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Ji Seon-woo.

the world's strongest man called the hero of the century!

The second-generation returnee!


The first 10,000 people disappeared.

Their disappearance was not greatly known, as there were so few numbers compared to the total population.

However, after more than 100,000 people disappeared, the problem began to be visible.


And by that time this problem was noticed, the portals opened.

From these portals, that connected with the other world, mythical monsters poured out.

At first, people were trying to defeat them with an army.

However, the gun did not work against them with a biological shield.

Even the strongest weapons were used more often to try defeat the monsters, but it was all useless.

Even the nuke, which was considered a last resort, did not work.


Many of humanity died disastrously, and those who appeared just on time were the second-generation returnees! They were an awakener.


As soon as they returned, they used their awakened abilities to kill monsters.

And the one who stood out the most among them was Ji Seon-woo!


With a good heart and excellent skills, he was worthy of the name ‘Hero’.

But there was a torment (severe physical or mental suffering, etc death) in him.


“Light the lights.”


It was that he had lost his one and only brother before his disappearance.

For Ji Seon-woo, who had been living without his parents, has only one family to support him.

But now he is not here.


The camera mirrored Ji Seon-woo holding a white chrysanthemum in front of the tomb.

When a sad look came to his face, the people around him uttered a sigh without knowing it.

He was such an attractive man.


"Do you still miss your brother"


PD asked, and Ji Seon-woo answered in a sad voice.


"Yes, I miss him."


It was a heart-throbbing voice.


“What kind of person was your brother”


"He was sincere and kind.”


On saying that, Ji Sun-woo smiled bitterly.


"He was a good man.”



If he was alive, he would have been a better hero than me.”


Everyone sighed sadly at the words.


And at that time, some place in the demon realm (or the magic world).


A man felt his ears were itchy and exclaimed:


"Fuck, who's swearing at me!”


It was Ji Seon-woo's only big brother, Ji Hyeon-woo, who is known to have died on Earth.

He put his hand up and slammed the back of the monster, which was squatting right next to him.




With a loud sound, the scream of the monster in pain followed.




He shook and rubbed his back, but the man, who hit him, did not even nod.

‘I was just asking.’


“Is it you”


The monster, Balrog, shook his head, left and right desperately.


Then this time, his hand turned to the other back.

Kerberos, who was acting as a chair in a doze, screamed in a second ringtone.




"Is it you’


"Woof woof!"


Kerberos shook his head desperately.


"If not, then…”


Ji Hyeon-woo’s gaze turned to the thin air, where there was nothing.


"Is it you"


As soon as his words were finished, the air swayed a bit and a little fairy appeared.


"Oh, I'm not.

I’m innocent.”


"I’m tired of being here alone.

Is there anyone else here who can curse me besides you"


“Why would I curse my one and only master”


“Is that all you have to say to my face”


“Please speak softly.”


"What did I do to be sweared on"


"You're like a greedy old lady, aren't you" The fairy murmured.


"Who's the old lady Who"


Ji Hyeon-woo did not touch the fairy even though the grumbling fairy was infront of him.

Because he knew what kind of a fairy it was.

The person who dragged and killed many Earthlings in the Demon Realm (or the magic world) ...

Ji Hyeon-woo wonder just how many people were killed.


The fairy said in his own words that it was all for the sake of the planet, but it was difficult to agree when he thought about the faces of the people who died.


"It was just a failure to adjust the difficulty.

Thanks to the success in properly adjusting the difficulty section in the second and third time, many people returned alive.

Now, they will save earth.”


“Then what about those who were taken away without knowing the English language and died and became manure for the demon realm”


“I couldn't help it.

It was just unlucky.

Isn't that common"


"Yeah, that is unlucky."


Ji Hyeon-woo snatched the fairy who was making noises in the air.

In the meantime, he kept it alive because it was a life-related problem, but today somehow, he felt terribly angry.

He felt like he didn’t want to let go of the fairy.

"Hahaha, sir”


The fairy, held tight in his grasp, looked perplexed.


"Hey, you can't do this!”




Gradually, strength entered his grasp.

The fairy struggled to get out, but it seemed like it would crumble in the palm of his hand at this rate.


“I have good news! that's great news for you!”


The fairy desperately squeezed her voice.

However, Ji Hyeon-woo did not withdraw his strength from his hand.

He can't believe the fairy's words at all.


“You can! Return, return!"


The fairy hit my hand with a small fist and exclaimed hurriedly.

Then, his hand lost some strength.

Of course, Ji Hyeon-woo didn't lose his strength enough to let the fairy escape.


“Return who”


“We are able to return!”




"To earth.





"I swear everything on my master's name.”

It was then that his hand completely lost strength.

The fairy fell to the floor and rolled over, barely standing rightup with its body.

He was surprised by the answer of the fairy.


“Can we really go back”


Ji Hyeon-woo quietly looked down at the floor.

Long days of suffering and being dragged in the demon realm (or the magic world).

During that time, there is only one thing that he has kept trying not to forget.


One family.


My dear brother.


Ji Seon-woo.


Among the relatives who lost their parents at a young age and were looking for fortune, there was only one place to lean on.

A small, cute little brother, who always laughed saying that he likes his older brother the best.

He had a hard life, being only looked after his younger brother.


Although he was brought to this **ing place and suffered, he never forgot.

How could he forget


“Are you going back”


Ji Hyeon-woo looked at the fairy with red eyes.

A lot of time has passed since he came to the underworld.

Too much time had gone by.

What happen to his younger brother by now Is he still alive He wasn’t sure of anything, and yet he wanted to go back.


'I miss you.'


I missed him.

Ji Hyeon-woo replied with that longing.


"I'll go back.”


As soon as the words came out, the fairy laughed, tearing her mouth open.


“I thought you would say that!”


A black dot appeared right in front of him, and it gradually increased in volume.

It was a portal to another place.

Is this really the way to Earth Although JI Hyeon-woo was suspicious of the portal, he could not turn away from it.

He thought maybe he could see his brother, so he couldn't turn away.



Seeing the portal, Balrog panicked and flitted.




The owner (most likely the fairy) told Hyeon-woo to stay by his side no matter what he did and to let him know everything, but time was running out.

Damn it! that Fairy! Balrog shouted inwardly and hastily called his master.

It was Albert, the number one rank in the Demon Realm!


In the meantime, you'll be a great figure with Hyeon-woo from time to time.

But it is already late.

Hyeon-woo was stepping into the portal.

No! (he’s already going) Balrog grabbed Kerberos with a quick look and threw him behind Hyeon-woo.




Why am I Kerberos fell into the air and fell towards Hyeon-woo's back.

Then Hyun-woo reached out and grabbed Kerberos' neck, and the portal that swallowed them both was closed.


"Eh Kerberos That’s unexpected.”


The fairy puffed her cheeks and looks at Balrog.


"Woof woof”


Balrog desperately pretended to look elsewhere, trying to avoid the fairy's gaze.

Hyeon-woo was handled the fairy like a fly, but it was a disaster for others.

So it was natural for Balrog to do this.

And then, the owner of Balrog arrived.


1st place in the demon world, Albert! He was a handsome man with long black hair hanging down to a height of 2 meters.

His dark eyes looked around him.


“Where’s Hyeon-woo”


“He went back to where he was.”


“This is the only place he has.

He has nowhere else to go.”



He must return to Earth.

Don't you know”


The fairy pulled out her glasses somewhere and handed over the documents that appeared out of nowhere.


“Although we borrowed the Demon Realm as a training ground for Earthlings, the first rental period has just ended.

At first, I didn't know what it was, and it took a long time.

That’s why Ji Hyeon-woo stayed in the demon realm longer than expected.”


"...I know.”


“Why do you know that”


"I don't like Hyun-woo going back.”


"He has already gone back.”


“I'll bring him back.”



Have you forgotten the oath of Earthlings (kinda like a pledge to ensure that every earthling returns to earth, of course the ones who survives)”


“It’s not over.

What's going to happen"


But it's doesn’t work that way! The fairy let out a deep sigh.

Such a reckless author is the Demon King of the Demon Realm.

However, one thing that cannot be ignored is that his fighting power is incredibly terrifying, and he is a bit nimble compared to what he looks like.

So, he had to calm down.

If the fairy doesn’t want to be caught again like how it did by Hyun Woo.

The fairy was determined and looked at Albert.

Now is the time for persuasion!




After Hyeon-woo went through a long black portal, his heart felt a little burning sensation.

How long has it been since he felt this sensation This feeling I never feel when I was working with Albert.

Hyeon-woo looked up, wiping away the cold sweat.


“Where's this place”


It was surrounded by metal walls everywhere, so he couldn't tell where he was.

Is this some sort of factory Hyeon-woo staggered and walked out, stroking the wall.

Where's the door As he was looking for the door, he felt a gaze from somewhere.



Demon realm in Korean also has the meaning 'Magic World'.


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