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Really Sweet (1)

The two walked out of the children's toy city.

Ning Zhen's shoulders shook slightly.

It was too funny...

She couldn't help it.

Lu Zhi's face was cold and exuded an aura that warned strangers to stay away.

Just now, Lu Zhi hit a mole and accidentally missed one.

At first, just one didn't really matter since only three would get him a prize.

However, he boasted that he could hit everything in one go.

Just that one made his face sink completely.

The tyrant treated the mole that later emerged mercilessly, nearly destroying the head.

In the end, the staff couldn't stand it any longer and rescued the group of moles.

"Lu Zhi." Ning Zhen tugged at the corner of his shirt.

"Don't be sad.

You are already very powerful."

Lu Zhi turned his head to look at her.

She was sincere, but there was still a smile in her eyes.

It looks like he almost broke a machine.

It was indeed very funny.

There was no emotion on his face.

His eyes were light, like the mist covering the front of green hills.

His eyes fell on her.

Ning Zhen quickly took out the contents of her purse and spread them out for him to see.

"Your trophies."

A Doraemon keychain lay in her palm.

When Lu Zhi was being "educated" by the staff, Ning Zhen took the prize that the machine spat out.

"Hold out your hand."

Lu Zhi lowered his eyes, glanced at her, and stretched out his left hand.

Ning Zhen put the keychain in his palm.

The wind gently blew her bangs.

Next to her was a tall Lily tree.

The flowers were not in bloom, but the green leaves were very vivid.

"Ning Zhen, are you in a good mood"

Ning Zhen looked up at him in surprise.

After Lu Zhi said that, she realized that she had almost forgotten all those bad things.

From the time he appeared, it never occurred to her again.

She nodded, "I'm fine."

He smiled.

"Well, then I'll take you home." He didn't have to ask anything.

Someone would tell him what happened in the exam room when he returned today.

He wouldn't make her repeat anything that upset her.

Ning Zhen's eyes were evasive.

"I can go back by myself.

Lu Zhi, you should go home quickly."

She was afraid ah...

The experience of Lu Zhi sending her home every day in her previous life was still fresh in her memory.

She was like a thief every time, afraid of being discovered by neighbors.

He felt she had very little courage, and he never stopped teasing her.

Lu Zhi put one hand in his trouser pocket.

His hand touched a lighter.

He raised his eyes and handed her the umbrella.

"Take it."

This was the first time he had been so thoroughly disliked by others.

He hooked his lips.

Well, he couldn't laugh.

Ning Zhen took the umbrella and thanked him before turning around.

Lu Zhi suddenly got under the black umbrella.

He was about 1.8 meters tall and was filled with oppression.

His breath was close, and he looked into her eyes: "Ning Zhen, I called you outside the KTV that night."

Her heart thumped.

The smile in his eyes gradually deepened.

"Your voice is very nice."

Ning Zhen shoved at his chest to push him away and ran home, blushing, without the umbrella.

It's over, it's over...

She didn't even dare to continue looking at him, afraid of seeing something familiar in his eyes.

She ran far away, gasping for breath.

A feeling of depression and frustration overwhelmed her.

After her long diet of green fruits, she returned to square one. 

Lu Zhi watched her run away.

She was wearing the skirt he bought, with a pair of white canvas shoes on her feet, her ponytail swishing around, carrying a feeling of being flustered.

Lu Zhi picked up the umbrella on the ground and spun the handle in his hand.

The thing in the palm of his hand lightly rubbed against him.

He gripped the keychain tightly and let out a low laugh.

Tsk, really sweet.

Under the shade of a tree in the teaching building of Third High School, Lu Zhi leaned against a tree with a cigarette between his fingers, but it wasn't lit.

The shadows of the trees were motley and irregular, casting a few shadows on his white shirt.

His fingers were slender, with his other hand was playing with a lighter, the flames lighting up and extinguishing.

He had a strong craving to smoke, yet he hadn't lit the cigarette.

Chen Dongshu ran over panting.

"Damn, Brother Zhi, I'm exhausted."

He exhaled twice: "It's a big deal.

A girl who was in the exam room with the new classmate just told me that Xie Yu poured ink on the new classmate.

Later, a few minutes after the exam began, the invigilator found a cheat note smuggled into the exam...

Ow, ow, Brother Zhi, what the hell are you beating me for!"

Lu Zhi looked at Chen Dongshu.

"She couldn't have cheated."

Chen Dongshu nodded in agreement.

"Yes, yes, yes.

Your little darling can't cheat, but that's not what I said.

It's the invigilator who found a note behind her admission ticket."

Chen Dongshu giggled, "En, in fact, I also think it's impossible.

Who writes a note on the back of the admission ticket In elementary school, I knew to write in my palm.

Brother Zhi, who do you think put it in" 

The warm wind blew the hem of the teenager's white clothes.

His eyebrows were cold, and the corners of his lips raised.

"It's very simple."

Lu Zhi's voice lightly said, "I'll know on Monday when I call Xie Yu out for a heart-to-heart conversation."

"..." It was indeed very simple and crude.

"Brother Zhi, you should reconsider it.

In any case, Xie Yu is a girl."

Lu Zhi threw the cigarette and lighter into the trash can.

"I'm very gentle."

Who the hell would believe that!

Seeing Lu Zhi walking towards the teaching building, Chen Dongshu hurriedly chased after him.

"Ehhh, Brother Zhi, what are you doing" The exam was already over.

He couldn't just go beat up someone now, could he

Lu Zhi waved back lazily.

Hinting at Chen Dongshu about what he should do.

He went upstairs, turned around a corner, and went to the dean's office.


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