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The night passed uneventfully.

The next day, the three of them found a breakfast shop to fix themselves something to eat before heading to the antique street.

Initially, Qin Xi did not want Liu Dequan to go back and forth with her and suggested that he could go to visit his son.

However, he was stubborn and wouldnt listen.

Liu Dequan said righteously, “I promised Brother Han that I would take good care of you.

If anything happens to you, how am I going to explain it to him”

Qin Xi had no choice but to let him follow along.

On Antique Street.

Early in the morning, the street was already very lively.

There were many people coming and going.

Some of them were just taking a walk, some were looking for some items that they liked, and some were just hoping to make a fortune by finding a long-lost antique.

The three of them strolled on the street in a happy mood.

Liu Dequan did not understand anything about antiques, but he was very interested in the small items and was looking at the stalls very attentively.

Deng Xinhe did not like these things.

He thought that the things here were all junk.

However, his father liked antiques and calligraphy.

He wondered if he could find something good to give his father to please him.

Among the three of them, only Qin Xi came with a clear purpose.

She wanted to find an artifact to protect herself.

However, she didnt find any artifacts.

Instead, she accidentally found a strange small iron ball.

The reason why it was strange was that there was nothing special about the iron ball, but it emitted a very gentle halo.


Qin Xi walked over and pretended to look at a pretty bracelet on the stall.

She asked, “How much is this”

The bracelet was black and only had a coin-sized accessory on it.

On the accessory carved a small flower.

In short, the bracelet was ordinary.

It was so ordinary that if it was thrown on the streets, no one would bother to pick it up.

The stall owner was a middle-aged man with a mustache.

He first looked at Qin Xis clothes and saw that she didnt look like a rich person.

His expression immediately turned cold as he said nonchalantly, “You want it 10 yuan!”

Hearing the price, Qin Xi quickly put the bracelet back on the table as if it was too heavy to hold.

The stall owner said with a sneer, “This is a bracelet worn by a princess from a dynasty.

Its a genuine antique.

10 Yuan is the least I can do.”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

She picked up the bracelet and showed the stall owner the other side where some alphabets were written.

She said with a cheeky smile, “Uncle, this princess is really educated.

She even knows English! Are you sure shes not a princess from abroad”

The stall owner blushed and did not know how to go on with his lie.

When the stall owner beside him saw this scene, he almost choked on his laughter.

He waved at Qin Xi and said, “Little girl, come here and take a look.

My things are cheaper than his.

Moreover, theyre authentic.”

Qin Xi smiled foolishly.

“Im just a girl.

What do I know about antiques Im just here to buy something I like.

If the stall owner can sell this bracelet to me at a lower price, Im actually planning to buy it!”

This time, the stall owner didnt joke around.

In any case, this bracelet was junk he found in the landfill.

It would be best if it could be sold.

“How about this Seeing that youre young and dont have much money, Ill sell it to you for 1 yuan.”

Qin Xi took out 1 yuan and pointed at the small iron ball.

“One yuan.

Give me that small iron ball as well.

Ill give it to my younger brother as a gift.”


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