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After leaving Liu Shuans house, Liu Dequan and Qin Xi walked on the village path while discussing the plantation.

Suddenly, a flustered girl in a red and green floral dress ran over.

Qin Xi knew this girl.

She was the sister of Qin Lans good friend, Shi Xiang.

Shi Xiangs sister was called Shi Zhen.

“Little B… Xi, Han Shi was tied up and thrown into the ruins of Tao Pos house.

Go and take a look!”

When Shi Xiang saw Qin Xi, an imperceptible evil glint flashed across her eyes before she put on an anxious expression.

She was used to calling Qin Xi little b*tch, but the moment she opened her mouth, she realized that something was wrong and quickly changed her words.

Tao Po was a poor old woman who had passed away.

The old womans son was an alcoholic who burned his mother to death for the sake of drinking.

After her death, Tao Pos house was regarded as an unlucky place by the villagers.

When some villagers passed by the house, they could even hear the sound of crying and wailing.

Gradually, it became a haunted house that no one dared to approach.

Qin Xi frowned and was suspicious of Shi Xiangs words.

“Why would Stone go there”

Shi Xiang panted heavily and fanned her red face with her hand.

She said impatiently, “How would I know However, I think he went to look for you and bumped into the naughty brats in the village.

If I didnt stop the brats, your husband would have been bullied to tears!”

Qin Xi narrowed her eyes and looked at Shi Xiang silently.

She sneered in her heart.

Han Shi had been cultivating ancient martial arts recently.

How could he not be able to handle a few brats

Clearly, Shi Xiang was up to no good.

Shi Xiang felt uncomfortable under her gaze and looked away guiltily.

She did not dare to look Qin Xi in the eye and stammered, “I-Ive already passed on the message.

Y-You should go and take a look.

If youre late, you might lose your husband.”

“Xi, go and take a look!” Liu Dequan said worriedly.

Qin Xi knew very well who Shi Xiang was.

When she thought of the lesson she taught Qin Lan last time, a trace of interest flashed across her eyes.

Anyway, she had nothing to do.

She wanted to see what Qin Lan was up to.

“Alright, Ill go to see what its about.

Grandpa Liu, you can go back first.”

Before Liu Dequan could speak, Shi Xiang suddenly became agitated.

She grabbed Liu Dequans clothes and blurted out, “No, you cant leave!”

Liu Dequan immediately frowned and pulled his clothes back.

He said with displeasure, “Are all the children of the Shi family as unruly as you Is it appropriate to pull me like this”

Shi Xiangs face, which was already red from being exposed to the sun for too long, turned even redder.

She was not embarrassed, but angry!

She retracted her hand and said with a fake smile, “Liu, Doctor Liu, its like this.

I saw that Qin Xis husband was bleeding.

He probably needs your help too…”

She deliberately emphasized on “Qin Xis husband”.

She kept stealing glances at Qin Xi, as if she wanted to see embarrassment and humiliation on her face.

However, to her surprise, Qin Xi was looking at her with a faint smile.

Shi Xiang quickly lowered her head in guilt.


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