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 The Great Demon King (1)

The Third High school had its own school infirmary, but it was common knowledge that the school infirmary was not very good.

Lu Zhi took Lin Zichuan's car keys.

The morning breeze was slightly cold, but the classroom was still warm because of everyone's temperature.

Ning Zhen felt even colder once she stepped out.

Lu Zhi took off his jacket and wrapped her up, leaving himself with only a white T-shirt.

His jacket was too big and wide, so it hung down on Ning Zhen's legs, making her look even more delicate.

Ning Zhen refused to take it, "Lu Zhi, you can wear it.

I'm not cold."

"Be good.

Don't make trouble for me."

She followed behind him.

The morning breeze blew her hair around, and Ning Zhen was finally not so dizzy.

She reacted, "You're driving"


Get in the car."

Ning Zhen hesitated, "Lu Zhi, you're not eighteen yet." So you can't have a driver's license.

He curled his eyes: "You don't trust me I've been driving since I was twelve, okay Little sister, give me some trust.

Hurry up.

Once you're in the car, I promise to drive as steadily as a toy car, okay"

Ning Zhen didn't move.

Her face was flushed, and her breath was still hot.

She didn't want to talk because of her sore throat and showed her determination not to go in with her actions.

Lu Zhi simply picked her up and said, "Don't catch a chill outside.

Trust me for once."

His arm was bent under her knee, and the sudden jump frightened Ning Zhen: "What are you doing"

Lu Zhi opened the car door, put her inside, and leaned over to fasten her seat belt.

He went to the main driver's seat and started the car with great skill.

Ning Zhen's flushed face was about to turn white from his shocking actions.

She had ridden on his vehicle before, only it was a mountain bike.

She absolutely refused to get into his sports car afterward.

It was from her previous life.

He was wearing a helmet, his hair was slightly exposed on his forehead, and his eyes looked like glittering silver.

He rode a modified blue mountain bike and insisted on driving her to the playground.

The wind whistled past her ears as he rode the motorcycle like a rocket.

She was scared to death and cried out, "Ah ah ah ah ah ah - Lu Zhi - you stop! I'm scared, I'm scared..."

The youth's laughter was wanton.

"Then hold tighter, ah."

Her soft arms clung to his waist tightly, and her voice was almost hoarse: "Lu Zhi, you stop.

I'm afraid, I'm afraid--"

It felt like a century had passed, and the surrounding scenery seemed to be regressing rapidly.

He finally pulled up steadily.

Ning Zhen's legs were shaking as she got down from the bike and held onto the sign next to her.

She hugged her knees and squatted on the side of the road, tears swirling in her eyes.

Lu Zhi squatted down and frowned at her.

"Are you really that scared"

"Lu Zhi, don't talk to me." I hate you to death now.

He was bewildered.

The first time he took a girl on his bike, and the result was that it frightened her like this.

He was a little flustered.

"Do not cry ah.

I was wrong."

"It's my fault.

You can hit me."

"Don't scare me, okay I won't do it again."

"Ning Zhen, don't cry, don't cry.

I feel distressed."

Her whole body was so soft that she had no strength.

She didn't have the energy to scold him, so she recuperated for a long time and finally held back the tears.

He was still messing around, explaining, "I just wanted you to hug me.

Just now, you were very active.

I just couldn't stop."


There was another sentence he dared not say: "You sound so good when you scream." His soul was about to float as she also called out his name while screaming.

He was a young man filled with vigor and vitality.

It would be strange if he had no reaction.

Ning Zhen Zhen remembered the bad memories and didn't trust him at all.

"Lu Zhi, pull up.

I'm not going."

Lu Zhi didn't even know that his credit¹ limit had been overdrawn.

He frowned and didn't say anything, but as he promised, he drove the car very steadily and not too fast.

Ning Zhen took a deep breath and finally calmed down.

She was helpless.

No matter what life it was, all the things that were too exciting and strayed too far from the rules for her were done together with Lu Zhi.

She was a member of the masses, following honestly along the trajectory of this world.

However, Lu Zhi was like the most unique ray of light going opposite the flow, presenting an indolent attitude yet wanton and flamboyant in his bones.

As soon as the temperature in the car was high, her mind began to faint.

In a trance, they arrived at the hospital.

It was unbelievably smooth and steady.

Lu Zhi pulled open the car door and smiled at her, revealing a mouthful of white teeth: "I didn't lie to you, right Little sister, give me some trust and love in the future."

"Get a driving license first." Lu Zhi, you this rule breaker.


The nurse came in with a thermometer.

"Little sister, this put under your armpit.

Eight minutes later take it out and give it to the doctor.

Please remember the time yourself."

Ning Zhen nodded.

It was a little after eight o'clock, and there weren't many people in the waiting room at the hospital.

Ning Zhen sat on the blue communal bench, took off Lu Zhi's jacket, and handed it to him.

Lu Zhi sat next to her, not feeling cold at all.

After tossing around with her for a period, he was still sweating slightly on his forehead.

He leaned on the seat and stretched out his long legs.

The aisle was not long enough for his legs.

His eyes silently fell on her.

Ning Zhen took off his jacket, and there was only one school uniform left.

White arms, so thin that he could hold them in one hand, tsk.

"Lu Zhi, I'm going to put the thermometer.

Turn around." He was by her side staring.

She was embarrassed.

He laughed, "Ning Zhen, you don't have a conscience.

After accompanying you for most of the day, you don't even allow me to take a look." He turned around slowly.

"You're not allowed to turn around."



1. There was a play of words here.

信用 means credit as in commerce, but it also means trustworthiness.


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