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 Intimate (2)

After a while, the phone vibrated again.


Ning Zhen hugged the little bear doll on the bed, frowned, and still hung up.


Finally, it didn't ring again.


The phone screen went black.

After a while, it vibrated again, and the light of the phone lit up.

Ning Zhen looked over, and this time it was a text message.


[Ning Zhen I didn't do it on purpose.]


The ominous premonition was confirmed ......

how did he know her phone number


Ning Zhen froze for a moment and suddenly remembered that Lu Zhi had called her from Tong Jia's phone before, so he should have memorized her number.


She didn't intend to return his message, so she turned off the screen and stuffed it back under the pillow.


However, it didn't help.

Even with the thick and soft pillow as a barrier, the phone still rang rhythmically.


Weng - weng - weng -


The sound was distracting.


Ning Zhen didn't have the habit of turning off her phone because it was originally bought to communicate with her grandparents.

They were old, and after her mother died, Ning Zhen was the only person they were closest to.


She took out the phone again.


At a glance, the screen displayed seven unread text messages.


[Ning Zhen ]




[I really didn't mean to]


[I couldn't help it]


[Don't be angry, okay]


[Lao Zi is feeling very flustered like you, too] He was really panicked, as he referred to himself as "Lao Zi" and sent it over.


[Actually, I haven't carefully felt it] Ning Zhen was angered to tears by this bastard! How can you want to feel it carefully


The phone vibrated again.


[It had a little milky fragrance]


[It was also a little sweet.]


Ning Zhen could not stand it anymore.

Her face was so hot that even the air conditioning could not dissipate her anger and shyness, so she blocked him directly.

This time, it was finally peaceful and quiet.

She wrapped herself up tightly and stopped thinking about it.


It was time to sleep.


Lu Zhi's fingers jumped on the screen, and he seriously typed the last three words [I'm sorry].


There was never a reply.


When Ning Zhen came to class on Wednesday, there were still very few people in the classroom.


She covered her lips and coughed softly.

Last night, she was so confused that she forgot to turn off the air conditioner.

It was rainy in the summer, and the temperature had just dropped.

She woke up this morning with a dizzy head and a cold.


She left early and brewed a packet of cold medicine to drink.

Afraid that Xu Qian and Ning Haiyuan would be worried, she went downstairs to buy breakfast for them and came to school.


In summer, the day dawned early.

The classroom was quiet, and the overhead fan still spun slowly.


Ning Zhen was not feeling well and felt her whole body had little strength.


She slumped on her desk for a while.

Remembering that she hadn't finished her review yet, she reluctantly pushed herself up to take advantage of this spare time to write a little.


She took out her notebook and wrote the beginning.

Wei Yijie came over with his math paper.

"Student Ning Zhen, are you free Can you explain this big question to me"


Ning Zhen, who had taken off her mask, was so pretty that Wei Yijie's ears reddened a little.

He tried to make himself no different from usual.


Ning Zhen was stunned for a moment, and Wei Yijie hurriedly explained, "I think your math scores are very good, the highest score in our class."


Ning Zhen was in a daze, and she spoke a little nasally, "Well, which question was it I may not know it."


Wei Yijie put the paper on her desk and pointed at the place where he had used a pencil to work out a sketch.

"The third subquestion of the thirteenth question."


Ning Zhen looked at it intently.

This question was a bit over the top.


But she had done a similar question before and happened to know it.

Her throat was a little sore, so she wanted to be lazy and flip through the extracurricular materials from her book.


The black front cover of the book had the big red characters "College Entrance Examination Top Scorer" written atop it.

As soon as she opened it, a piece of notebook paper appeared in front of her. 


Wei Yijie let out an "ah", "This ......".


Ning Zhen quickly shoved the paper inside her desk.

Wei Yijie looked at her in amazement.

He didn't even see what was written on it ......


Ning Zhen calmly flipped to the back and flipped to a similar type of question.

She circled the question with a red pen, "Class president, the question on the paper is similar to the one in this reference book.

Do you want to take a look at it"


Wei Yijie nodded, "Okay.

Then I'll borrow it and return it to you later."


Ning Zhen gave him the book and watched Wei Yijie walk away before touching the piece of paper under her desk.


The writing was so messy that it was hard to read.

Two big characters, "Review" were at the top.


There was only one short sentence -


It was all Lu Zhi's fault.

Ning Zhen was never at fault.


Of the thirteen characters, only the two characters, "Ning Zhen" were written most properly.

She could even imagine that he must have been smiling when he wrote this sentence.


She sighed and stuck the paper into another book.


Sure enough, she really couldn't count on him.

She still had to write it herself.

Ning Zhen rubbed her temples and racked her brain to write her review.


She wrote a vague account of what had happened in the examination room and managed to put together two hundred words with great difficulty.


Many people came to the classroom one after another.

When Ning Zhen looked at her watch, it was 7:50.


She put the unfinished review away and took out her English textbook for the morning self-study.


Her temples were throbbing, her breath was hot, and her face was flushed.

Ning Zhen touched her forehead with her hand.

It was warm.

A person with a fever would have a higher body temperature, and it's hard to tell by themselves.


Wei Yijie came over with the book, looking very excited.


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