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After hearing Qin Xis plan, Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan were excited, as if they could already see the prosperous Shangwan Village.

In fact, ever since Qin Xi brought back 820,000 yuan, they trusted everything she said on a blind faith.

Moreover, the Vitality Pills Qin Xi made were indeed very magical.

Thinking of this, the three of them decided to follow the plan.

Actually, Qin Xi was also very excited because she knew that once this plan was implemented, it would definitely succeed.

When she thought about how she was the one who brought prosperity to Shangwan Village, she was indescribably excited.

“Grandpa, Ill go to see the village chief to discuss this matter with him now.

It just happens that I havent finished treating Auntie Caiyun yet.

Ill complete the treatment this time.”

Han Dazhu nodded happily.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Go ahead.

I want to go to the fields to see how the tea trees are doing.” However, at the mention of the tea trees, he looked worried again.

“Sigh, the price of tea this year is probably going to drop again.

Its getting harder and harder to be in this business.”

Qin Xi comforted, “Grandpa, dont worry.

I believe that our tea will be popular all over the country and even abroad in the future.”

“Yes, youre right.” Han Dazhu immediately smiled.

At this moment, Liu Dequan walked over leisurely with his hands behind his back.

When Blackie saw a stranger, it immediately stood up and shouted fiercely.

Liu Dequan saw that the courtyard had been modified.

Just as he was about to ask what was going on, Qin Xi said, “Grandpa Liu, you came at the right time.

Im going to Uncle Lius house to check on Auntie Caiyun.

Do you want to go with me”

Liu Dequans eyes lit up.

“Then lets go together!”

Ever since he saw Qin Xis mystic techniques, he was both excited and impressed.

He felt that Qin Xi was shrouded in a mysterious aura that could not be dispelled.

When they arrived at Liu Shuans house, Xiao Caiyun was feeding the chickens in the courtyard.

When she saw them, she quickly came out to welcome them with a smile.

“Second Uncle, Qin Xi, I heard from Shuan Zi that its all thanks to you that I can survive this time.”

Xiao Caiyun was so grateful that her eyes turned red from tears.

She grabbed her hand and said, “Thank you, Xi.

If you need my help in the future, just tell me.

Ill do my best to help.

Dont stand on ceremony with me.”

Seeing that her face had a healthy glow and her eyes were no longer unfocused, Qin Xi smiled and said, “Aunt Caiyun, I became today because I have something to tell Uncle Liu.

However, before I talk to him, Ill help you get rid of the evil spirit in your body!”

Xiao Caiyun grabbed the corner of her clothes nervously and asked with a pale face, “What should I do”

She had heard from Liu Shuan that her body was attached with something unclean.

All these years, the reason why she was afraid of the cold, coughed up blood, and was infertile was all because of it.

She was both frightened and terrified, afraid that that thing would run out and kill her.

“Aunt Caiyun, dont be afraid.

Its not scary at all.” Qin Xi quickly comforted her with a smile.

It was impossible for Xiao Caiyun not to be afraid, but she still pretended to be strong and nodded firmly.

“I-Im not afraid.

Bring it on!”

She kept imagining all kinds of terrifying scenes in her mind, but Qin Xi did not do anything.

She just took out a piece of yellow paper from her pocket and threw it into the air.

The yellow paper burned magically.

Strangely, the yellow paper did not turn into ashes and turned into white smoke that entered Xiao Caiyuns body.

Xiao Caiyun felt her cold body suddenly warm up.


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