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Shi Xiang felt like she had been seen through.

It was as if she was naked in front of Qin Xi.

What the hell Why would Qin Xi, an idiot who couldnt even count to 100, have such a terrifying gaze

Shi Xiang was lost in thought and thought to herself that she must have hallucinated.

When Shi Xiang looked up at Qin Xi again, Qin Xi was saying to Liu Dequan with an anxious look on her face, “Grandpa Liu, since Shi Xiang has said so, lets go together.

Im worried about Stone…”

With that, the two of them walked towards Tao Pos house.

Looking at the two of them leave in a hurry, Shi Xiang revealed a strange and sinister smile.

Just as she was about to spit on the ground, Qin Xi suddenly turned around, glaring at her.

Shi Xiang subconsciously swallowed the saliva that she was about to spit out, her face turning pale almost instantly.

Seeing the faint smile on Qin Xis face, Liu Dequan suddenly remembered that when Qin Xi was subduing the soul, she had the same expression.

“Xi, why do I feel that your expression is a little strange”

Qin Xi touched her smooth face and smiled.

“Ah, you found out!”

Liu Dequan snorted and curled his lips.

“Tell me, what exactly does that girl from the Shi family want to do From reading her face, I can tell that shes a cunning girl.

Hmph, Im sure shes up to no good.”

Qin Xi laughed.

“Grandpa Liu, when did you learn how to read faces”

Liu Dequan chuckled.

“I learned one thing or two about it by osmosis from you over the days.”

“This time, you are right on.”

Qin Xi gave him a thumbs up and sighed.

“Shi Zhen and Shi Xiang are good friends with Qin Lan.

I dont need to say anything more, do I”

Liu Dequan frowned with disgust on his face.

“Could it be that the Qin family is plotting against you again Xi, dont be soft-hearted this time.

Do whatever you think needs to be done.

You have so many ways to punish them.

Make them break an arm or a leg in secret…”

“It just so happens that I still need lab rats to practice the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique.”

The corners of Qin Xis mouth curled up as she nodded affirmatively.

“Dont worry, Grandpa Liu.

They bullied me a lot in the past.

At that time, I was too stupid to take them as my family.

Later on, I realized that I was never taken as a family member by them.”

“Therefore, after I married Han Shi, I got over it.

Besides, Grandpa and Mom treat me very well.

Im willing to take care of the Han family for the rest of my life.

Thinking back, my misfortune all these years was actually caused by the Qin family.

Theres no reason for me to show the Qin family mercy anymore.

I know what to do.”

“Besides, theres something else Im not sure about.”

“What is it”

“Grandpa Liu, do you think I look like a member of the Qin family”

Liu Dequan paused to recall the looks of the Qin family.

They were either shifty-eyed, mean, or sinister.

In any case, none of them had an appearance or temperament comparable to Xis.

He hissed and widened his eyes.

“Xi, are you suspecting that youre not from the Qin family”

Qin Xi pointed at her face that was filled with collagen and said, “Grandpa Liu, do you think theres a need to suspect Previously, I was puzzled as to why the Qin family was so brutal to me.

Now, I understand.

If Im not their daughter, there is naturally no need to show me mercy.”


What a bunch of beasts.

Just because you are not their daughter doesnt mean they can beat you to death.”

Liu Dequan was furious.

“Xi, listen to me.

In the future, when you see them, show them what you are made of.

They dont deserve to be treated with respect.”

“Calm down.

Its not worth getting angry at them.

Besides, I dont plan to let them off today.”

Qin Xi smiled mysteriously.

“Grandpa Liu, dont you want to see how Im going to teach them a lesson”


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