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The atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became weird.


Xie Yu swept away her dispirited expression from before and also took a broom to sweep the floor.

She was so serious sweeping that she must have wanted to bore a hole through the floor.



Xia Xiaoshi didn't know why, but she held back her laughter and went to wash the handkerchief to wipe the balcony.


Ning Zhen started to sweep from the fourth group, and Lu Zhi took a mop and dragged it behind her.

Like a tail, when she was fast, he was fast, and when she was slow, he was slow.


Her school uniform was wide, and her trouser legs were slightly rolled up.

Her exposed ankles were white and slender.

The wide school uniform hung low when bending down, and her thin waistline was outlined.

Lu Zhi was distracted, feeling he could hold her slender waist with one hand.


He couldn't help but remember how she felt when she fell on top of him that day.


The fan was spinning above their heads, and he could faintly smell the fragrance on her body.


Just like jasmine and a faint scent of milk...


Ning Zhen turned around and was startled by his face so close to her.


"Don't follow me." She pointed to Chen Dongshu's side.

He swept very casually.

The broom was like a magical weapon in his hands, clearing an entire path with just a few sweeps.

"Go and mop that side.

Sweeping is finished there."


"Are you ordering Laozi" He raised his eyebrows with a smile on his lips.


"No, I sweep slowly."


"I mop slowly too.

Chen Dongshu sweeps too fast.

I can't keep up."


Chen Dongshu was quite sensitive to his name.

Turning back, he called Brother Zhi, "Are you calling me "


"You dumb **.

Sweep it cleaner." Xiao Feng took the handkerchief and turned it around.

Can't you see that other people are flirting


Chen Dongshu was not convinced.

Young Master Chen rarely swept and yet was actually nit-picked on "Mother**er".

He raised the broom and chased Xiao Feng.


Xiao Feng was spanked by Chen Dongshu, and his expression changed.


"Chen Dongshu, you **ing retard." He rushed to the last row and picked up a broom to fight with him.


This time the two of them picked up a broom to fight.

They filled the entire classroom with dust.


Lu Zhi didn't stop them.

He stood aside to watch the excitement.

He pulled the silly Ning Zhen behind him.

"Stand far." Don't let this group of retards touch you.


There was a suppressed coughing sound behind him.

Lu Zhi frowned.


Ning Zhen's throat was itchy.

She was originally wearing a mask, but after eating too much green fruit, her throat was fragile.

When the dust rose up, she felt uncomfortable.


Lu Zhi kicked a chair with a harsh sound.

The chair was kicked out far away and hit the wall.


It just happened to stop next to Xiao Feng.


The two boys were stunned and looked at Lu Zhi in unison.


He was wearing a black shirt, and his eyes were chilly.

"Stop it for Laozi!"


Lin Zichuan glanced at Ning Zhen, who was coughing behind him but did not speak.

He couldn't tell whether he was happy or sad.

Since childhood, he had never seen Lu Zhi defend anyone so considerately.

Lin Zichuan lowered his eyes and thought of Ji Fei, who liked Lu Zhi.


The classroom was quiet for a moment.

Xiao Feng understood instantly.

He picked up the handkerchief again and went out.


Chen Dongshu also noticed the unusual overtone.

He picked up the broom and walked toward the podium.


"Ning Zhen," Lu Zhi said, looking down at her.

"Give me the broom."


Ning Zhen coughed twice again and hid the broom behind her, blushing a little.

She wasn't stupid.

She knew what Lu Zhi was doing.

Her eyes contained a thin layer of watery light, which seemed translucent in this dusty atmosphere.


"No need, it's almost finished."


"Bring it here.

Go to the balcony and stand there.

Don't make me say it twice."


He still had a bad temper and liked threatening people after a few words.


Ning Zhen handed the broom over and whispered a thank you.


He snorted a laugh and stared at her face.

"A simple "thank you" is not enough for this huge favor.

Why don't you give me a kiss"


"Lu Zhi!" She said seriously, "Don't make such a joke, ok" Then Lu Zhi heard her tell him seriously, "You're still just a student."


He almost laughed out loud.

Why was she so silly and cute


Studying well, writing homework diligently, not skipping class, wearing the school uniform daily, and seriously educating the school boss.


He smiled and spoke solemnly, imitating her manner of speaking, "Ning Zhen."






"..." She started coughing again, and the tips of her ears flushed red.


Lu Zhi surrendered, "Ok, ok, ok.

What was I saying Quickly go out."


Ning Zhen opened the back door and walked to the balcony.


It was sunset and the red light faintly dispersed.

The Chinese parasol trees were still emerald green, spreading their branches and casting a cluster of green shades.

The wind gently brushed the leaves of the trees.

A very gentle summer.


Ning Zhen looked through the transparent glass window.


Lu Zhi frowned and swept the floor with a bit of inexplicable disgust on his face.

He swept more casually than Chen Dongshu.


The two sections were instantly swept clean.


Ning Zhen coughed twice.

She picked up a handkerchief and carefully cleaned the window.


Chen Dongshu scurried over and winked at Lu Zhi.

"Brother Zhi, is your darling¹ the new classmate" He still remembered the previous joke about Lu Zhi hiding a treasure.


Lu Zhi hooked his lips, neither admitting nor denying it.


Chen Dongshu was speechless.

"My God! Brother Zhi, have you seen what they look like"


Lu Zhi gave him a cold glance.

His countenance was somewhat displeased.


"Oh hahahahaha! You haven't seen it..." Chen Dongshu laughed like he very much needed a beating.

"How about I go pull her mask off"


 Lu Zhi raised his eyes.

"Chen Dongshu."




"Stay away from Laozi's treasure¹."






The word there was 寶貝bǎobèi, and it can be translated in many ways.

Although, the translations are synonyms (treasured object, treasure, darling, baby).

So, I just applied what I thought fit the context.


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