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“I-I feel much better.

Im not cold or dizzy anymore.

The heavy feeling in my body has disappeared.

I feel more relaxed than ever.

Im fine now.

Thank you, Xi.”

Xiao Caiyun was so happy that she could not speak coherently and tears rolled down her face uncontrollably.

Liu Shuan had just returned from the village office when he saw his wife crying with excitement.

His expression changed.

“Caiyun, whats wrong”

Xiao Caiyun threw herself into Liu Shuans arms and fought back her tears.

“Shuan Zi, Im fine now.

Xi cured me.

I feel very comfortable and not cold at all.”

When Liu Shuan heard that, he was overjoyed.

“Really Thats great!”

His eyes sparkled with tears as he looked at Qin Xi with gratitude.

He opened his dry lips and said, “Xi, thank you!”

Qin Xi smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Liu, Aunt Caiyun, youre welcome.

Actually, I have another piece of good news to tell you.”

Uncle Liu and Xiao Caiyun looked over at the same time.

“Good news”

“Thats right.

Auntie Caiyun and Uncle Liu, Dont you always want a child”

Qin Xis words struck them like lightning.

Xiao Caiyuns breathing quickened as she asked in disbelief, “Xi, are you saying that I… I can have a child Can I really”

Although Liu Shuan was extremely excited, he didnt lose his rationality.

He said worriedly, “But Caiyun is almost 40 years old.

Will her pregnancy be dangerous”

He had heard that it was very dangerous to get pregnant at an older age.

Not only was it easy to have a miscarriage, but the pregnant could potentially lose her life.

If he had to take such a big risk just to have a child, he would rather be childless.

Xiao Caiyuns thin face was filled with hope and regret.

She cried and shook her head.

“No, I want to try even if its dangerous.

Shuan Zi, I want a child.

The most regretful thing in my life is that I cant give birth to a child for you.”

“We have lived together without a child for so many years.

It doesnt matter now if we can have a child or not.” Although Liu Shuan really wanted a child, he loved his wife more than anything else.

Seeing how much the couple loved each other, Liu Dequan was touched.

However, he still reminded them, “Hey, hey, hey, can you two let Xi finish She naturally wont let Caiyun be in danger.

What are you worried about”

Liu Shuan and Xiao Caiyun were stunned and looked at Qin Xi without batting an eye, clearly asking her if what Liu Dequan said was true.

Qin Xi couldnt help but laugh.

“Yes, with me around, I definitely wont let Aunt Caiyun be in danger.

Ill prescribe some medicine for her first.

After taking it for half a month, shell completely recover and be able to have children.”

“Really Thats great.”

The couple thanked Qin Xi profusely and almost knelt down to kowtow.

Qin Xi quickly changed the topic.

“Uncle Liu, Im here to ask for a favor.”

“What is it” Liu Shu composed himself and asked.

Xiao Caiyun reacted and hurriedly said, “Oh, I was so excited that I forgot to invite you in.

Im really sorry.

Hurry, lets talk inside.

Its too hot out here.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Lets talk inside.”

In the house, Xiao Caiyun took out a large watermelon from the well.

She cut it into pieces and served it to the two of them.

After eating a small piece, Qin Xi explained her reason for coming.

“Uncle Liu, I want to buy the hill at the back of the village.”

The three of them were shocked and said in unison, “What Buy the hill”


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