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After leaving the Thousand Jade Pavilion, Deng Xinhe held the fake calligraphy that he had bought for 8 yuan and almost cried out.

“Dont tell me you really want me to give this fake to my grandfather! If he finds out that I used a fake to fool him, he will definitely kick me out of the house.

At that time, I might become homeless and have to beg for food!”

Qin Xi glanced at him and said, “Do you think Ill believe you”

To be able to still live so carefreely after commiting a crime, it was obvious that his family really doted on him.

“Xi, did you notice something” Liu Dequan asked curiously.

Qin Xi smiled and explained, “Im not sure, but I think its probably true.

However, its not convenient to say now.

Lets go back and try it out!”

Hearing her words, Deng Xinhe seemed to have guessed something and said excitedly, “You mean that Wang Xizhis painting is a fake, and this fake is actually the real one”

Qin Xi didnt want to explain too much.

“Alright, the most important thing now is to buy talisman papers and cinnabars.

Well talk about other things after we get back.”

The three of them came to a shop that sold talisman papers and off-the-shelf talismans.

The shop was well-decorated, but the business was especially grim.

There was only a handsome young man in his twenties in the shop.

As soon as she entered the shop, Qin Xi went straight to the point.

“May I ask if there are any high-grade talismans and cinnabar”

Seeing that there was business, the man immediately welcomed her with enthusiasm.

“Yes, please wait a moment.

Ill get it for you!”

From a small drawer on the other side of the counter, he took out a small wooden box and said smugly, “This is a top-grade talisman paper.

Please take a look.”

Qin Xi looked at the talisman paper.

“The color is not bad…”

The young man said confidently, “Of course.

I can guarantee that in the entire Luoping City, other than my family, you wont be able to find such top-grade talisman paper anywhere else.”

Qin Xi nodded and pushed the talisman paper to the side.

“Its indeed very rare.

However, I want something better than that.

Do you have it Of course, money is not a problem as long as the quality is good!”

“Yes, of course I have!” Seeing that Qin Xi seemed to know a lot about talisman paper, the young man became even more enthusiastic.

In this line of work, he knew very well that those who could draw talismans were not ordinary people.

Moreover, these people were not short of money at all.

Therefore, he quickly took out the best talisman paper he had.

“This is absolutely the best I have.

Its the best of the best.

Take a look!”

Qin Xi picked up the talisman paper and looked at it carefully and was satisfied.

“Alright, this one! How much”


The young man scratched the back of his head and asked in embarrassment, “Its like this.

Not only do we sell talisman paper, but we also recycle finished talismans.

If youre interested, you can come to our shop anytime!”

“Alright, got it.”


In the presidential suit of a fancy hotel.

Qin Xi gently spread the silk over the marble table.

She instructed Deng Xinhe, “Go and get a bottle of strong wine.

Its best if its above 60% ABV.”

Deng Xinhe did not understand what she was going to do.

He did as he was told.

The presidential suite had a wine cabinet with all kinds of expensive wine inside.

He casually took out a bottle of vodka and handed it to Qin Xi and looked at the silk carefully.

Deng Xinhe was very curious.

“Dont tell me you think theres something else going with the silk”

Qin Xi sprinkled the wine evenly on the silk and said confidently, “I am confident that is the case!”


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