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Ning Zhen's deskmate was called Xie Yu.

She had long curly hair with yellowish ends and light makeup on her face.


Xie Yu's face didn't look good during class.


When the bell signifying the end of the class rang, she simply rolled her eyes at Ning Zhen and went to the back row to chat with her friends.


Being inexplicably hated by others, Ning Zhen sighed in her heart, staring at the unfamiliar and familiar math textbook in a daze.


In her previous life, she had completed the college entrance examination for over a year, and she was unserious with her studies at the university.

Only one subject of advanced mathematics was related to high school knowledge, so Ning Zhen only vaguely remembered a lot of high school knowledge.


When Song Baoyun talked about hyperbola, Ning Zhen had some impressions.

Still, the previous series and functions were almost unfamiliar.


Rebirth to this point was not so good.

After three years of hard work, the college entrance examination was over.

As a result, once she returned to the pre-liberation, she had to do it again.


It doesn't matter.

She smiled lightly.

It was nice to have another chance.


"Classmate." Someone behind her patted her shoulder, and Ning Zhen turned around.


The short-haired girl in the back row looked at her with a smile.

"Hello, new classmate, my name is Xia Xiaoshi."


It was rare for someone to take the initiative to make friends with her when she looked like she had a severe cold.

Ning Zhen's eyes bent.

"My name is Ning Zhen."


"Your name is really nice."


"Really Thank you.

I think your name sounds better."


Girls like to hear compliments about themselves, and Xia Xiaoshi thought the strange girl who sat in the front row was cute and pleasing to the eyes.


"Don't pay attention to your deskmate, she likes Lu Zhi.

Oh, Lu Zhi is the boy who just changed positions with you.

Your deskmate looks like a fairy in class every day, and Lu Zhi doesn't even look at her.

Now Lu Zhi is not at the same table with her, she has no chance.

She is probably furious."


Xia Xiaoshi snickered while talking.

She seemed to dislike Xie Yu.

Ning Zhen blinked.

She never knew that Xie Yu liked Lu Zhi.


Back then, she was with Lu Zhi, and Lu Zhi was domineering, so she was not very close to all her classmates.

No one told her these little gossips.


In fact, she has been quite lonely.


After rebirth three years later, she knew the names of many of her classmates, but their relationship was very ordinary.

Lu Zhi didn't pay attention to her in this life.

It's good that she has the opportunity to make friends.


"Are you sick Why are you wearing a mask on your face" Xia Xiaoshi asked with concern.


Just as Ning Zhen was about to speak, there was a shadow over her head.

The faint smell of tobacco lingered on the tip of her nose, mixed with the fragrance of Saponaria on the boy's clothes, which was very special.

Ning Zhen froze.

She didn't dare to look up and swallowed the words back into her throat.


This smell couldn't be more familiar.

He had once wanted to rub his smell into her blood.


She was only sixteen physically and nineteen mentally.

So she didn't understand that this timid look was more eye-catching than openly raising her head.


Lu Zhi snorted, "Classmate, get up.

My things are still in the desk."


Ning Zhen hurriedly stood up and retreated to the aisle, lowering her eyes without looking at him.

She was still carrying her schoolbag pitifully in her hand.


In her sight, a pair of slender hands took out a lighter and cigarette.


Then his shadow couldn't be seen.

Without even taking his books, he just walks back.

Ning Zhen bit her lips and reminded in a low voice, "Classmate, you haven't taken your books yet..."


Lu Zhi turned his head and saw she was still wearing a white skirt.

The new classmate was like a turtle hidden in its shell.

Not to mention her face, he can't even see her eyes, only two rows of thick eyelashes hanging down.


Lu Zhi played with his lighter.

If he remembered correctly, he saw his new classmate and Xia Xiaoshi talking and laughing before he came over.


Why did she look like she saw the god of plague when he came over


"New classmate, let's be united and friendly.

Can you help me move them over"

Chen Dongshu laughed in the back row until tears burst out.

"Fuck! Unity and friendship.

Hahahahaha! Brother Zhi is acting like a hooligan.

How can a girl help a man move books"


Lin Zichuan also laughed, "Ah¹ Zhi is crazy.


The new classmate was not as tall as Lu Zhi's shoulders.

When he stood in front of her, it was as if he was bullying a child.


They were both waiting for their new classmates to refuse and get angry.


However, the new classmate seemed to have no temper.

She put down her light blue schoolbag and pulled the books from the table.

They piled high.


Her slender arms picked up the pile of books, slightly struggling.


Ning Zhen walked to the back with the books in her hands, but Lu Zhi was still blocking the aisle.


"Can you let me go" she asked hoarsely.


The edges of the books pressed several red marks on her arm.

Lu Zhi glanced at it and slowly stepped sideways.


Ning Zhen placed the books on Lu Zhi's seat, and Chen Dongshu weirdly imitated Lu Zhi's tone, "New classmate, let's unite and be friendly put the books in again, OK"


A pack of cigarettes flew over and hit him on the head.


Chen Dongshu hissed and wailed, "Brother Zhi, use little strength!"


Ning Zhen pursed her lips.

She placed down the books and left.

Lu Zhi didn't embarrass her this time and sat back in his seat.


Lu Zhi bullied his new classmates, and most people in the classroom were secretly watching the excitement.

Most of them sympathized with Ning Zhen, but they all knew that Lu Zhi was fierce, and few people dared to provoke him, so no one dared to stand out.


Ning Zhen returned to her seat and started to organize her things.


Xia Xiaoshi said angrily, "Lu Zhi is going too far."


Ning Zhen shook her head.

She thought it was OK.

As long as things were clear, she would not have any interaction with him again.

It was a bargain.


Lin Zichuan in the back row glanced at the slender figure in front of him and didn't care anymore.

He continued lobbying, "You really don't want to go to Ji Fei's birthday You have been separated from Yu Shanshan for so long, don't you plan to find another one Do you really like Yu Shanshan's type of girl "


Yu Shanshan was the type of girl with a hot body.

She was charming and enchanting.

It was quite different from the pure little white flowers like Ji Fei.

If it wasn't for Yu Shanshan's cheating, she would probably still be with Ah Zhi.


Later, Yu Shanshan cried and begged Ah Zhi for forgiveness.

That was two or three months ago.


Lu Zhi was annoyed, "Shut up, if you like Ji Fei, you can chase after her."


Lin Zichuan, who was scolded, '.....

Is it so obvious'

Chen Dongshu leaned from the back seat and said, "Chuanzi, it's obvious that your eyes are glued to Ji Fei.

Blind people can see that you like her."


"Fuck you!"


When the third class was over, Lin Zichuan invited the people from Class 6 next door to play basketball and saw that Lu Zhi was still lying on the table.


"Ah Zhi, are you going to play ball"


Lu Zhi couldn't sleep in the classroom either.

He frowned.

The table made a harsh sound on the floor as he stood up and walked out the back door.

Two or three boys in the back row followed out.

This group of people often skip classes.

Therefore, Class 7 was not surprised.


The fourth class was English, and the English teacher was a young female teacher in her twenties.

Many seats in the back row of the classroom were empty, and she was dissatisfied, but there was nothing she could do.


What can you do to this group of people A group of rich and powerful sons in the family could not be beaten, scolded, or reasoned with.

The weekly bulletin and criticism made their ears grow calluses.


The English teacher held back her anger and started the class as if she didn't see anything.


There are four classes in the morning and four in the afternoon in the Third High School, and the evening self-study was only available from the third year of high school.


After the English class, Ning Zhen waited for Tong Jia.

Tong Jia waved to her outside the classroom.

"Zhen Zhen."


Tong Jia mysteriously said, "Sorry, I didn't come to find you just now.

There was a big gossip in our class." The people of Class 7 were almost gone.

Tong Jia leaned over and whispered, "I'll tell you about this morning.

Do you remember Dong Xuewei I told you about this morning"


Ning Zhen nodded, the one with Lu Zhi's photo on her phone.


"Ah, it's her.

Before the first class in the morning, Yu Shanshan came to her and asked her to delete the photo."




 Ning Zhen didn't know Dong Xuewei but knew about Yu Shanshan.


Calculating the time, Yu Shanshan should have just broken up with Lu Zhi not long ago.

She was the girlfriend Lu Zhi was with the longest before dating her.


"Dong Xuewei refused.

She said that Yu Shanshan had broken up with Lu Zhi long ago, and she was too overbearing.

Yu Shanshan sneered and immediately slapped her."


"Then the two of them fought in our classroom.

You don't know how exciting the scene was! Two people who are usually as noble as goddesses, fought like crazy.

Then our head teacher came, and they both stopped."


Ning Zhen listened quietly.

Waiting for Tong Jia to finish talking excitedly, she said gently, "Let's go and eat."


Tong Jia flattened her mouth and poked her forehead.

"Why are you not interested at all"


Ning Zhen smiled, and her eyes curved.

Her eyes were bright and clean. 


Tong Jia had no choice but to go to lunch together with her.


Ning Zhen had just enrolled and was not yet issued a student card.

She couldn't eat in the school cafeteria and could only go out to eat.

There was a snack street outside No.

3 High School, which was of high quality and low price.

During lunch, the aromas of various foods in the air were intertwined.


The sun was hot, and Ning Zhen breathed in hot air.

She and Tong Jia ordered two bowls of wontons, sat opposite each other, and waited.

The store had no air conditioner, and Tong Jia was sweating hotly.


"Zhen Zhen, it's time to eat, so take off your mask."


Ning Zhen was even hotter, but people were coming and going.

She was afraid of bumping into people from Class 7.


It was impossible not to take off her mask while eating.

She circled the place.

There were few people in the store and no familiar faces.


After hesitating for a moment, Ning Zhen wrapped her hands behind her ears and took off her mask.


Much cooler.


Tong Jia grinned.

"Zhen Zhen, I think you are more beautiful than Yu Shanshan.

What kind of mask are you wearing in summer I feel uncomfortable for you."


Ning Zhen blushed and whispered, "I have a cold.

It's not good to infect classmates."


The boss quickly brought two bowls of wontons over.

"Little classmates, eat slowly."


Both girls thanked him.

Ning Zhen took a bite, and her mouth was full of fragrance.

The taste was familiar and unfamiliar.

She went to university in the north, where many foods taste different from those in the south.


Tong Jia's chopsticks suddenly stopped, and she pushed Zhen Zhen.


Lu Zhi from your class!"


Ning Zhen choked, and her heart went cold.

She coughed and quickly put on the mask that was set aside.


Lu Zhi's group came down from the internet cafe on the second floor opposite.

Chen Dongshu narrowed his eyes and looked across, grinning.

"Brother Zhi, it's a coincidence that your united and friendly classmate is there."


Lu Zhi raised his eyes lazily and followed the direction of Chen Dongshu's fingers.


The timid new classmate was lying at the table, coughing fiercely.



Here you go.

The last chapter for this week.

Hope you enjoyed it.

See you next week .



1. Ah Zhi: Adding Ah before a Chinese name is an informal way of name calling.

It is common among friends and often used by parents with their kids.



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