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 Annoying or not


After school, Tong Jia came to wait for Ning Zhen outside Class 7.



Ning Zhen put away her schoolbag.

Fearing that she would wait too long, she didn't copy any more notes.


Tong Jia's round face was flushed.

"Zhen Zhen, guess what I saw this afternoon"


Ning Zhen had a bad premonition.


"On my way to school, I saw the school big bosses fighting.

Ahhh, I was so lucky!"




The school big bosses...were those who she thought they were


"Lu Zhi is so handsome ah.

I want to marry him!" Tong Jia covered her face.

She looked around carefully to confirm no one was there and then said excitedly, "Before I only thought he was handsome, but I didn't expect his fights to be so amazing.

It was like watching a Hong Kong movie.

He pressed a boy's head and smashed it to the ground.

His face was expressionless, and he was very ruthless.

At that time, the scene was very chaotic, but at a glance, you could see him.

He was shining."


Ning Zhen couldn't quite understand.


Carefully she asked, "Weren't you afraid"


"Afraid!" Tong Jia's face was solemn.

"I'm afraid that Lu Zhi doesn't like me.

I even thought of the name of our child."




"Hahahaha! I'm just kidding.

Zhen Zhen, you are like a soft bun, I really want to pinch you."


Some people seem to be born with an aura of their own.

She cautiously avoided him, but she always heard his name.


Tong Jia grabbed Ning Zhen's arm and sighed, "Oh! It's a pity, that such a handsome boy wasn't fighting for me.

If it were for me, I would make him a football team."


A football team...


Tong Jia was really scary.


Tong Jia flattened her mouth and complained, "Lu Zhi has no shortcomings, but his eyesight isn't good.

I knew it when I saw He Ming that the fight was because of Yu Shanshan again."


"I really hate Yu Shanshan.

She's a whore, with her legs in two boats¹.

She really thinks she's a big beauty.

I don't know what the eyes of men are like in this world.

They all want to die for her."   


Ning Zhen smiled.

"Jia Jia, don't curse."


 She was still sixteen or seventeen years old.

How could she be such a bitch 


As a "big sister" with the mental age of a 19-year-old, Ning Zhen's mentality was quite calm.


Tong Jia was aware of her childhood friend's good temperament.

Although it was not so fun to gossip with her, she always had a soft and peaceful temperament, making people unable to help but get close.


Tong Jia touched her chin.

"If I were a boy, I would like you." She was beautiful, good-natured, soft, and cute.

Even she, a girl, wanted to pinch her.


 The two girls separated at the gate of the school.

Ning Zhen's family and Tong Jia's family were neighbors originally.

But after Ning Haiyuan remarried, he and Xu Qian bought a new house in Sanzhong, so there was less contact between the two families.


Ning Zhen paused as she walked home and took out a well-preserved flyer from her school bag.


The words 'Feiying Dance Class' were printed in big red characters on the flyer with a yellow background.

It was particularly eye-catching.


She had a secret in her heart, which brought her a faint sense of happiness.

When she thought about it, a smile tinged the corners of her mouth.


Itwas after school, and many laughing students were outside Third High School.

Ning Zhen squeezed the paper in her hand and walked in the opposite direction.



1108, Zhengxing Road, Section 3...



She checked the address in her hand and slowly searched for it.


In a bar facing the street, Lin Zichuan was on his phone.


A layer of gauze was wrapped around his forehead, but his tone was extraordinarily gentle.


"No, um...

He's okay.

Ah Zhi is okay.

Don't worry.

Don't worry...

Uh, I'll be there on Friday...

Okay, see you then."


Lin Zichuan hung up the phone.

Four to five boys looked at him in unison.


Chen Dongshu grinned.

"Yo Brother Chuan, with your injuries, you still don't forget to pick up girls."


"Fuck you!"


"Chen Dongshu, Don't you understand Chuanzi is truly in love.

How can you choose words blindly "


"That's right.

Look at Chuanzi's eyes.

They are so gentle water is about to drip.



This group of people was just joking, so Lin Zichuan ignored them, but the atmosphere was relaxed.


Lin Zichuan looked towards the front of the bar, where the lights were slightly dim.


Lu Zhi lowered his head and had his long legs on the chair.

He didn't know what he was thinking.


Everyone followed Lin Zichuan's gaze and fell silent.


Lu Zhi raised his eyes lazily, revealing the wound on his forehead.


He swept them a glance with a slight cold look in his eyes.

"What are you looking at"


Chen Dongshu swallowed.

"Brother Zhi, is your injury okay Do you want to go to the hospital"


"A mere trifle." He subconsciously touched his pockets for a cigarette, but he couldn't find it.

It must have been dropped during the previous fight.


Xiao Feng handed over the cigarette in his hand.

He said jokingly, "Come, come.

Pass a cigarette to the boss."


Lu Zhi laughed and cursed, "Scram."


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

They thought Lu Zhi was in a bad mood.

The previous beating was so fierce that their scalps were tingling.


You can mess with anyone but don't mess with Brother Zhi.


    Lu Zhi suffered some slight injuries on his head, but He Ming was lying directly in the hospital.



Everyone return.

Still want to spend the night at Laozi's¹ house" Lu Zhi played with his mobile phone and glanced at the group of people.


Xiao Feng smiled cheaply.

"Brother Zhi is so ruthless.

Fuck! Throwing us away after using us."


Having said that, they left the bar one after another.


Lin Zichuan walked over and sighed, "Sorry, Ah Zhi."


Lu Zhi snorted.

"What kind of idiot are you pretending to be Crying like it's Laozi's funeral."


Lin Zichuan stopped talking.


Everyone thought that Lu Zhi was fighting for Yu Shanshan today.

Only he knew it wasn't so.

If he hadn't had a grudge against He Ming and got wounded in the head, Lu Zhi wouldn't have been so angry and beat He Ming to the hospital.


The old hatred and the new hatred were counted together.


Lin Zichuan wasn't sure whether Lu Zhi did it because of Yu Shanshan or not.


After all, Yu Shanshan cheated on him with He Ming.


Anyone who was cuckolded would be uncomfortable.


Although, the Lu Zhi in front of him didn't seem to care much about women.


He knew him when he was a child, but he could no longer see through him when he grew up. 


Lin Zichuan said sincerely, "Ah Zhi, don't worry.

If the one in City B finds out, I bear the responsibility."


Lu Zhi did not refuse.



Lin Zichuan gritted his teeth and asked, "Brother, can I beg you for one more thing"


Lu Zhi raised his eyes and quietly waited for him to speak.


"Tomorrow's Ji Fei's birthday.

Can you attend"


You even started begging.


Lu Zhi had a smile that was yet not a smile.



The two walked out of the bar.


Lin Zichuan drove his car, an Audi with a good performance.


Lu Zhi glanced at it and smiled.

Wow, he was really living **ing miserably.

A year ago, he was still racing on the mountain road, and no one cared about it.

Now he hasn't touched this thing for a year.

The farther he went, the worse he became.


But looking at these things now, there were no waves in his heart.


"Drive you back" Lin Zichuan stuck his head out.


He saw his friend staring straight at a certain place.

He clearly didn't hear his words.


He looked over and saw a girl with a ponytail standing opposite, looking up at the road sign.


She wore a school uniform with a somewhat weird mask.

Her school pants were rolled up a little, revealing her fair and slender ankles.


Lin Zichuan was stunned.


"No, you go first," Lu Zhi's voice came.


 Lin Zichuan had a little unspeakable feeling in his heart as he stepped on the accelerator and drove away.


Ning Zhen glanced at the flyer in her hand in distress.



It seemed to be around here.

If she had known, she would have brought her mobile phone, so she could call and ask.


 She looked up carefully.

Dance studios were usually built on the second floor or above.



Feiying..." Where is it


There was a sudden tap on her shoulder.


Ning Zhen turned her head, and a strong force came from her wrist.

She panicked and wanted to withdraw her hand, but the man held it tightly.


 Her feet were unstable.

In an instant, the world was spinning, and she fell forward uncontrollably.

The two fell to the ground, and the man under her seemed to grunt.




This soft exclamation almost made Lu Zhi laugh out loud.


It was almost six o'clock on the street.

There were still people on the road who were looking at them, gossiping.


The girl threw herself into the boy's arms.


In an awkward position, her hands rested on his chest, and Lu Zhi clasped her waist, not caring that others were looking.


Seeing his face clearly, her eyes more frightened.


"You, let go..." She panicked and wanted to get up.


"Yo, new classmate, you made your meat cushion and in a blink of an eye, you disregard me Look at Laozi's head, which was originally wounded, but you pounced on me.

Do you have any conscience"


He held her wrist with one hand and placed the other on her waist.


Ning Zhen's face flushed, and even the corners of her eyes were red.


How could this person be so bad


"Obviously, you're the one holding me.

Can you let go You are annoying!" She was already a little angry and thought she was aggressive.

But she didn't know that her voice naturally rose at the end of her speech.

Soft and sticky with no offensive power whatsoever.


Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows.

"You have a big temper."


The cool wind blew her bangs, and the two faced each other.

He looked at her eyes carefully.


 Very clean.


He suddenly let go.


Ning Zhen quickly got up and stayed far away from him.


She wanted to run again, but her schoolbag was caught.


She turned her head back in annoyance.

Lu Zhi frowned and looked.

"Can you help me see if the wound on my forehead is split open"


Ning Zhen raised his eyes.

His forehead was red, and blood was running down his cheeks.

It flowed over his eyebrow, the corner of his eye, and continued downward.


It looked quite horrible.


She lowered her eyes and said nothing.

Anyway, it was none of her business.


He tugged at her schoolbag again and clicked his tongue.

"New classmate, is your heart this cruel"


He couldn't control his fingers, and like teasing a cat, he scratched her chin."Want to see Laozi die here" 

His fingertips were warm and smooth.


Suddenly, she reached out and slapped his fingers away.


There was a snap...


They both froze.


Ning Zhen bit her lips.

It's over...The two of them were not yet familiar in this life.


So she...she...she...

hit the school boss...



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