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Cheating (1)

 Ning Zhen came to the classroom very early for the monthly exam on Thursday.


Even though they knew they were going to take the exam, there were still not many people in the classroom.

Ning Zhen studied hard for several days, and finally, she had a good idea of what to expect.


Xia Xiaoshi, who also came very early today, came over to ask, "Zhen Zhen, what's your test number"


Ning Zhen told her the number, "153."


"Oh, I'm 287, not in the same test room.

You should take the exam...

on the third floor of the teaching building opposite."


The first one was Chinese, so everyone was not nervous.

Just memorize the textbooks when they arrive in the morning.


Xia Xiaoshi couldn't sit still for a while, so she approached Ning Zhen to talk.

"Zhen Zhen, let me tell you, I'm especially accurate in predicting questions."


She excitedly opened the sixth chapter of the Chinese textbook.


"Look at this one for example, "Liang Hui Wang I" You'll definitely be tested on this sentence: 'If close nets are not allowed to enter the pools and ponds, the fishes and turtles will be more than can be consumed.' It uses so many rare characters."

"Either that or they'll ask about, 'Your dogs and swine eat the food of men, and you do not make any restrictive arrangements.

There are people dying from famine on the roads, and you do not issue the stores of your granaries for them.' It'll definitely be like this.

I have seen through the teacher's exam pattern!"


Ning Zhen held her chin, and she pointed.

"But it is also possible to test 'grey-haired men will not be seen upon the roads, carrying burdens on their backs or on their heads' It's easy to write the character wrong."


"Yeah, it makes sense.

Quick, stop talking to me.

I'll recite it all over again."




At 8:00, almost everyone was there.

At 8:30, they went to their exam room to sit.


Lu Zhi and Lin Zichuan played black games last night with Class 6 until 4:00 am.

They all slept on the table as soon as they arrived.

Anyway, they won't manage to get that many points in the exam.

For them, there wasn't much difference between everyday life and the exam.


The Chinese teacher cleared her throat.

"Everyone read the questions carefully.

You must not lose points for dictation questions.

Many people in the college entrance examination narrowly missed out on a good university because of these two points.

Pay attention to the theme of the essay.

This time I didn't set the question, but the teacher who did said it was a semi-propositional essay.

The argumentative essay requires the point to be discussed clearly."


"Chen Dongshu."


"Ah Teacher Tang." Chen Dongshu stood up in a daze.


"You are not allowed to write pornographic contents in your essay again."


The class burst into laughter.


"In addition, Lu Zhi and Lin Zichuan, can you write enough words in your composition The requirement is more than 800 words, and everytime, you only write 200 words! You are the ones who lower the average score the most."


AfterTang Yuan's advice, she looked at her watch and asked the students to go to their corresponding examination room.


Ning Zhen checked her things, her admission ticket...the black water-based pen...


Xia Xiaoshi was right.

She was in the innermost classroom on the third floor of the teaching building opposite.


The Third High School exam questions were arranged by computer.

When Ning Zhen entered, she only saw three familiar faces: Wei Yijie, Xie Yu, and Yu Shanshan.


The test number was written on the blackboard.

She found her seat and sat at the fifth table in the second group.


Xie Yu also saw Ning Zhen and pouted.

The girl she hates the most right now is Ning Zhen!


Yu Shanshan sat on her seat and read her Chinese textbook.


Her long hair was slightly curly, and her school uniform was altered to a smaller size just to cover her exquisite figure.

She was very quiet when reading, with a slender neck and rosy lips.

Many boys in the examination room were secretly watching her.


Yu Shanshan sat in the front row of Ning Zhen.

She had a quiet and cold appearance with an outstanding temperament.


It was difficult for Ning Zhen to associate her with the girl who hugged Lu Zhi and begged for forgiveness that evening.


It is also hard to imagine that she will fight with Dong Xuewei.


Ning Zhen retracted her gaze and concentrated on reviewing the rare characters.


Exams began at nine o'clock.


When the bell rang on the radio, the classroom fell silent, and the silence was replaced by the sound of pens writing on paper.

The exam time was two and a half hours.

Ning Zhen finished at 10:45.

She carefully checked the exam paper and waited for the exam to end.


After waiting for two minutes, Yu Shanshan got up and walked to the podium.


"Teacher, I'm done."


 The invigilator frowned but didn't say anything and took her paper.

Yu Shanshan took her own things and left without looking at the reaction of others.


Another person took the lead, and then several students handed in their papers one after another.


After the Chinese test, everyone's faces were very relaxed, but after the math test in the afternoon, they were very depressed.


"Ah, math is so difficult." Xia Xiaoshi covered her face.

"I cound only do the one of the three big questions in the end.

It's over, my mother will beat me to death."


Chen Dongshu poked Lin Zichuan in the back row.

"Chuan, this time, do you think the first throne is mine or yours"


The two of them jointly owned the first position from the bottom.


"If you want it so much, dad will let you have it." Lin Zichuan patted him on the shoulder.


"You are the one who wants it, this grandpa will let you have it!"


"Brother Zhi, how many multiple-choice questions can you get right"


Lu Zhi held a cigarette between his fingertips.

"I don't know.

I choose C all through "


Therefore, if C is the answer several times, he can get several questions correctly.

In short, it is impossible for him not to get a single question right.


"Damn it.

What a good idea.

Why didn't I think of it! If I had known earlier, I would have choose Dall through." Chen Dongshu rubbed his chin.

"It's fine, I'll do this in English tomorrow."


Chen Dongshu turned his eyes.


"Xiao Feng, you choose A for everything, Lin Zichuan choose B, Brother Zhi choose C, how about I choose D"


"No way.

Why the ** don't you choose A" Xiao Feng objected, "You choose F; Laozi will choose A.

" ..."


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