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Repay It Right Now (2)

A pink skirt was inside, and it looked like it was randomly stuffed in.

She remembered that the mall was a long way from here...

Lu Zhi's speed...

Ning Zhen took out the skirt.

Her expression was a bit sluggish.

This skirt...

Using the words from three years later to explain, Lu Zhi had a typical straight male sense of aesthetics.

A pink skirt with a small duck purse around her waist.

Ning Zhen gritted her teeth.

Forget about it.

It was better than the one on her body with ink on it.

She changed her dress.

Her hair was messy, so Ning Zhen tied it again.

She opened the door with some trepidation.

It was unknown when Lu Zhi made his way up.

He leaned against the door with a cigarette in his hand.

His eyes drooped, and one didn't know what he was thinking.

Hearing the sound, he subconsciously extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

Tilting his head, he looked over.

Ning Zhen felt that Lu Zhi's expression was a bit subtle.

An ambiguous smile.

She was very nervous, "What's the matter, is it weird" This was really strange.

Who knows if it was because the air conditioner was too cold, there was a chill to her thin white calves.

Lu Zhi turned his head away.

His adam's apple bobbed.

"It's not weird.

Okay, let's go."

When they went downstairs, the clerk was making a cup of coffee.

She raised her eyes to look at them.

Her eyes fell on Ning Zhen, and she smiled: "Little sister is so cute."

Ning Zhen was a little shy and whispered thank you.

"You are welcome to come again next time~," the clerk said in a sweet voice.

Ning Zhen thought to herself, forget about it.

The clothes and milk successfully put her, this sixteen-year-old, in debt.

Opening the door, the heat wave returned, and the umbrella in Lu Zhi's hand was firmly propped up above her head.

Ning Zhen suddenly thought of a question.

"Lu Zhi."

"Hmm." He looked over.

"Where did your umbrella...

come from"

"Outside the examination room.

I don't know whose it is." He could be exposed to the sun, but she couldn't.

Anyway, that group of nerds will have to take the exam for a long time.

If worse comes to worst, Chen Dongshu can return it after they finish using it.

It's too much to expect the local tyrant to have such a thing as manners and shame.

"Then remember to return it," Ning Zhen sighed.

"Okay, okay, got it."

"Thank you Lu Zhi.

Then I'll go home.

I'll pay you back the money for the clothes and milk tomorrow."

Lu Zhi narrowed his eyes.

Okay, little cutie, you want to leave like this He pulled the corners of his lips and smiled.

"No, you can repay it now."

"..." Ning Zhen only had enough money for a glass of milk.

She bit her lip and looked at him, negotiating, "Can you give me a day's grace"

"Won't do."

"Then, wait for me to go home and get the money."

"No." A smile spread across his lips, and his gaze fell on her intently.

"I said, now, immediately.

Pay me back now!"

Ning Zhen was about to cry in anger at this scoundrel.

Forced to buy and sell, yet you have to pay off the debt immediately.

She gritted her teeth and looked up at him.

"I don't have any money now." Even if you beat her to death, she couldn't change it.

"Who wants your money" His pupils were pitch black, as deep as the dark night, and filled with gentleness.

Ning Zhen took a step back.

Lu Zhi swallowed the words down his throat.

"Can you accompany me to play for a while Just consider it as you paying your debt." After he finished speaking, he felt that the tone of his words was too rough, and he coughed softly, "Just play two games."

Ning Zhen had no choice.


When they arrived at the entrance of the Internet cafe, Lu Zhi suddenly regretted it.

Fuck...what kind of internet cafe are you taking her to...

This awful place had a foul atmosphere.

He glanced at the pink skirt on her body, her small white round collar, showing half of her delicate collarbone, her slender waist, and her fluffy skirt...

Good and well-behaved.

"Let's go to the next shop."

Next to it was Children's Toy City.

Third High School was built in the most prosperous place, and there are many kinds of wonderful shops around.

He spent more time at the Internet cafe.

This was the first time he had come to...

Children's Toy City.

Ning Zhen seemed quite happy.

She looked inside curiously.

The whack-a-mole machine, trampoline, claw machine...

When she was a child, her mother brought her here, but after her mother died, she never came back.

Lu Zhi glanced at the whack-a-mole machine next to him, and his mind collapsed.

What the hell is all this!

But he brought the person, so he hid the disgust on his face.

"Would you like to try it"

Ning Zhen nodded.

Lu Zhi exchanged ten coins.

Throwing one in, the colorful lights of the machine flashed.

Ning Zhen was holding a small hammer and was a little nervous, staring at the ten whack-a-mole holes on the machine.

"I don't think I can hit it," she muttered in a low voice.

Lu Zhi curled his lips and looked at her seriously.

At first, the speed of the mole popping out was very slow.

Then it got faster and faster.

Ning Zhen was dazzled and became more and more nervous.

How could it be so fast...



But it retracted...

The light jumped again, and a child's voice rang out from the machine.

"Aiya, little friend, you are too slow.

You still need to work hard~."

Ning Zhen looked at Lu Zhi with embarrassment.

He suddenly leaned over and laughed lowly.

His breath hit her ear.

"Little friend, I wish I could dig out my heart and give it to you~."

Ning Zhen's ears turned red.

"Lu Zhi, you..."

Lu Zhi took the small hammer in her hand.

"I will try it once.

If I hit all of them, you promise me one thing."

Conditions cannot be agreed to casually, although Ning Zhen thinks he can't hit all of them.

"What's the condition"

"How about you take off your mask If you dare say no, I'll take it off for you right now."


"Okay, stand away.

I'm going to start." He threw a game coin into it.

The bright lights flashed again.

Ning Zhen stared at the screen...

She felt like she was about to finished...


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