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“Wifey, dont be afraid.

I will protect you!” Han Shi patted his chest with confidence written all across his face.

Qin Shi smiled and looked at him with sparkling eyes.

She nodded heavily and said, “Yes, I believe you!”

As she spoke, she secretly tightened her grip on the shovel, her eyes as sharp as a sword.

At this moment, the wild boar suddenly charged out of the grass.

Seeing that it was a half-grown boar that weighed less than a hundred kilograms, Qin Xi was relieved.

Han Shi held the machete tightly and said to Qin Xi, “Wifey, hide behind the tree.

Ill go and kill it.

Tomorrow, Ill get Mom to cook a delicious wild boar stew for us.”

Boar stew was a very popular dish in the countryside.

Especially with Luo Xiujuans special seasoning, it was simply superb.

As Han Shi thought about it, he drooled.

The corners of Qin Xis mouth twitched.

Although the wild boar was not big, it was not easy to deal with, especially when it was on high alert.

A fool like Han Shi could not deal with it at all.

She quickly stopped him.

“Wait! Stone, let me do it!”

Han Shi pushed her to the side stubbornly with a solemn expression.

“No, wifey, hide behind the tree!”

At this moment, the wild boar had already seen them and charged at them.

Han Shi held the machete tightly and slashed at the boars nose.

Sensing danger, the wild boar lowered its head and easily dodged the machete.

It tilted its body and kicked its hooves, wanting to kick Han Shi.

Han Shi was quite agile.

He jumped backward and dodged the attack, taking the opportunity to slash the wild boar.

The wild boars skin was too thick and the machete was too blunt to deal any damages.

Even though Han Shi had used all his might, the damage felt like at most a scratch to the boar.

The wild boar turned around and continued to charge at Han Shi.

Han Shis eyes were firm as he confronted it head-on, not showing a sign of backing away.

Qin Xi picked up a bowl-sized stone from the ground and threw it at the boars head.

This time, she injected a trace of true Qi into it.

The wild boar was too focused on Han Shi to notice the sneak attack behind it.

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This time, it was hit right on the head.

The boar staggered as if it was drunk.

Seeing that there was an opportunity, Han Shi slashed at the wild boar crazily.

The wild boar howled miserably.

Its voice was sharp and ear-piercing, and it echoed throughout the entire forest, sounding very terrifying.

Qin Xis heart skipped a beat.

She felt that the wild boar was calling for help and knew that it had to be dealt with immediately.

She quickly walked to Han Shis side and snatched the machete.

She activated the True Qi in her body and stabbed the machete into the wild boars head.

The force of this strike was too great.

The tip of the machete went right into the boars brain.

The wild boar let out a miserable scream and fell to the ground with a bang, twitching and dead.

Han Shi was so excited that he was about to clap his hands and cheer when he was pulled by Qin Xi.

After running for a while, she urged, “Quick, climb the tree!”

Almost all the children in the countryside knew how to climb trees.

Be it boys or girls, they were all good at climbing trees.

Han Shi was naturally no exception.

However, he did not understand why they had to climb trees.

He asked in confusion, “Why do we have to climb trees Then… then which tree should we climb”

“Any tree!”

Qin Xi replied anxiously.

Han Shi picked a tree and climbed up on all fours.

Just as he was about to turn around and pull Qin Xi up, Qin Xi had already climbed to the top of the tree and was carefully observing a certain direction

Han Shi scratched his head and praised honestly, “Wifey, youre awesome!”


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