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Qin Xi poured half a bottle of vodka on the silk.

Instantly, a strong fragrance spread out and filled the entire room.

“Do you have a match” she asked Deng Xinhe.

Deng Xinhe was stunned.

He quickly took out an expensive lighter from his pocket.

“Is this okay”

Qin Xi nodded and lit up the silk with it.

The silk that was filled with strong alcohol instantly lit up, and the blue flames glowed with a demonic light.

Deng Xinhe was shocked.

“Master Qin, what is this”

Liu Dequans eyes lit up as if he could smell the ingredients of some herb in the air.

Although he could not tell what herb it was, he was sure that this silk wasnt as simple as it seemed.

Qin Xi did not speak.

After the flames burned away the wine, she suddenly waved her sleeve and a powerful True Qi spread out.

The flames were extinguished, revealing the original appearance of the silk.

On the silk, a grand and majestic calligraphy emerged.

It was the same as the one they saw back in the antique shop.

“This is…”

Deng Xinhe was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped.

“So this inconspicuous silk is Wang Xizhis real work This is too unbelievable.”

Liu Dequan asked in disbelief, “Xi, how did you know about it”

Logically speaking, Qin Xi wasnt supposed to know so much since she had never left Shangwan Village.

Even if she was accepted as a disciple by a master, she still needed time to learn and absorb everything.

He felt that the more time he spent with Qin Xi, the more mysterious a person she seemed.

Qin Xi seemed to have known that he would ask this question.

She smiled and said, “Perhaps its because my sense of smell is acute and I can smell the faint herbal fragrance on the silk.

I know that when the unique herbs are burnt, the silk will show its true appearance.”

Liu Dequan was enlightened.

“I see!”

Deng Xinhe took Tang Bohus calligraphy and asked eagerly, “What about this one Is this one real too”

Qin Xi immediately became excited.

She rubbed the black chain on the scroll with trembling hands and said, “Although this calligraphy is a fake, this chain is a rare ancient artifact.”

Deng Xinhe scratched his head and asked incredulously, “An artifact from the ancient time It sounds very powerful.

However, this chain looks rusty and useless, and its no different from an ordinary chain.

How can it be an ancient artifact Master Qin, are you sure”

Qin Xi couldnt be bothered to explain to him.

She took off the chain and held it in her hand.

She closed her eyes and focused her mind, activating the Mystic Medical Technique in her body and injecting a trace of Mystic True Qi into the chain.

In an instant, a huge and invisible shock wave spread out, shaking all the objects in the room.

Deng Xinhe and Liu Dequan felt powerful pressure emanating from Qin Xi.

The two of them couldnt help but take a few steps back.

They widened their eyes in shock and looked at Qin Xi in disbelief.

At this moment, Qin Xis hair fluttered even though there was no wind.

Her eyes were closed, and she was emitting an mystic aura.

After a moment, the pressure gradually disappeared.

Qin Xi slowly opened her eyes and looked at the chain that had turned as black as ink from rusty color.

It was emitting a mysterious and strange fluctuation, as if there was some mysterious power flowing in it.

Not only that, but her cultivation also improved a little, which made her excited.

“The Chain of Darkness is indeed powerful.”

Although she didnt have the ability to control the Chain of Darkness yet, she firmly believed that as long as she kept cultivating, she could one day become its master.


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