when Do-jin leaves, but they would still be able to withstand it.


Do-jin thought so.


“Yeah What did you say now”


The man with a particularly sharp raised eyebrow asked with a surprised expression.

His name was Park Hyun-hee.

He was the deputy guild leader of the Peace Guild.

He couldn’t become an S-class awakener, but he was an A-class awakener.

Regardless, he was barely recognized in the country.

He looked at the table in disbelief and asked again.


“Did I hear it wrong”



You heard right.”


Thin lips trembled.


“Then you really want to leave the guild”




Hyun-hee pressed his clenched hand onto his head.

The Peace Guild was a little different from other guilds.

Even though it was a guild that was ranked 5th, there were still many things that were lacking.


It was good that the guild members were all working hard and gathered strength, but there were some things that just didn’t work.

Strength was not something you could get just because you want it.

That was why the Peace Guild needed a guild leader.

A strong man who saved them and brought them together.

But the strong man wanted to abandon them.


He didn’t know what to say.

Hyun-hee clenched his teeth.


“But why!”


In the meantime, the Guild Leader, Do-jin, had moved as he wished.

He worked hard and barely managed to get to this point.

Despair tightened Hyun-hee’s heart.


“The purpose has been achieved.”


“Is that the purpose you mentioned when the guild was launched”




At that time, Do-jin told them his intentions.


‘I established the guild for a purpose.

I can do anything for that purpose.

The guild is only a means to reaching that purpose.

Are you okay with that though”


At that time, Hyun-hee and the guild members answered.


‘It’s okay.

The person who led us here is Do-jin-nim.

We will do anything for Do-jin-nim.’


Yes, it was then.

But time passed, and things changed.

As the guild developed, he became greedy, and he wanted to aim higher.

If the guild leader left, everything would be in vain.


‘I’m not great enough to take on the guild leader position.’


The guild must be operational.

But he just couldn’t do that.

If Hyun-hee became the guild leader, the guild would go down again.


“Again, can’t you reconsider”




Do-jin answered firmly.


“We only came here in the guild to serve the guild leader.”


“I know.

So, once in a while, I’m going to help out too.”


That was not enough.

It felt like the ground under his feet was collapsing.


“Is it because of that First-Generation missing person”


The information was controlled, but some top officials knew it.

The Guild Leader couldn’t solve everything alone, so it was natural.

In addition, Hyun-hee knew that Do-jin’s younger sister was one of the First-Generation missing persons.


Do-jin didn’t have an answer, but that seemed to be the answer.

He didn’t know what the First-Generation person said, but he had a reason to be with him.

Hyun-hee shook his head.


“Can’t you just use us like before”


“Isn’t that a nuisance”


“No! Why is that a nuisance!”


“You won’t be able to go to dungeons as often as you used to.”


“It’s okay!”


“Most of the things that the guild leader can do, you can’t do them.”


“I know, so it’s okay.”


The moment Do-jin, who was looking at Hyun-hee, opened his mouth again, Hyun-hee spoke first and struck him with the most important words, “The Guild Leader must be the strongest in the guild.

I can’t do that!”


“Isn’t the Deputy Guild Leader second only to me”


“Isn’t there a significant difference Please don’t abandon us.”


“I’ll think about it.”


Still, he was glad Do-jin slightly changed his mind.

Hyun-hee took a deep breath and harbored a grudge against the First-Generation that had created this situation.


Tuk tuk.


The slightly pale man who was tapping the desk with his finger said to Moo-hyuk, “Bring him to me.”


“The Seon-Hyeon Guild is blocking access.”


“No matter how strong the Seon-Hyeon Guild is, it is impossible to ignore the government’s orders.”


“Even if they refuse and remain silent, nothing will happen to me.”


“At least, our country has the first* and it’s a miracle.”


The man clicked his tongue and spoke his words.


“Guild, that guild.

They’re like bastards who only care about their own interests.

Do you really think Ji Seon-woo will ignore the Hunter Administration’s offer”


“Can’t you tell by looking at the non-response that we received”


“Yeah, that’s right.

Then we can’t stand still.”


The man, Kim Chul-su, narrowed his eyes.


Director of the Hunter Administration, Kim Chul-su.

He was a non-Awakened man who took the position of head of state due to his political qualities.

He had no idea how frightening it would be if the Awakened were determined, since he was always protected.

He thought it was because of his power that he had some courtesy that everyone reluctantly maintained.


Moo-hyuk, holding back his urge to sigh, looked at the man in front of him.


“Intimidation by force is outdated.

Now is the time to respond differently.

So, let’s spread the information.”


“You mean that First-Generation person's information”


“Yes! Notify the families of the First-Generation missing persons, and also let the media on to this secret.

If you want it all, even Ji Seon-woo can keep hiding it.

There is the image and reputation of the Seon-Hyeon Guild.

But with the families, it’s harder to maintain that.

Get it as complicated as possible, and protection is our bait!”


It was an idea of Kim Chul-su.

His voice seemed excited.

He seemed to think that he might catch the leash of the Seon-Hyeon Guild at this opportunity.

Did he not say that Ji Hyeon-woo was Ji Seon-woo’s family Things would get more complicated.


‘I’d rather be the Director.’


No, it was still too early.

No one wanted to seat a young man in his late 20s as the director of the Hunter Administration.

So, Moo-hyuk remained in his position.


“Then we will pass it on to the intelligence department and proceed like this.”


‘I think only the resentment of the S-Class Awakened will live on.’ Moo-hyuk reluctantly answered.



Then I will take my leave”




The Director flicked his hand.

That was rather rude.




The delicately crafted door closed, and Moo-hyuk immediately clicked his tongue.

Now, the country will be inundated with the newly known information about the First-Generation.

And the news will spread to other countries as well.


To the Awakened powerhouses, Japan and the United States.


‘I need to move too.’


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