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“Yes, I want to buy the hill.”

Qin Xi nodded firmly.

“Uncle Liu, I want to plant tea trees on the hill.

I wonder if youve noticed something.

In recent years, our village has been producing more and more tea than ever, but why are we earning less and less

“Not only that, but the middlemen are also getting more and more shameless about taking kickbacks.

Weve been working hard all year long, but it turns out that middlemen are the ones who profited the most.

The income we earn is only enough to maintain the status quo.

As a result, the quality of life in our village is much worse than in other villages.”

Liu Shuans expression immediately became solemn.

He had been the village chief for so many years.

Naturally, he knew very well about the situation.

However, there was nothing he could do.

He had also tried to boycott these black-hearted middlemen, but they did not care about it at all.

Not only did they monopolize all the sell channels, but they also threatened the other middlemen to not purchase tea from the villagers.

It was said that the reason why those people dared to raise the price so brazenly was because they had a big shot backing them.

They were just a group of commoners.

How could they go against those people with power

Liu Shuan shook his head with a bitter smile and explained the difficulties he had encountered over the years in detail.

He said tiredly, “Xi, these people have a powerful background.

If we dont follow their rules, they will lower the price.

At that time, the villagers will only earn less and less!”

Qin Xi finally understood the whole story.

Although the tea in Shangwan Village was not particularly good, it was produced in large quantities.

However, because of these black-hearted middlemen, the villagers made very little profit and could hardly support their families while the middlemen could earn a fortune using cheap labor.

“Uncle Liu, I have a way to increase the income of the villagers.”

“What way”

“Ive said it before.

I want to buy the hill and develop the plantation industry on it, but the hill is too big.

I definitely wont be able to manage it alone.

When the time comes, I can hire some villagers.

Not only that, but I also plan to build a factory base.

The factory will produce and sell fruit drinks.”

“Of course.

If the tea production is good, Ill buy it all and make it into herbal tea to sell domestically.”

“Moreover, there are some places on the hill that are very suitable for raising chickens.

The free-range chickens raised in the hill are definitely better than those in cages…”

The more Qin Xi spoke, the more shocked Liu Shuan and the others were.

They couldnt help but calculate the possibility of her plan happening.

Liu Dequan shook his head with a solemn expression and spoke his worries.

“Xi, its not that I want to discourage you, but what youre saying now doesnt sound feasible.

You have to know that planting is not easy.

You have to consider all aspects.”

“First, you have to choose a good nursery.

If the nursery isnt good, the yield will be low, and the fruits will not be juicy.

This will greatly affect the sales.

Secondly, not all hills are suitable for planting fruit trees.

Normally speaking, fruit trees demand nutrient-dense and fertile soil, as well as sufficient sunlight.”

“Of course, theres also the water source problem.

The most important thing you have to know is that it will take at least three to five years for the fruit trees to grow up, let alone build a factory base.”

“As for raising chicken, I think its feasible.

Theres still a lot of space for the poultry on the hill.”

Qin Xi smiled mysteriously and said, “Grandpa Liu, you tried my vegetables before, right Do you know why my vegetables are so delicious”

Liu Dequans heart skipped a beat as he asked excitedly, “Why”

“Because I have a secret weapon!”


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