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Han Dazhu turned around and walked back to the bicycle, only to see that Han Shi, who was instructed to watch over the bicycle, was nowhere to be seen.

His heart tightened and he looked around in panic.

At the same time, he shouted Han Shis nickname, “Stone, Stone Where are you”

“Grandpa, Im here!”

When Han Shis voice was heard, Han Dazhu looked over and saw Han Shi sitting on the ground, looking at him with bright eyes.

“Why are you sitting on the ground”

“I want to find my wife.” Han Shi pointed at the crowd in the restaurant and said aggrievedly, “But I couldnt squeeze in and was pushed out.”


Han Dazhu was speechless.

“Get up.

You are not going to lose your wife.

Shell be out soon.”

Although he was also worried, he knew that Qin Xi was really capable.

Besides, they couldnt squeeze in.


Ten minutes later, the needles finally stopped vibrating.

Everyones eyes widened in disbelief.

They did not understand what kind of technique this was.

How could needles vibrate for so long How did she do it Could it be that these needles were just a gimmick

Seeing that it was about time, Qin Xi waved her hand.

In the blink of an eye, the silver needles that were inserted into the womans body were removed.


“Thats it” The woman asked incredulously.

Qin Xi narrowed her beautiful eyes and smiled.

“Done, get me a pen and paper.

Ill write you a prescription.

After you take it for a week, you will be completely cured.

Also, remember not to have sex while youre taking the medicine.

If you really cant hold it anymore, do it yourself.

Dont let anyone help you.

Otherwise, even God cant save you.”

Everyone burst out laughing.

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Qin Xi was indirectly telling her that even if she couldnt hold it anymore, she mustnt find a man.

This was not only a humiliation, but also a blatant threat.


The woman was blushing.

She wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Qin Xi scribbled down a prescription and took the 100 yuan bill.

She waved it at the woman with a smile.

“Goodbye, Auntie.

If you look for me again in the future, the fee I charge will be twice as much as this!”

The woman gritted her teeth.

“Thats not gonna happen!”

Qin Xi shrugged indifferently.

“I hope so.”

With that, she turned around and walked out.

The crowd at the door automatically made way for her.

“If you have any difficult illnesses that cant be cured, you can go to Shangwan Village at the foot of Shangwan Mountain to look for my shifu.

My shifu is called Liu Dequan.

Hes a famous local Chinese doctor.

Youll know where he is after asking around.”

When Han Dazhu saw Qin Xi walk out unscathed, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“What happened What happened Why did it take you so long”

Qin Xi took out the 100 yuan she had just earned.

“I treated an auntie.

Here, this is what she paid me.”

When the middle-aged man who chased after her heard this, he stopped in his tracks and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Just now, she had shocked everyone, but she understated like it was nothing.

He was really impressed by her personality.

Just as Han Dazhu was about to say something, he saw a middle-aged man approaching.

He asked with a puzzled look, “Whats the matter”

The middle-aged man smiled warmly.

“Hello, Im… here to buy the vegetables!”


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