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030 Ive made up my mind

Tan Jing was always looking out for opportunities to embarrass Tan Rou, she had favorited Tan Rous social media account and paid special attention to it. She wanted to know about Tan Rous movements immediately.

However, Tan Jing had never felt so enraged before. She threw her phone fiercely and smashed it into pieces.

Tan Jing gritted her teeth and cursed, “Tan Rou! You b*tch, why do you keep stealing my things! You deserve to die! Ill make you pay for this!”

Zhuang Liu had already prepared the car early in the morning and arrived at He Shou Tang where Bai Jing was.

The moment Xiao Mo pushed Zhuang Liu into the room, they were greeted by Bai Jing, frowning. He was holding a medical book in one hand and brewing medicine in the other. He was still muttering, “This medicine is too strong, Im afraid it wont work...”

Zhuang Liu was actually very grateful to Bai Jing. In the span of so many years, he and his family had almost given up several times. However, Bai Jing had firmly promised that he would cure him.

Saying this would undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on him. God knew how much effort this little old man had secretly put in.

Whatever the reason was, be it his dedication to his medical skills or his concern for his reputation, Zhuang Liu will always be sincerely grateful to Bai Jing. If it wasnt for him, he would have died a long time ago, not to mention, that he would have never met Tan Rou.

Bai Jing was too focused. He raised his head and asked, “Oh, youre here so early”

Zhuang Liu nodded. “I couldnt sleep, so I came over.”

Bai Jing was puzzled. “You usually either refuse or say that youre fine when I ask you to come over. Why are you so enthusiastic today”

Zhuang Liu giggled. “Its not that Im stubborn. I know my own body well.”

Bai Jing sighed. “Im really sorry to have dragged this out for so long. About the method I told you before, I actually wasnt sure of it myself. When Xiao Mo told me about your decision, even I was shocked.”

The poison was present for too long. If one was not careful, it would explode. In a few hours, the poison would travel through Zhuang Lius entire body and poison him to death.

Therefore, they did not dare to experiment recklessly. They only adopted other conservative methods to delay it.

However, if this continues, Zhuang Lius legs would lose their function sooner or later. He would never be able to stand up again.

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Bai Jing riffled through the medical books and came up with the last resort. It was to use acupuncture to urge the poison to flow down again. Since blood in the human body is constantly circulating, the slightest negligence would cause the poison to flow into the heart. Any attempts at reversing this situation would be powerless.

Zhuang Lius expression also turned somewhat solemn. How could he not know that he was taking a huge risk However, he was too eager to stand up again, for Tan Rou and for himself.

He could not help but think of a young girls animated voice. “If I cant live a dazzling life, then wouldnt my life be in vain!”

Zhuang Liu thought to himself,

Thats right. If I cant get better and protect the person I love, I can only stay in bed and drink medicine every day to prolong my life. What fun would that be

Even if I fail, how much worse can it be compared to my current situation

Zhuang Liu looked sombrely at Bai Jing. “Uncle Bai, I want to stand up and I can only rely on you!”

Bai Jing was silent for a long time before he sighed heavily. “Are you very sure about this”

Xiao Mo looked at Bai Jing worriedly. “Is it dangerous”

Bai Jing nodded. “From now onwards, every attempt will definitely be accompanied by risks.”

Xiao Mo wanted to say something but hesitated.

Zhuang Liu motioned for Xiao Mo to stop talking and looked at Bai Jing. “I have something that I must achieve. No matter what price I need to pay, I have thought it through.”

Bai Jing put down the medical book and looked at Zhuang Liu sternly. “Since you believe in me and are willing to entrust your life to me, then no matter what, I will do my best to fight for you!”

Zhuang Liu smiled. “Of course, I trust you the most. If you cant do it, then I might as well wait to die.”

Bai Jing glared at him. “Dont spout nonsense! Dont mention die lightly!”

Bai Jing led Zhuang Liu to the acupuncture table and began to prepare for the acupuncture. His mood seemed to brighten up having thought of something. He said, “Two days ago, I met a girl. She was an expert at making medicinal pills. You could say that its fate. You so happen to be in time for it.”

Zhuang Liu was a little surprised to hear this. Bai Jing relies on his superb medical skills. His arrogance stopped him from easily praising others. For him to acclaim that she was an expert, she must be very powerful.

Bai Jing lit up a set of spices, “When I apply the needles later, avoid having intense emotions. That will speed up the flow of blood. This incense can help you focus and calm your mind. You just need to relax a little.”



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