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Han Shi did not know what happened.

He only felt a fragrant breeze and a heavy object on his body.

He was caught off guard and staggered and fell.

As Qin Xi flew at Han Shi, she threw the small shovel in her hand.

On the branch, an extremely bright green snake was instantly split into two.


“Phew… That was close!”

Seeing that the danger was gone, Qin Xi relaxed.

She subconsciously looked at Han Shi, who was already scared silly, and patted his handsome face worriedly.

“Are you alright”

It was also at this moment that Qin Xi realized that she was riding on Han Shi.

Her face immediately turned red and she got off him awkwardly.


Although he was her husband and she could ride him for all she wanted…


However, knowing that her husband was a man with a childs intelligence, all her desires were instantly gone.

Moreover, she only wanted to become stronger now.

At least, she wanted to be stronger than in her previous life where she was hunted down and killed.

“Huh Are you scared silly” Seeing that he still couldnt get up, Qin Xi teased.

Han Shi was in trance.

A blurry memory flashed across his mind, but he could not quite catch it.

What he felt was that the scene of Qin Xi riding on him was like a deja vu.

He tried his best to recall it, but the back of his head instantly hurt whenever he used his brain to think.


“Are you really scared silly” Qin Xi waved her hand in front of his eyes worriedly.

Han Shi held the back of his head and pouted.

“Wifey, my head hurts!”

“Huh Let me see”

Qin Xi touched his forehead and took his pulse.

She asked solemnly, “Han Shi, tell me, who hit you on the head And your head was hit more than once.”

When she woke up the first day, she knew that Han Shis mental retardation was not innate but man-made.

The injury on the back of his head had been there for at least fifteen years.

In other words, Han Shi was only six years old at that time when he was hit on the head.

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Who did it

Who was so crazy as to do this to a child

Qin Xi gritted her teeth.

She wished she could go and settle the score with the culprit now and let him or her have a taste of what it felt like to be a fool for more than ten years.

Seeing that Qin Xis expression was a little angry, Han Shi was a little nervous.

He carefully tugged at Qin Xis pants.

“Wifey, did you fall and hurt yourself Where does it hurt Let me rub it for you.”

Qin Xi sighed.

She reached out and pulled him up from the ground.

She patted the dust and grass on his body and said, “Im fine.

Lets continue!”


This time, Han Shi followed behind Qin Xi obediently like a golden retriever, helping her pick herbs and carry the basket.

The two of them walked deeper and deeper until they heard the sound of a wild boar not far away.

“Wifey, theres a boar!”

Han Shis ears perked up and his eyes lit up.

He took out a rusty machete and protected Qin Xi behind him.

Because his ancestors were all hunters, Han Shi was very interested in hunting.

When he was young, he often heard his grandfather talk about hunting and admired him very much.

However, after Han Shis father died of an accident while going out to hunt, his grandfather never mentioned hunting again.

Han Shi had been very sensitive since he was young.

He knew that his grandfather would be in a bad mood whenever he mentioned hunting, so he brought it up.


However, deep down inside him, the dream of being a hunter never faded.

Looking at the man in front of her, Qin Xi was slightly stunned and felt sweet inside.

She recalled the days when she was constantly on the run in her previous life.

Other than her parents who could stand in front of her in times of danger, this was the only time when a man stood in front of her to protect her without holding back.



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