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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14 : Let me carry the burden of this curse with you.

William hadnt noticed Nathan walk into the library, he was occupied with the thoughts of what had transpired a few days ago at the breakfast table. He had spent a lot of time with his little sister over the years, but not once had he ever heard her speak of anyone named Jillian.

Had she brought up the name just to get out of being in a relationship with prince Nathan No, considering how she had reacted, there was no way that was all an act.

“I think I should be coming to the Morrell household with the town crier to announce my arrival.”

William looked up at Prince Nathans smirking face and stood up abruptly.

“Ive been calling to you for a little over a minute.” Nathan spoke.

He settled down on a sofa next to William and studied the young man.

“Forgive me Nathan, I Umm, I was just lost in thought. I didnt hear you come in.”


Nathan nodded at his friend and asked him to take a seat.

“You look troubled, is there something wrong”

William shook his head. “Nothing serious.”

William didnt feel that it was in his place to tell Nathan anything, he respected his sisters privacy, if Nathan was going to find out about Jillian it would have to be from her own lips.

“Alright, I sense its a private matter so I wont push you.”

Nathan looked around the library before sheepishly smiling at William.

“What is it” William questioned the young prince.

Prince Nathans cheeks were lightly painted pink. “I hope you dont feel like when I come here I only come for your sister, I consider you my very good friend, but...”


“Is your sister around” Nathan added on, the hue on his cheeks deepening in color.

William huffed out a little chuckle, oh the poor prince, it was so obvious he was falling for Ella. At first William was so excited, thinking that his little sister would end up with the prince of their land, but now he knew she didnt reciprocate his feelings which somehow made him fell sorry for Nathan. But Williams loyalty was to his family first, and then to his country.

“Nathan, do you know of anyone who goes by the name Jillian”

Nathan looked thoughtful for a minute before shaking his head. “Ive never heard of that name before, why do you ask”

Because whoever Jillian is has already won the heart of the woman youre trying to pursue, William thought to himself.

“Oh nothing really.” Nathan responded. “Ella is in her room, Ill try and get her for you if shell accept it.”

Ever since the incident at the table, Ella had locked herself up in her chambers and refused to leave. Her mother had instructed the maids to take food and other necessities up to her room after several failed attempts to get her to come out.

“Is she alright Is she sick!”

Nathan was now on his feet, worried about why Ella was locked up her room at that time of the day.

“Oh no, shes in good health, shes just not feeling quite like herself.” William responded.

Nathan walked over to his friend and grabbed his shoulder. “Then I must see her, maybe I can help elevate her mood, where are her chambers, I can..”

William grabbed Nathans wrist and looked at him sternly. His protective brotherly side had overrode his respect for the crown. In as much as Nathan was crowned prince, he wasnt going to let him just waltz up to his sisters chambers as he pleased.

“Your grace, she is in HER CHAMBERS, allow me to fetch her for you.” William spoke, his voice was calm but it carried a lot of weight, as if indirectly sayingits not in your place to go to my sisters room.

Nathan nodded in understanding, Williams reaction was justified, after all, if you overlook his title, Nathan was just some guy pursuing his little sister.

“After you.” Nathan spoke calmly.


Ella furrowed her brows when she heard the knock at the door. “Leave whatever it is you have on the door!” She called out.

“Ella its me.” William responded from outside the door. “May I come in”

Upon not hearing any objection, William slowly opened the door and peeked in. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Ella responded.

William opened the door fully and walked in, and behind him, prince Nathan was in tow. The red head rose from her bed and looked at the two young men who had invaded her privacy.

“Your grace.”

Ella curtsied and gave William a disapproving look.

“I know you wish to be alone.” William spoke as if reading the girls mind. “But Nathan was worried about you and insisted on checking up on you.”

“Oh, okay..”

“Ill let you two talk.”

William turned to Nathan and nodded at him. “I wont be far so you can let me know if you need anything.”

Nathan watched William walk out, knowing very well that his last statement was directed more towards him than Ella.

“May I” Nathan spoke as he pointed at the soft peach sofa adjacent to Ellas bed.

Ella nodded and sat down on the bed, facing the prince. The last time the two of them were in a room alone, everyone thought they had had some sort of relations with one another, so Ella was glad that William had intentionally left her door open.

“Talk to me Ella, whats bothering you.”

[Oh so youre just going to dive right in huh]

“Would you rather I cox you first instead”

Ella cursed silently when she saw the smile on Nathans face, she had to remember to keep her internal monologue to herself around him.

“Its nothing.” Ella responded, making sure not to look into Nathans honey brown eyes.

“Whatever it is, its making you lock yourself up in your room. Its certainly not nothing.” Nathan leaned in and looked at the girl closely. “Ella I care for you, the least you can do is tell me whats wrong.”

Ellas eyes shot to the open door, wondering if her brother was lingering around outside listening to their conversation.

“Have you ever been in love prince Nathan” Ellas voice was low yet sincere.

“In love Well, I..”

“I have..”

Ella locked eyes with Nathan.

The young prince batted his eyes rapidly at the girl sitting in front of him, his breathing was gradually getting heavy. He cleared his throat before asking Ella the question that would either shutter him or give him hope.

“Are.. are you in love still” The price asked.

“I dont know.” Ella responded faintly.

She honestly had no idea, would it be called love if it was directed to a man who was already dead

“Who is this man”

Even as Nathan spoke, his own voice was being drowned by the cracking sounds of his heart. With each word that Ella spoke of another man, a small piece chipped off.

“His name...” Ella paused and took a deep breath.

[His name was Jillian.]

Nathan looked up at the girl in front of him, tears were flowing down her face. Had she intentionally not said that last sentence out loud The prince looked at the open door and immediately understood.


Ella wiped the tears from her eyes when she heard the young mans voice is her head, and nodded.

[Yes. I met him in my past life, he was the first man Id ever fallen in love with.]

Nathans forehead wrinkled at the girls thoughts. So this Jillian person was the first to win her heart, Nathan couldnt help but feel a little jealous.

[We were supposed to be married, have kids and live happily ever after. But he was killed trying to protect me]

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Ellas tears continued rolling down her cheeks, wetting the neckline of her beautiful yellow dress.

[I loved him so much, and I never got the chance to show him just how much he meant to me. I miss him every day]

Prince Nathan couldnt believe he was feeling threatened by a dead man. The way Ella spoke about him, oh how he wished she could speak of him like that.

*Im so sorry Ella*

Ella wiped her tears and nodded.

[its alright]

*I understand how you feel, its not easy to lose the people you love. I too have experienced that kind of pain, and it hurts to carry their memories with you knowing that you will never see them again.”

Nathan stood up and crouched down in front of the girl, holding her hands in his.


*But you dont have to bare the pain all on your own anymore, Im here now Ella, Ill always be here. Please, allow me to curry the heavy burden of this curse with you.*

Ellas tears started to slowly fade, Nathan was right, now that she had found someone in the same boat as her, she didnt need to suffer alone. It would take her a bit of time to fully open up to him, but there was no harm in trying.

Besides, Jillian was gone. It hurt, but she had to move on with her life, she couldnt mourn him forever.

The girl wiped the tears from her beautiful blue eyes and forced a smile. “Thank you.”

Nathan smiled and nodded his head. “Anything for you.”

Through the crack of the door, William stood in shook as he watched the scene between Ella and Nathan unfold. The two had literally just stared at each other for ten minutes and now suddenly Ella was smiling.

“What in the hell just happened”



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