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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 26

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26 Chapter 26 : Im in love with another mans wife

The ride back to Meria was a quiet one, from the time Ella had woken up she had not said a word to anyone, she even refused to have breakfast and just insisted on going back home as soon as possible.

Nathan sat on the opposite bench of the carriage Ella and him were in, watching the girl intently. Her eyes and face were blank, as if her ability to show emotional had been completely sucked out of her. The prince hated seeing the woman he loved like this, and he knew she was like this because of the disappointment shed endured back in Gavaria when shed met the prince.

He honestly didnt want to make her unhappy but he had to do it to protect her, to protect their future together. Bringing prince Adam into their lives would just bring unnecessary complications. Keeping Adam away from Ella was the lesser evil.

“Im sorry.”

Nathan lifted his head up and looked at the woman in front of him, she was looking outside the carriage window watching the trees go by.

“Im sorry about yesterday.” Ella repeated herself.

“What do you mean”

Nathan was a little confused, Ella hadnt spoken all morning and now the first words to leave her lips wereIm sorry What was she apologizing for

“Im sorry I...”


Nathan could see Ellas beautiful blue eyes turn watery as she chocked on her words.

He took her hand lightly in his and stroked it, “Ella, dont force yourself alright. I know youre a little disappointed about prince Adam not being who you thought he was but dont be too hard on yourself.”

Ella turned towards Nathan, and with her other hand she wiped her misty eyes dry, blinking repeatedly so as to stop her tears from falling.

“Your grace Im sorry I tried to force myself on you yesterday, I was emotional and I wasnt thinking straight.”

Nathans eyes went round, oh thats right, that intense make out session they had shared the previous morning had been initiated by Ella. The prince held back his smile, he was so amazed by how innocent and incredibly adorable this woman was.

The prince lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. “Its alright Ella you dont have to apologize.”

The womans face turned pink at the gesture, she turned her face away from the prince and mumbled incoherently, “but it was so shameful your grace.”

Nathan made his way to the seat seat Ella was sitting on and sat next to her. He removed a lock of her from her face, gently tucked it behind her ear and placed his forehead on hers.

“If Im being honest,” the prince spoke calmly, “I wouldnt mind seeing more of that side of of you.”

Ella lifted her head and blinked wildly at the man in front of her, her face as red as a tomato. “Nathan...”

Ellas gulped when Nathans face inched closer to hers, his lips lightly brushing against her lips and sending ripples down her spine.

“Ella...” the man whispered


“Can I kiss you”

Ella visibly trembled when his deep soothing voice reached her ears, it was like the rolling waves of a mighty ocean, crashing against the rocky shore.

She slowly nodded her head as her eyes involuntarily closed. Moments later, she felt Nathans lips capture hers in a hot kiss, his throat releasing a muffled groan when the girl parted her lips and returned the kiss.

As he kissed Ella, Nathans hands were not ideal, his right head was firmly placed on the back of Ellas head and his right securing her waist.

Ella grabbed onto Nathans shirt and with it, pulled him in to deepen the kiss, much to the princes surprise.

Ella momentarily let go of the mans lips, her forehead pressed against his and uttered five words that she would soon regret in the near future.

“Nathan, never leave my side,” she whispered right before falling into their kiss again.

To Ella, she was saying those words for security, to make sure that Nathan, who was the only person she could be with forever would not go against his word and leave like Jillian did. She knew she couldnt survive losing someone again so she needed Nathan to promise her that hed always be by her side.

But to prince Nathan Aldos, those words registered to his brain as a vow, a vow he would rather die than break. To him it was consent enough that Ella officially belonged to him and no one else. Not Jillian, not Adam, not anyone!

“I never will.” The man groaned.

He lowered his hand to her thigh and trailed it gently up her skirt, devouring her mouth with a fiery passion.

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Ella let out a soft moan as her whole body trembled at the sensation of Nathans touch. The prince was only rubbing her thigh gently but Ella had never had a man touch her in such a way before. It was scary, it was exhilarating and it was oh so intoxicating.

Outside the carriage, the two coachmen looked at each other and swallowed hard. Their faces were tinted red as they listened to the lewd sounds coming from within the carriage, no one had to tell the other of how uncomfortable they were feeling listening to their prince do God knows what to his lady on the middle of the road.


Knock knock!

“Adam! Adam come out youve been cooped up in your room all day!”


Prince Adam was sitting in a burgundy sofa that was positioned near a flickering fireplace in his room. From where he was, he had a clear view of the garden outside which he was watching through the window. The dark haired prince had been sitting in that couch from the previous day after hed had an encounter with prince Nathan, and the information the Merian prince had given him had completely crumbled his spirit.

Finally, after an entire lifetime of searching for answers pertaining his constantly repetitive dreams, he had met the beautiful red head from his dreams, he had finally met the woman who had taken his heart even before he met her.

Her beautiful blue eyes, her long silky red hair, her smooth voice.. everything about her was so perfect. But sadly, Adam was too late, his beautiful dream woman was now in the arms of another man and carrying his child.

“Adam Im coming in!”

The queen pushed Adams door open and walked in, her face was full of worry and panic. Her son had never behaved like this, locking himself up in his room and not responding to her calls, it was so unlike him.

Adams mother took a seat on her sons bed facing him, even though she knew that he was aware of her presence, he didnt even bat an eye to look in her direction. He just sat there, head laid back on the sofa and his eyes focused on the window.

“Adam honey whats wrong” The woman sighed when she noticed her son not even making an effort to respond. “Honey your father and I have been worried about you, have you fallen ill”

Ever since he was a boy, Adam was a very jovial and energetic child, taking part in every activity that he could get his hands on. Starting from scribbling on the walls when he was a child, to horse riding as he grew older, to archery, sword fighting and diplomatic duties when he became a man. Despite him experience constant nightmares, the queen could not remember a time shed ever seen her son low or sad, he always found a way to push though his troubles with a smiling face.

So seeing him like this now, looking depressed and drained worried her a great deal. Whatever had happened to him must have been something big indeed.

“I remember when you were a little boy, every time something was bothering you youd write it down on a piece of paper and leave it in one of my shoes.” The queen smiled as she replayed the precious memory in her mind. “Then when Id find it, Id write a note back and leave it in your little boots, and just like that wed talk about it and move passed it.”

The queen smiled at her son, “youve always told me everything Adam, no matter how big or how small youd always confide in your mother. I hope that hasnt changed.”

Adam finally pealed his eyes away from the window and looked at his mother. She was smiling at him and the concern in her eyes made his heart melt. He sighed heavily as he straightened his posture, hed never been able to say no to this woman and he was sure he wouldnt be able to start now.

“Of course it hasnt changed Mother,” the prince responded in a gentle tone, “its just that I wouldnt even know where to start from.”

The queen inched closer to her son and cupped his hands in hers. “Start from the beginning darling, Im patient.”

The beginning When was the beginning exactly His past life with Guinevere Would his mother even believe a cockamamie story like that Memories from another life It sounded like absolute malarkey!

“Mother..” the prince responded, his gaze met hers as he continued his statement, “Im in love with another mans wife, and I wish to take her for myself.”



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